Do we need a MUGA?

Whilst we love our field, for much of the year it is out of use for PE and playtime due to being too wet. The soil retains water for a long time. We do not have enough space on the playground for 30 children to fully develop skills such as hockey for example. There is not enough room for all the equipment and safe play. The MUGA will allow the whole PE curriculum to be taught successfully and to the high standards that we expect at Bidborough.

How will the MUGA be used?

The MUGA will be used to enhance our provision across the curriculum and for children's recreation. This will make a large space that is usable all year round, for PE Lessons, Science experiments, Clubs, Playtime, Lunchtime, Sports days, Football and Netball interleague fixtures and so much more. 

It will be marked out for several sports and its use carefully planned to ensure that football does not dominate its use.

The MUGA will be available for local families and clubs to hire. This will be carefully balanced to generate an income for future upkeep but minimise disruption for our neighbours.

How does the MUGA fit in with the school’s long term plans?

The Governors have a long term strategic plan for the maintenance and upgrade of school facilities. Some larger projects fall under KCC responsibility, such as our desire to upgrade the existing Class 3 and 4 building.

The groundwork will be permanent once complete. The surface has a 10 year guarantee and lasts, on average, for 15-17 years before a replacement is needed. During this time it needs minimal general maintenance, clearing of leaves and debris. No infill or machine sweeping needed.

We anticipate revenue created by hire will cover the replacement surface cost after 15-17 years.

Climate change is happening now. How has the environment been considered?

We are very fortunate to be situated in this beautiful village with its wealth of green spaces. We will continue to use the upper and lower recreation ground, along with our access to the Millennium field and Birch Wood. We are fortunate to also have access to some meadow land behind the school field. 

Unfortunately, our field does not allow for use for much of the year so although we will be sad to say goodbye to this grass, we know it is best for the children's education. We will be planting around the MUGA and using plants that support natural wildlife. 

We will be using this project to educate our children about environmental impact, sustainability, climate change and encouraging debate. 

What are the details of the works?

The MUGA will be situated where the current flat part of the field is. The lower trim trail, Spiritual garden, clamber stack and other areas will not be affected. The surface and fencing will be green to blend in with our environment and the boundary softened with planting. It will be marked up for requirements of primary football and netball.

We hope to have the works completed by Summer 2022. We aim to complete as much of the works during the long summer break to minimise disruption to the children's education and play. Although quotes have been received, we have not yet begun the tender process.

How will the MUGA be paid for?

The total cost is around £110k. This will be raised through donations, fund raising, sponsorship and school's capital funding. Unfortunately, schools are not funded to make these improvements to their sites due to limited budgets within the local council received from the government. This is why your help is vital! 

If you have any further questions or simply want to get involved, please email