Music at Bidborough

“Music positively impacts a child’s academic performance, assists in developing social skills, and provides an outlet for creativity that is crucial to a child’s development.”



Our Music Curriculum is delivered in class supported by Charanga. Please click here for our learning overview.

A world-leading music teaching and learning platform with a vast library of resources, songs, instrumental courses and creative apps. It enables quality-assured training, support for blended and home learning, assessment, special needs education, and more.

During your time at Bidborough children are given the opportunity to learn 2 instruments. In Year 2 all children are taught the recorder whilst in Year 4 all children will learn how to play the ukulele.



Singing is hugely important to us here at Bidborough. We join as a whole school to sing every week in worship. 

Year R and KS1 join together weekly for choir.  Here they learn about: rhythm, pulse, call and response and many new and exciting songs. 

KS2 Choir join together once a week. Here we learn new material and are often invited to sing at local events. Biannually we also take part in YOUNG VOICES at the O2 Arena. 


Peripatetic Lessons


For anyone keen to learn other instruments we have a plethora of talented peripatetic teachers – harp, piano, singing, guitar and drumming to name but a few.

For anyone interested in private lessons please see below for contact details:

For piano or singing lessons with Harriet Pitman, please click here.

If you are interested in your child learning to play the guitar or ukulele, please email Justin Barnett at rochestermusicschool@gmail.com

For more information about harp lessons, please email plinkplonkharp@hotmail.co.uk and click here.

For drumming lessons, please email Adam Tanner at adamjtanner1@hotmail.com

Lessons on a variety of instruments can be booked through Kent Music School. Visiting teachers will then make arrangements for tuition here at school.