Faith in Our Future

Our school motto of ‘Faith in our Future’ is central to our inclusive vision for the school, alongside our values of love, hope, courage, forgiveness and koinonia.  All that we do, in school and in the community, is rooted in this vision.  We aim to encourage and build confidence in all children across the school, supporting them to develop belief in themselves and their own abilities (both academically and personally) as well as belief in others.  When joining our school, children and parents become members of our ‘Bidborough Family’; with that they will always be supported and guided on their journey throughout their time at our school and beyond.


St. Lawrence Church

Ever since Reverend Bisgby, in the 1850’s, persuaded Sir Charles Hardinge to give some land for the building of the school, the church and school in Bidborough have remained closely linked.

There are still folk living in the village who remember spending all their schooldays in the one school room (where Reception Class meets during the week).

Many families are represented in both the school and the church, and it is a delight that we are able to welcome one another in these two key places in the community. As a church we use the school for Sunday-school groups and other occasional events

Church members seek to support the school in a number of ways. Amanda Harris and Stephen Hills are Foundation Governors. Stephen, and sometimes other clergy in the parish take weekly acts of worship in the school and various church members help out during the week. Occasional prayer meetings are held in the school to which staff and parents are invited.

The school’s motto ‘Faith in our Future’ reflects the desire that children grow in confidence in themselves and their place in the wider world, and also that they have a good understanding of the Christian faith, which is embedded in the foundational ethos of the school. For those who choose to embrace that faith in their own lives, there are always opportunities within the church-school life for worship, fellowship and learning.

Stephen Hills



You can read more about how our Christian character is reflected in our school in Our 2017 SIAMS inspection report.

Our school is part of the Diocese of Rochester.  You can find more information here.