Dear Parents,

I’m so pleased that so many of you were able to come to our anti-bullying assembly. Our theme this year was ‘Choose Respect’.

The children wore odd socks as a prompt to think about, identify and celebrate what makes us all unique.

This year we have been learning:

  • The definition of respect 
  • That bullying is a behaviour choice 
  • That not everyone has to be your friend, but everyone deserves respect 
  • That we need to respect each other both face to face and online

This is what we have all been up to in classes this week.

Reception – Respect song

Year 1 – Choose respect posters

Year 2 – Songs about friendship

Year 3 – Acrostic poem

Year 4 – Recipes for friendship

Year 5 – I am me

Year 6 – Cyberbullying

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a flavour of what they got up to:


Class R – Choose respect song (to the tune of ‘This Old Man’)

We choose respect
It’s easy to see
Just treat everyone like I want to be
Treating everyone respectfully


Class 1 – quotes from their posters

“Look after people, be kind”

“Love everyone in the world”

“Look after your pets”

“Be kind to everyone”


Class 2 – Don’t be mean

Verse 1

When you hug me that’s kind

When you cheer me up that’s kind too

But when you pull my hair, that’s mean

And laugh at me when I’m here

Well that’s mean



Don’t be mean, mean
Don’t be mean

Don’t be mean, mean
Don’t be mean

I want to be your friend

Can this madness end?

Don’t be mean, mean

Don’t be mean.


Verse 2

When you take your turns, that’s kind

When you care how I feel, well that’s kind too

But when you won’t play fair

Or tease with my hair

Well that’s kinda mean


Verse 3
When you respect me, that’s kind

When you let me play, that’s kind too

But when you call me names

Lock me out of your games

Well that’s kinda mean


By Violin Group


Class 3 - Choose respect poem


C is for collaboration, when working with friends.

H is for having a fun, fantastic time at school.

O is for outstanding behaviour in class.

0 is for odd socks day, showing we are all unique!

S is for saying kind words to everyone in school.

E is everyone behaving in class.


R is for remember to be kind and choose respect where ever you are.

E is for energetic and enthusiastic children at Bidborough school

S is for sharing, being kind and making people feel better.

P is for patients when you wait for teachers to answer your questions, patients is when you wait and don’t interrupt.

E is for everyone plays together and has a great day.

C is for class 3, who have curiosity and courage to be kind to others.

T is for talking politely and learning together.


Year 4 - Recipe for respect

Take some cool kids from Bidborough School
Add some super staff and mix in a ball of kindness
Sprinkle with a spoonful of politeness
Leave to simmer for a week or two
Spread a thick layer of love, peace and harmony

Toss some maths and English over them and let them learn from their mistakes
Add a bucket load of friendship and let them be the best friends

Scatter some thoughtfulness over them
Add a pinch of seasonal help if they fall down, also add a teaspoon of difficulty

After that, press down on the mixture and leave if for three hours exactly.



Year 5 – I am me


I like nature; I like history; I like art; I AM ME
I like dancing; I support Norwich City and I love dogs; I AM ME
I like dinosaurs; I like Pokemon; I like chocolate; I AM ME

I love chicken; I love heights; I hate carrots; I AM ME
I like gymnastics; I like David Walliams; I love dogs; I AM ME

I like football; I love humour; I love to fidget; I AM ME
I have friends who are kind; I like my family; I like TV; I AM ME


We are different; We are unique; We are one of a kind.



Year 6 – Cyber bullying poster


What is it?

Bullying is where you constantly hurt someone physically or mentally.  Everyone deserves not to be bullied.  1 in 3 people experience bullying or cyber bullying.

Bullying or cyber bullying can happen to anyone.  Bullying is usually unfair because the bully is either older than you or in a gang.



Stop and think what will happen if you respond.


Speak to an adult you trust.


Support friends who you think is experiencing bulling.


Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying online.  Apps that are usually used for cyber bullying are:  Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Instragram and loads more.


How does it make people feel?

It makes people feel trapped, unable to escape and also if you are bullying stop and think how you would feel if it happened to you.


What can we do about it?

What we can do is stop bullying people.  If it still happens we can tell an adult we trust.  Or we can Block, report or leave the game/social media site.


As a school, we do not tolerate any bullying and take swift action to investigate any concerns. As you can see, our children know how to treat each other with kindness and respect and it is those behaviours that we see predominantly in our school. If you ever have any concerns, please do come and speak to your class teacher or myself.


I know many of you will be visiting the Christmas Fair tomorrow and that a lot of hard work has already gone into the event. It is a special occasion in the school’s calendar and one that we all look forward to as we mark the beginning of the Christmas Season. I’m sure you will join me in thanking the PTA in advance of what I am sure will be a fun and festive occasion.

 Kind regards,


Julie Burton

Newsletter 10 - 2018