Newsletter: Friday 15th September

Dear Parents,

What a lovely week it has been in school! Our youngest children in Reception have started joining us for lunch and I know the rest of the school are enjoying getting to know them already. It is always so special to see their burgeoning characters as they explore their new environments.

Our Year 6 children are also stepping up to the mark and being good role models to the other children. They have written very persuasive letters of application for the roles of head boy, head girl, sports leaders, librarians and other roles of responsibility. I will certainly have a tough time choosing!

We had our annual visit from the Life Bus:

Thea said, “In the hall, we went into a tent and we learned about our body and brain. We learned how to keep our body safe and working. We learned that the body sends signals to the brain and the brain tells the muscles what to do. We saw inside the body and saw all the parts of the body. We were learning about what harms our bodies and what helps the body. We learned what to do if we have an argument and helped Harold the Giraffe find a solution to his problem.

Lyla said, “We learnt about drugs and about sensible ways to react in scenarios with friends. We also acted out in groups how we could be diplomatic and make good choices when caught between friends. I enjoyed seeing Harold the Giraffe at the end!”

Bonny and Bella said, “The Life Bus was enrapturing!

We learnt about various ways how to look after our body; both physically and mentally.

We also learnt about why it is important to make friend compromises.

Firstly, we sat down, intrigued, excitement simmering away inside us. We talked about are differences, differences that make us unique. Someone from our class put on a t-shirt that enabled us to look inside their body. We all loved seeing all the amazing organs that do such important jobs. We met Harold the Giraffe (he was a bit shy at first, but got used to us after a while) and we looked at how different drugs can be harmful and affect our wellbeing, as well as being helpful and helping us to fight illnesses. The Life space was a great experience and we learnt a lot.”

A parking plea – a couple of local residents have found that they can’t turn into their homes as cars are parked very close to the end of their driveways. Please avoid those dropped curbs and the ones that indicate crossing places. Also, remind grandparents, child minders and other collectors of our parking guidelines: not to come down Spring Lane at all – they should park on Glebelands, the High Street or Woodland way and then walk. Please do not park on Franks Hollow Road at all. Please do not park on pavements, particularly along the high street – we had an incident last week where a wheelchair user could not get past and pushchairs were forced in to the road.

And, the perennial problem of unwelcome visitors in school, particularly Year 1. Headlice, a.k.a nits, have reared their little heads on our little heads. Please do check your children’s head over the weekend and treat as necessary. If we all do this at the same time we can eliminate them in one swoop.

Finally, but most importantly, some exciting news about a new addition to our Bidborough Family. Miss Latter and her partner welcomed little Freddie on Saturday! Class 3 saw a photo of Freddie and the room was filled with adoring “ah”s as he is certainly a cutie. We wish Miss Latter, her partner and Freddie all the best and we are looking forward to some baby cuddles soon!

3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st – Prospective Parent Open Morning
17th & 18th – Learning Reviews
23rd – Half term
30th – Back to school


11th – Armistice Day
12th - Diwali – shared learning
13th – Kindness Week
24th – Class 6 assembly
30th – St Andrew’s Day (dress up)


5th – KS1 performances
8th – assessment data home to parents
14th – KS2 performances
15th – Christmas lunch for children