Design Technology

Design Technology is an inspiring, practical and rigorous subject.  It encourages children to think creatively and imaginatively to solve problems as individuals and as part of a team. As part of the Design Technology curriculum, children design and make products to solve problems that are real and relevant to their own lives, considering their own needs, and the wants, needs and values of others.

Throughout KS1 and KS2, pupils will be taught a range of topics including: mechanisms, textiles, food technology, structures and electrical systems.  They learn to use a variety of materials and tools safely and effectively. At Bidborough School we use the, ‘research, design, make, evaluate’ approach to teaching DT.  Pupils are encouraged to critique, evaluate and improve on the effectiveness of their designs and the work of others. 

Design Technology develops pupils’ critical thinking skills, problem solving and encourages perseverance - qualities and skills that are transferable across subjects, throughout their education and in later life.  Through Design Technology, children are encouraged to become innovators and risk-takers. High-quality Design and Technology education makes an essential contribution to the culture, wealth and well-being of the nation. It is our intention to inspire children to consider a range of different careers such as engineers, architects, designers, carpenters and sculptures.

Our teaching and learning progression in DT can be found below.


DT Progression