At Bidborough, we want our children to develop a love of learning languages, through our teaching of French.  Our program of study has been written in partnership with a secondary school specialist teacher of MFL. 

We begin in the early years by developing an understanding that other languages are spoken around the world. Throughout our program of study, we explore areas where French is spoken. We aim to prepare our children to host a French-speaking guest on a visit to their home and school, as well as to be able to speak when arriving in France or another French speaking country. 

In our teaching, we structure our learning around core sentence builders. This enable the children to consolidate understanding of these core areas rather than becoming overwhelmed by ever increasing vocabulary. Using these, the children can then go on to use dictionaries and IT tools to apply their knowledge to other scenarios.

Children are taught to understand and respond to spoken and written French throughout their time at the school, significantly developing this from Year 3 upwards. Further details are given below.



French Learning Overview

French Teaching Progression