Pensarn 2019 - Tuesday

We've had a good, if busy, day!  The weather has not been amazing  - particularly this morning but the children have been great and not too much moaning at all.

Activities on offer today have ranged from kayaking and canoeing (both brilliant - one capsized canoe), initiatives (team games), rock climbing, gorge walking and raft building.

Please see some photos for a taster of today's activities.  When the children get back, you will be able to look at all the photos and choose which ones to keep for yourselves. 

We had delicious pizza for tea today which went down well.  Everyone is eating really well - even the ones who we were worried that they might not. 

This evening, everyone is joining in with a class game of charades. I think they will sleep well tonight!








Prize for anyone who can guess what is going on in this photo! - Ed