In English, we strive to make every child a reader and use quality books to inspire and ignite the children’s interest across the curriculum. At Bidborough, we believe that reading is at the root of learning and begin our journey into reading by using Sounds Write to teach all the sounds of the English language and how to spell  them. Sounds Write offers is a highly structured, cumulative, sequential, explicit and code-oriented instructional programme for teaching all children to read and spell. 

As the children begin to learn the initial phonic code we use decodable books for them to practise and improve their decoding skills. Once this has been mastered we move onto the extended code.

The children develop the core skills of segmenting, blending and phoneme manipulation and develop the conceptual knowledge that the English language contains letters that represent sounds, that a sound can be spelt with up to 4 letters, that the same sound can have different spellings and that the same spelling can represent different sounds.

When children become more fluent, we have more challenging texts to allow then to read widely and develop a lifelong love of reading. We continue to use phonics as tool for spelling into Key Stage two. 

Each classroom has a well-stocked book corner with a range of age appropriate books that the children may select with guidance from their teachers and we are lucky to have a library that offers the children further opportunity to develop a love of reading. 

We place quality books at the centre of our learning, click to see some of the key texts used to inspire writing in English. This enables our 3D curriculum allowing the children to make links across the subjects studied. 

English Curriculum Progression Documents can be found below:

Reading Skills Progression Reading Curriculum Story

Writing- Skills Writing - Knowledge Writing Curriculum Story Phonics Progression