So, what do we teach?

Here at Bidborough, the curriculum forms the basis for our learning and the experiences our children enjoy during their time at school. We are proud at Bidborough that our curriculum goes beyond the statutory National Curriculum for England and encompasses creative, spiritual, cultural and sporting opportunities. The curriculum we offer at Bidborough enables us to ensure that every child develops the key learning steps and receives experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and character in different ways.

Careful thought and consideration has gone into the design of Bidborough’s curriculum to ensure that it is relevant and purposeful to the children within our community. Our curriculum not only aims to teach children the knowledge and skills that they require for later work life, but also to develop our learners as well rounded individuals with the knowledge and skills to live successfully in the world; contributing to and making a difference to the communities in which they will eventually go on to live life in all its fullness.

Our lessons make use of a range of hands-on sources such as pictures, maps and artefacts. We make a point of utilising the opportunities in the local area, by learning about famous local people and visiting places of awe and interest in the local community. This makes learning real and purposeful to the children we are serving. Where learning takes us further afield, we make a point of making direct, personal links (with our community link with Kibigwa for example), so that again, learning is real and concrete. Pupils are encouraged to engage personally with topics covered, to form judgements and opinions on what they are discovering. 

At Bidborough, we also understand that by carefully shaping the content and pedagogy of the curriculum in particular ways, a wide range of curriculum subjects can become vehicles for developing and reflecting on character.  Curriculum opportunities at Bidborough ensure that pupils look beyond themselves, think globally about life, and develop an understanding of topics such as disadvantage, deprivation and the exploitation of the natural world.

Here you will find a curriculum overview.  Subject specific progression documents can be found below. Please also take a look at our subject specific pages or our class pages for further information about each individual curriculum area.

 The Bidborough Book

Reading - Skills  Reading Curriculum Story

Writing - Skills   Writing - Knowledge Writing Curriculum Story Phonics Progression



History  History Curriculum Story

Geography  Geography Curriculum Story




Computing Computing Curriculum Story



Science  Science Curriculum Story


PSHE PSHE Curriculum Story

Further information about the primary National Curriculum can be found here. The curriculum for Reception class is covered by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which can be found here.