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Meet the teacher

Learning Lens - 26th November 2021

This week has been a wonderful week in Class 2. We welcomed Mrs Parker, our student teacher, into the class who will be joining us in the run up to Christmas.

We have been planning and designing our Tudor houses and should be ready to start making them next week. Thank you for all the kind donations of boxes we now have plenty. 

We have been feeling quite Christmassy as we continue to rehearse for our big performance in the KS1 nativity. We have been learning lots of actions, songs and importantly our lines ready for the big show. Please remember to send in costumes on Monday in a named carrier bag. 

To add to our growing excitement, we discovered a gift of 24 books for Advent in our classroom this week. The children are convinced they have been left by The Christmas Elf and are keeping their eyes peeled for further clues. Keeping the theme of Christmas, we have been discussing Incarnation in RE and really enjoyed spotting clues in the frieze panel shown below. The children are brilliant detectives and spotted so many links to the nativity story. How many can you see?

In maths we have almost completed our topic on addition and subtraction strategies. This week we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us make bonds to 100. We have been applying our strategies to a range of problems and puzzles plus we have solved the Barvember challenge each day. 

In English we have been writing character and setting descriptions on a wintery theme. The children are getting so much better at their joined-up handwriting and we crowned our very first Presentation Prince this week. We have been learning mnemonics for some tricky words such as PEOPLE, BECAUSE, SHOULD, WOULD and COULD. We also practised using gestures to help us remember the difference between they're, there and their. Ask the children to show you.  

In Science we investigated the best material for a toy car track and enjoyed testing different surfaces. 

You may have noticed the children have completed the Learning Lens in their planners this week. Please do take the time to discuss this week's learning with your child as retrieving the information is all part of the learning process and embeds key concepts and connections in their long term memory. 

Mathletics has been set and we are coming closer to the end of the reading challenge deadline so cuddle up and share a good book this chilly weekend.  


Thank you for your continued support, enjoy the weekend, stay safe and well. 

Mrs Hard and Mrs Sharpe. 



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