Isle of Wight Day 2

Welcome to Isle of Wight Day 2! 

It's been a hot one here on the Isle of Wight today - it even reached 24 degrees. The children have loved every second of it.

Our day started with a very early wake up call at 6:50 am ready for breakfast at 7:25. All of year 6 were great at bed time last night and were zonked by 10:30 p.m. Over the day so far, we have had four 90 minute activities in 3 different groups and again, the children have loved every minute of it! We've taken part in a sensory trail, 'Survivor', Jacob's ladder, abseiling, fencing and the giant swing! We will be rotating around the activities so we all get a go at a range of different things.

Year 6 have today faced and conquered fears, including some they didn't know they had! All 3 of the adults couldn't be more proud of how they have worked together, persevered and shown bravery throughout day 2! We are all just about the head off to our evening activity after a yummy dinner and will be trying our hands at a game called 'balloon splash'. 

Check back here tomorrow around 7:30pm for more updates! 

We hope you're all having a nice week, I know we certainly are! 

Mr Johnson, Mrs Entwistle, Mrs Markwell 

Isle of Wight 2023 Day 2