We use Understanding Christianity for the majority of our RE lessons at Bidborough. Understanding Christianity has identified 8 core concepts at the heart of Christian belief. The approach to teaching builds on pupil’s encounters with the core concepts through biblical texts, placing the texts and concepts within the wider Bible story. Each concept uses key questions, exploring core Bible texts, the impact for Christians and possible implications for pupils. Each unit incorporates: Making sense of the text – developing skills of reading and understanding how the texts can be interpreted and the meanings for Christians. Understanding the impact – looking at the ways Christians might respond to the texts and teachings, putting their beliefs into action within the community. Making connections – evaluating and reflecting on the concepts studied. The possible connections between these and pupil’s own lives. 

This approach offers coherence and progression in knowledge, skills and understanding. It places the pupil in the role of a reader, bringing their own world to the text whilst giving them the opportunities to allow the text to further their understanding of the world.

We also teach about other faiths, these units are agreed by Kent and incorporate Understanding Christianity. They have been written by Canterbury and Rochester Diocese and they are based broadly on Understanding Christianity units. Our RE overview can be found here.