Religious education should enable every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10).

We believe that RE should be active, creative and fun. RE provides an opportunity for children to explore and test out different ideas about the world that we are living in. We believe that these opportunities should be clearly rooted in understanding about different religions. 

As a church school, the teaching of Christianity is at the heart of our RE curriculum. We follow the Rochester Diocesan syllabus, 'Understanding Christianity' resource. The use of an enquiry approach engages with significant theological concepts and the pupil’s own understanding of the world as part of their wider religious literacy. The approach to teaching builds on pupil’s encounters with the core concepts through biblical texts, placing the texts and concepts within the wider Bible story. 

From the start of your child's learning journey we support children to develop their knowledge and understanding of different religions. We encourage and support them to develop the skills needed to question, identify, describe and compare different answers to 'Big Questions'. When the children leave us to continue their educational journey they will be respectful, curious and independent thinkers ready to consider and question differing worldviews that they may encounter. 


Our RE progression in learning can be found here:

RE Progression