Dear Parents,

 Today we held our Harvest festival. We began by being thankful for the world around us. The children shared what they appreciate most in their lives with answers including parents, brothers and sisters, friends, pets, homes and food. They lifted their voices in song as only our children can, raising the rafters with the chorus of, “Indescribable, uncontainable, You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name…”

 With a bountiful display of gifts and donations in front of us, Mr Cornish of Southborough Rotary Club showed us all just what a difference these items will make to children and families in Eastern Europe. It brought smiles to our faces to see the joy as these children opened boxes at Christmas – possibly the only toys they will ever have owned. A humbling thought as Mrs Cornish said that was the gift we were giving – smiles on faces.  The Worship Leaders led us in prayers, for food, fun, family and peace.

 I am also aware that some of our children are sleeping rough this weekend, under the supervision of the Scouts, to raise money and awareness for Porchlight. I think it is so important for children to gain a perspective on the wider world and to prepare them to take their role in creating a better, fairer future as they grow up. I’m proud of the kindness shown by so many of the children at this school: Our Year 6 children have shown such support to each other as they begin to prepare for transition to Secondary school; The playground is full of older and younger children playing together; All the children are willing and eager to help the staff and if any child takes a tumble, they are inevitably supported by a gaggle of friends trying to take care of them.

 Clearly, they are seeing this kindness modelled by you as parents. Your donations to the Shoebox appeal were very generous and so many of you give up your time to help the school and each other. I am looking forward to the PTA Quiz this evening – another example of people going out of their way to help. Thank you.

 If you would like to donate to the Shoebox appeal, we are still accepting donations until Friday morning, 19th October. This is also our first STEM day and we are collecting in newspapers for our challenge. If you have any old newspapers, please do drop them in to the office, too.

 A couple of reminders:

Photo orders need to be back at school by 16th October to be included in the group order and delivered to school.

 Also, we have not yet received the returns with home school agreement and consent forms. These were sent out to all families in a pack of information back in September and the orange data sheet in July to Years 1 to 6. Please do dig yours back out, fill in the necessary papers and return them to the school as soon as possible.

 Have a great weekend.


Kind regards,

 Julie Burton