Dear Parents,

 Happy New Year! It is great to see all our children back and excited to return to their learning.

 We started this year with a focus on Being Healthy. The children took part in various activities and one of our pupils, Theo, has taken on the role of writing the newsletter this week:

 This week we took part in many activities including a germ talk, an army exercise circuit, fencing, archery and hula hooping as part of our healthy start.

 Monday 7.1.19

On Monday we had a lady named Mrs Grice- the pharmacist from Benenden hospital  give us a talk about germs. She told us how we must wash our hands thoroughly with soap and she also showed us a demonstration of how easily germs spread. She also taught us that we could (if we don’t have a tissue) sneeze or cough into our elbow so that the germs don’t spread onto our hands.

 Wednesday 9.1.19

This Wednesday we took part in an epic, army style workout circuit run by Sargent Kidd which included press ups, sit ups, squats, burpees, step ups and running through hoops. This was super challenging but an extremely fun way to keep fit and healthy.

 Thursday 10.1.19

On Thursday Ks2 took part in a session of fencing and archery. This was extremely fun as it was new to most of us. It was a great experience being able to take part in these (not everyday) sports and it really was superbly fun.

 Friday 11.1.19

Friday was a very fun and exciting experience as hula hooper instructor Dionne came in to teach us all how to hula hoop. First we did normal hula hooping then we moved onto doing it on one hand then two. Even Mrs Fowler and Mrs Sharpe had a go! Finally we finished by circling our wrists and hips and stretching to cool down.

 Also on Thursday, our resident motivational dancer lead children and adults alike in a Danceathon. I was sad not to be able to make it myself but I can tell from the photos that there was a lot of fun to be had whilst raising further funds for the PTA. Thank you to all who were involved.

 Finally, we have been asked to bring your attention to the Bidborough Parish Council Recognition of Community Service Award 2019. They are looking for unsung heroes who give up their time for the village. There are 2 awards – one for an adult group or society and the other for a young person. Nomination forms are available from the school office.

 Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards,


Julie Burton