What shall we read next?

Parents and pupils are always asking for book recommendations so we have decided to create this page for everyone. Every month we will endeavour to list a selection of books recommended by staff and pupils. If you have enjoyed a book and would like to recommend it to others do let us know. 

Recommended Books

Are you looking for inspiring books for your children but don't know where to start? Click on this link to the Booktrust website.

Also, here are some grouped by age groups.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Recommended books for Key Stage 1

Voices in the park is a wonderful book by author illustrator Anthony Browne. I am a big fan of his work and the school library has an impressive collection. This story of a trip to the park is told through four different voices and perspectives. It is a great book to share with young children as they will pick out the amazing imagery in the pictures much quicker than us grown ups. It is sure to be enjoyed over and over again. 


My first recommendation has to be Troll by the legends that are Julia Donaldson and David Roberts. This fabulous story will excite and delight the younger children in our school. The illustrations are fantastic and the wonderful rhyming style of Donaldson does not disappoint. This modern take on the traditional tale is wonderful and not scary at all. Plus the addition of pirates ensures that children will ask for it again and again.



Recommended Books for Years 3 & 4

As children in year 3 & 4 become independent readers it is important to allow them to make their own particular reading choices. However some children get 'stuck' on one author and often don't read a wide enough range of books. So here I endeavour to recommend books that you might not see on the supermarket shelf but deserve to be discovered and will be loved.


The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd is an exciting read for newly confident readers in year 3 or 4. It follows the adventures of Tomas, a boy who discovers an unusual plant at the bottom of his grandfather's garden. At first Tomas thinks the plant is a strange weed but when he takes home one of the tree's fruit and out hatches a baby dragon he gets the fright of his life. Andy Shepherd has now written two more books to make this an exciting trilogy and the perfect gift for Christmas.  


Recommended Books for Years 5 & 6

It is difficult to select just one book for this age group as there are so many high quality books out there at the moment, it really is considered the gold age of children's books.


The House with Chicken Legs is one of my favourite reads of the past year. It follows the story of Marinka a girl with a difference; she lives in a strange house with her Grandmother Baba Yaga, and  travels around the world in her house with chicken legs. Based on a Russian folktale this book is enchanting and a pleasure to read. Children will instantly warm to Marinka and will be entranced by the wonderful language of Sophie Anderson. I couldn't put it down. The Girl Who Speaks Bear, Anderson's latest release is on the top of my TBR pile too. 


The Storm Keeper's Island is the first book in a series by Catherine Doyle and follows the life of Fionn Boyle and his family. The story begins with a boy called Fionn arriving on the remote island of Arranmore to stay with his grandfather. At first everything seems quite ordinary but then Fionn discovers that the whole island has hidden secrets and that his grandfather's role as Storm Keeper is quite unique. This book will appeal to those who have enjoyed Harry Potter and other fantasy and magical books. The second book The Lost Tide Warriors came out this summer and does not disappoint readers desperate to find out what Fionn will do next.