Physical Education

At our school, we believe that being active and participating in sports is very important to our young people. The benefits in terms of physical and mental well-being are boundless. We aim to provide a broad range of sports so that every child can find something to suit them. We are proud of the range of sporting activities available for our children and you will see from some of the photos below just how many different children have been able to experience being part of a team and competing against other schools too.

Our PE plan for each year is shown below We use our PE Premium funding to give children opportunities to try more unusual activities such as curling, fencing and climbing. We are committed to ensuring children leave school able to swim a minimum of 25 metres and we use St John's leisure centre for our swimming lessons. A wide range of sports, including Swimming, Cricket, Netball and Rugby are taught at Bidborough. 


PE Learning Overview


Schools of Somerhill Cross Country - 11/10/2021

On Monday after school we went to a cross country race at Somerhill School. We all had amazing fun and it was a great experience. The people who entered from our school were Mae, Rory, Sam, Teddy, Aidan and Ashton. We arrived at 3:40 and did a warm up. First to set off were the year fours (Ashton and Aiden), then Mae, and last of all Sam, Rory and Teddy. We had to go forward to the start line and then the starter blew a horn and we set off. The year 5 and 6s had to do an additional loop around the field. We all did very well and these are the positions we came in our races. 

Mae -13/60      Rory - 8/60      Sam - 3/60      Teddy - 18/60      Aidan - 12/60      Ashton - 13/60 

Written by: Mae, Sam and Rory (Year 6) 


The Swimming Gala – 26/02/2020

It was a great experience at the Swimming Gala for Bidborough. We had a team of 15 year 5 and 6’s who all swam brilliantly: Lucy, Annabelle, Sally, Islay, Theo, Luca, Charlie, Billy, Florence, Evie, George, Skye, Charlie, Harry and Barnaby. We had very good positions throughout the evening. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and encouraged our team mates until we had no voice left to cheer.

Our coach Mr. Carrick was extremely helpful and proud of us as he guided us around the pool. Our encouraging head teacher supported us profusely and gave us great advice when needed.

We thank the parent helpers (Melissa Cooper and Theresa Smith) who worked along-side Mr. Carrick and Mrs. Burton. Although many of us were nervous and scared for our races and diving we gave it our best shot and came with a good score and a grin.

In the end, we won a shield for the smallest school winners and a trophy for winning the B league.

To finish off this entry, we would like to say having no practice but just courage, we won a shield, a trophy and   better friendship than ever!


Written by: Year 6 Swim Team 












Rounders tournament

(13 images)

Our team from Year 5 took part in a tournament against St Johns, Cage Green and Southborough

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Tag Rugby

(6 images)

Photos from the tournament in June

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Bells Yew Green Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament

(5 images)

Two mixed age girls cricket teams attended the Bells Yew Green Girls Kwik Cricket tournament, with both teams coming fourth in their respective leagues. They played well and showed great sportsmanship.

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Year 5 and 6 Tunbridge Wells Kwik Cricket Festival

(2 images)

Year 5 and 6 took part in the Tunbridge Wells Kwik Cricket Festival at the Nevill Cricket Ground. They played brilliantly and showed fantastic sportsmanship, finishing an amazing 2nd place out of 20 teams.

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Spend A Penny Mini Marathon

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School Parliament and the PTA organised a sponsored Mini Marathon on Friday 10th May to raise money to upgrade the school toilets. The children ran as many laps as they could around the Rec in 30 minutes.

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Year 3 and 4 Tunbridge Wells Kwick Cricket Festival

(8 images)

Years 3 and 4 took part in the Tunbridge Wells Kwick Cricket Festival on Wednesday 15th May. They played brilliantly, supporting each other well, and finished an amazing 3rd place out of 14 schools.

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Tunbridge Wells Quicksticks hockey tournament - Year 3 and 4

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Year 3 and 4 took part in the Tunbridge Wells Quicksticks hockey tournament on Monday 4th March at TWGGS School. The team played brilliantly and managed to finish 5th out of 16 schools.

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Year 5 OAA - Carroty Wood

(41 images)

This year for Outside Adventurous Activities (OAA), Year 5 went to Carroty Wood activity center.

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Year 4 - OAA Forest School

(67 images)

As part of their Outside Adventurous Activities (OAA), Year 4 took part in Forest School

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Year 6 Curling

(31 images)

As part of their Outside Adventurous Activities, Year 6 went curling once a week for 6 weeks to Fenton's Rink

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Archery and Fencing

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 To see how we have used our government allocated Sports Premium grant, please see the document below.

Sports Premium 20-21