Welcome from the Chair

If you are prospective parents , thank you for your interest, and if you are a current parent, thank you for taking the time to visit ‘Our Governor’ page.

We are a team of committed Governors that are very proud to be part of a thriving and welcoming school that embraces pupil learning and personal growth, supported by a dedicated school community.  We work closely with the leadership team and staff to ensure educational and welfare standards are maximized across the school, and each child has the best opportunity to fulfill their potential in a safe, happy and thriving environment.  Our role is to monitor and evaluate all aspects of the school, however we also are eager to support the school and be part of the school community.

Following our successful Ofsted and Diocese inspections, we are keen to ensure the school keeps building on the exciting initiatives it has in place.  The school values educational academic achievements; however, it also believes in developing the whole child, and recognises and celebrates extra curricular achievements. 

What is the role of the Governing Body?

Over the years the role of a Governor and that of the Governing Body has evolved from being just a 'Critical Friend' of the School to that, of what can best be likened to, a non-executive board, similar to that you see in industry and commerce in the UK. It has a strategic and monitoring role, which includes amongst many other things, the appointments of the Head and Deputy and ensuring the School has a suitable leadership structure. It is responsible for the performance management of the Head, monitoring targets for pupil achievement, ensuring the school provides a balanced and broad curriculum and responsibility for setting and monitoring the School Budget, which includes determining staff numbers and pay and ensuring the physical fabric of the school is maintained as appropriate. The GB does not normally get involved with the day-to-day decisions of the management of the School, which is the responsibility of the Head Teacher, along with the Leadership team.

Governance structure 2023-24 

What is the role of individual Governors?

Individual Governors are elected or appointed to the Governing Body. However, a common misconception is that their role is to represent just their constituents, whether it be, Parents, Staff, Church or whatever. This is not the case. For instance, Parent governors are represented from the Parent Body but once elected they are not specifically representative of, or representatives for the parents. They have to represent the whole School and act on that basis.

Should you wish to contact the Governing Body please email

Members of the Governing Body ( as of September 2023)

Robert Masters - LA Governor - Chair of Governors
Julie Burton - Headteacher
Adam Carrick - Staff Governor
David Gutteridge - Co-opted Governor
Amanda Harris - Foundation Governor
Stephen Hills - Foundation Governor
Tara Kwak - Parent Governor
Emma Marie Layton - Co-Vice Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Emma Leitch - Co-Vice Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Sophie Williams - Co-opted Governor

Jane Mullis - Clerk to Governors

Governing body responsibilities & business interests