Newsletter: Friday 2nd February 2024

Dear Parents,

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2 left us all on a cliff-hanger in their class assembly this morning! They have been reading ‘The Last Wolf’ and shared the story so far. Little Red has gone in search of the last wolf (after getting permission from her mother) and is wandering through the forest. She has her survival kit (food, oxygen and water), a balanced diet and completed some exercises to ensure she kept healthy on her mission. She may have seen some horses but they were not in the style of Franz Marc (who uses alternative colours in his art work). However, in finding out all about her journey so far, we ran out of time to hear the end of the story (and Class 2 haven’t read it yet either!). It was a creative and wonderful way for Class 2 to share all they have been learning this term. They spoke clearly and confidently and were rightly proud of themselves at end – well done Year 2.

Certificates this week were on the theme of forgiveness. Congratulations to Tilly, Lyra, Tommy, Nancy, Teddy, Harvey, Leo, Catherine, Raffy, Thomas and Thomas, Joe and Ashton.

Hugo and Devon were nominated for the courtesy cup but ultimately, the pupil leadership team awarded it to Mr Johnson, for always being smiley and welcoming to everyone he meets.

Also in worship this week, we have been thinking about our world and how we can take better care of it. Even as young children in school, we thought how we can be kind to each other and look after our school environment. The children had ideas such as:

· Be more generous to those in need

· Be more inclusive to others

· Make sure litter is in the bin

· Look after nature around us

· Recycle as much as possible

· Look after resources we have

A plea from me to help look after our environment, our village and our neighbours: please, please park considerately! Whilst parked, please turn off your engines to reduce the pollution from your emissions.

Year 5 had a visit to Bore Place
When we first arrived, we enjoyed a (muddy!) walk. We discussed the trees and how useful they are on the farm – not only for animals to feed from and shelter in but also to keep the soil / ground from getting too boggy.
 Whilst on the walk we completed a challenge on some of their equipment – trying to get 2 groups across without anyone falling off! After lunch, we enjoyed learning all about bats. We discussed some myths and facts and then learnt to distinguish 3 bats by listening to their echoes. We finished our day by visiting the calves and learning about their dairy. What an amazing place!

The football team were in action
On Monday we played St Matthew’s in a football match. St Matt’s got off to a quick start and scored in the first 3 seconds. After that, we all got used to the pitch and soon after that, Ashton buried the ball in the back of the net. Later, Ashton scored again making it 2 – 1 to us. In the dying minutes, they almost equalised but Joe made a fantastic save winning us the match.

The story of the window at Tudely church
As part of their learning in art this term, Year 6 visited the Chagall windows at Tudely church. Freya explains the story behind the art:

On Sarah’s birthday, her friend David planned a boating trip. Sadly David didn’t plan properly, he didn’t tell anyone where they were going or bring any kind of flare. Sarah brought one other friend with her and the trio set off. Their boat began to sink. Unluckily for Sarah, her and David didn’t make it, all on her 21st too! But her friend made it back safely before telling the tragic tale.

“Why?” her mother cried in Somerhill home. Sitting on Sarah’s bed, she hoped Sarah would appear from under the cover and embrace her once again.

“We need something. Something to reflect her, to memorialise her.” So her mourning parents and friends thought and… “Do you remember when we took her to Paris and she saw Chagall’s stained-glass,” her mother said in a weak voice, “Sh-she loved it, that’s what we need.” It was well considered and when they asked Chagall he said no. But her parents would not back down. They asked a friend who happened to personally know Chagall. After some time of convincing, he said, “Oui.” Because he refused to learn English he said it in French (oui means yes).

So after months of creating he made a beautiful stained-glass window show-casing the story of her death with angels, David, her weeping mother and her climbing a ladder to heaven. It was magnificent.

It was fitted into the church Sarah spent most of her time praying in and when Chagall walked in, he said, “Wow! C’est magnifique! Je les ferai tous!” Meaning, ‘Wow! This is magnificent! I will do it all!” And so he created more windows for all around the small church of Tudely, displaying the creation story. A ‘sad accident’ made ‘happy history’

Children’s University

We had our 3rd Children’s University session for Key Stage 2 this week. Here’s what the children say they have learned so far:

Knitting - I’ve learnt how to knit because I didn’t know how to do it when I first started it. Every time I go I feel more proud because I’m learning a bit more than I did last time.

Advertising - I didn’t know how to make an ad or a poster before but now I do. Having famous people in an advert helps make people want to buy what you’re trying to sell! We had the iPads to record and that was really fun!

Archery – you need to stand side on, keep your body straight and use two fingers to pull back. I like that it’s more sport!

Knitting - right now we are practising how to use the needles and we know how to move the wool and knit. Next time we are going to start trying to make something.

Magic skills: we had a real magician this week and he turned a piece of string into a lemon with a lighter – it was a real lemon! I’ve started to make up my own tricks but we’ve also learnt some card tricks like how to guess someone’s card.

Drama – Miss Birkett lets you explore yourself and your heart. We had to pick something and move around the hall in that way which was fun. We are going to be performing a play. We get to be all sorts of different characters and express ourselves.

Forensic science – we learnt how to see DNA from a strawberry! This week we were using Bunsen burners. We had to dip a stick into different powders like chalk, salt, eye shadow, sugar etc. and then put it in the flame. They all made a different colours; the talc made a red/orange colour.

Majorettes – we’ve learnt to twirl with a baton and we have used pompoms and ribbons too. I like the baton the best because you can do more with it.

As you can see, it has been a busy week. Year 6 were able to keep up with it all with great attendance of 98.5%! One more week to go before we can all have a rest. Do remember to come along to our Art exhibition next Friday if you can make it:

We would like to invite parents to an exhibition of the children's learning, with the theme of 'Our Frozen World' on Friday 9th February at 14:40. Across the hall and classrooms there will be works on display and the children's sketchbooks. These show the progression of ideas and skills and are a place for children to explore their creativity. You are welcome to explore the learning in different rooms and see the amazing progression in skills from Reception to Year 6.

Please note there will be no entry after 2:55pm. All visitors will leave via the hall doors.

There are lots of children excited for the PTA disco this evening – thanks to all of you who are giving up your time for this event. It sounds like so much fun!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing lots of you next week.

Kind regards,

Julie Burton and the Bidborough Team

2nd February – PTA disco
6th February – Safer Internet Day
9th February – last day of term 3.
10th February – Chinese New Year
13th February – Shrove Tuesday
19th February – Children return for start of term 4