Dear Parents,

 This week has been a busy one in school. On Remembrance Sunday, the school was represented at the village memorial ceremony by Anna and Luca, part of our Pupil Leadership Team. They hung a wreath on behalf of the school and joined with the village in showing their respects. In school, on Monday, the whole school community came together to share in a moments silence on the playground at the 11th hour. We were thrilled that one of our children, James, was able to play the Last Post on his trumpet and it was a very poignant moment in school.

 On Tuesday, our focus moved on to keeping peace. We thought about those around the world working for peace between countries but also reflected on our roles at home and at school in keeping the peace. We realised that this can be a tall ask but, in keeping with our Anti-Bullying theme this week, that ‘Change starts with us’.

 Today, we were able to share the different ways we have been learning about this theme. It was great fun to see the children wearing their odd socks as they celebrated each being different and unique and yet all ‘socks’ and our Reception children had continued this as their stimulus for learning. They were brave in all getting up on the stage today. The rest of the school followed suit with lessons on how to be a good friend, sticking up for people when others are being unkind and dealing with cyber-bullying; the children showed that they had developed a good set of strategies for keeping the peace.

 At the end of this newsletter, you can find the poems and written work some of the children shared in our assembly. There is also more information on each classes’ webpage.

 Also coming home today are some bits and pieces for the run up to Christmas. You should have a letter from the PTA regarding collections for the Christmas Fair. Remember, children may wear own clothes on 22nd November in support of this event. Also you will receive a menu for our Christmas Lunch in school. Please could all parents return this form even if your children normally has a school dinner or never does! We would hate for anyone to miss out.

 Our Year 6 children will be sharing their learning next Friday in our first class assembly of the year. Parents in this class are welcome to join us at 9 a.m.

 I hope you all have a warm and dry weekend!

 Kind regards,


Julie Burton


Year 1: Change Starts with Us a poem by Year 1

If you see me… looking sad,

Ask me… are you ok?

Be nice, be kind be fair.


If you see me … crying

Ask me … do you want to play?

Be nice, be kind be fair


If you see me …with a red face

You could …make me laugh

Be nice, be kind be fair


If you see me all alone

Ask me …do you want to join in?

Be nice, be kind be fair


If you see me …struggling

Ask me …do you want help?

Be nice, be kind be fair


Year 2: A recipe for friendship

First a dash of love and a dollop of being helpful.

Then a drop of kindness and a drizzle of sharing.

Next a bucketful of smiles and a spoonful of cuddles.

After that, a splash of happiness and a handful of asking if you’re ok.

Finally, a sprinkle of caring and a cup of including everyone.


Year 3: Change starts with us!

C is for celebrating anti-bulling week.

H is for helping our school to be a happier place

A is for asking others if they are okay.

N is for nobody to be left out

G is for God, guiding us through our lives.

E is for every child matters


S is for staying happy

T is for trying our best

A is for advice that we take to stop bullying

R is for responsibility that we all have

T is for thanking the lord that everyone is different

S is for stopping bullying happening in our school


W is for when someone is sad you can cheer them up

I is for I love Anti-bullying week

T is for talking to each other so we can feel better

H is for happy, helpful children in this school


U is for unique in every way

S is for smiling to make people happy!


Year 3 – Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you that we are all different!

Thank you that we are all equal!

Thank you that we are all special in our own ways.

We know that change can make people happy.

We can help people to be kind.

When we are kind to each other and help one another, everyone feels better.

Please help us to remember to treat each other like we would want to be treated and even though we are all different, it is okay because we all shine in our own ways!


Written by Molly and Ellis


Year 6 – Letter to someone who has been bullied

Dear Christian Abraham,

I am writing to you because I have been informed that you have been bullied by some people, it is not your fault it is happening but you can stop it.

Cyberbullying is when you get bullied online by people sending mean messages, a photo you do not like,    a video you find embarrassing or a person being rude on a game, which you have sadly suffered.   I have heard that eventually when the bully relinquished your phone they had deleted all your applications, smashed up your device and sent a clumsy video of you dropping your Nokia 2.

The impact it has of you getting bullied is anxiety, meaning you are worried; depression, meaning you are feeling hopeless and sad, being lonely and not doing as well at school than you should.

You can help yourself by blocking or reporting the bully. You can take a screenshot if it is embarrassing picture or a mean message to show a trusted adult.

Yours faithfully,



Year 6 – Letter to a bully

Dear Billy Goffer,

                              I am writing to you to inform you that your actions recently have been unacceptable. You have been cyberbullying someone in your class which will have consequences for you and your victim.

  Cyberbullying is someone sending a mean message either texting online or a message in a game. I have seen some nasty messages from you and I ask you to cease your actions. Posting these messages is a spiteful, unacceptable thing to do.

The impact it has on you and your victim may develop anxiety and depression. You also might drop out and be expelled from school or even engage in criminal behaviour in the future!

If you want to relinquish your ways you should first delete all the mean messages and pictures you sent and don’t send any more. Next try and say sorry to your victim and support them if they are upset.

Yours Faithfully