Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

Despite a grey start, the School Parliament, PTA and I were optimistic as we set up for the Spend-A-Penny mini-marathon. I had 1400 silver and gold stars to mark laps of the Rec for the children and was confident this would be more than enough. However, I underestimated the grit and determination of some of our children as we had to send for more supplies!

All of the children should feel proud of their achievements, whether this be the 3 laps that some of our youngest children achieved or the 15+ that our future professional athletes managed! The supporting crowds may not have matched that of the London Marathon but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in enthusiastic support. One of my favourite moments was watching the Year 5 children cheer on their little buddies in Reception class. It was great that some classes were able to stay on a little longer and support others too.

As yet, we have no word on how much sponsorship may have been raised for our event but what has been gained in terms of achievements is the true value. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success, from the School Parliament and their organisation to the PTA for their refreshments and the ‘Ladies in Pink’ who stickered the children as they passed to mark their laps.

There are some photos on individual class webpages too. Please do send in your child’s sponsor money next week and we will let you know how much has been raised to improve our school facilities.

Thank you to those who have offered their time during our Enterprise Week. It is not too late to sign up if you are able to come in and share something about your work with the children.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards,

Julie Burton