Isle of Wight Day 2

 What an incredible day! It started a little early for some of us (note to self, make sure all children have some kind of travel clock next year!) but after a hearty breakfast, we set off for some kayaking. The children took to it like a duck to water and were soon working together in pairs to navigate their way across the 'sea'. After some games, which inevitably led to some children 'accidentally' falling in, the children rowed back to shore for some splashing fun.

Back to camp for lunch (burgers) before laser tag. The teams worked well together to decide tactics for who was going to hang back and provide cover whilst others ran forwards. The groups then split into either fencing or archery before flaking out back at base, refueling again and out for more games.

Add in a fleeting encounter with a red squirrel and a cheeky seal  - altogether, a pleasingly exhausting day, "They'll sleep well tonight," said one optimistic group leader...

A special mention to Fin whose birthday it is today - I'm sure it'll be one to remember.

Tomorrow, more fencing and archery with some climbing, hiking and lots more.

Mrs Burton, Mrs Wraige and Mr Pain.

Water games