Year Three

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mrs Leach

Teaching Partner: Mrs Smith & Mrs Archer

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Meet the Teacher

Learning Lens 19th November 

 White Rose Maths Year 3

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his week in Year 3, we have been:

We continued to read more of Ug and from this we again considered, the massive changes that have happened in the world since the Stone Age. We focused on travel in all its different forms and came up with reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’ this question: Should we change how we travel? We learnt about what a debate is and how we can use bullet points to note down ideas. We then looked at co-ordinating conjunctions, identified and used them in a range of sentences. In Reading this week, we have continued with 24 Hours in the Stone Age and looked closely at the authors’ choices, to make particular words bold or italics. We discussed how these choices, make us think deeper in to how the characters are feeling.

In phonics, we have been looking at the ‘oe’ phoneme, in words such as; potatoes, notice, although and though. Next week, we will be looking at the ‘u’ phoneme as in – touch, double and young.

Maths has seen us look at adding and subtracting 2-digits from 3-digit numbers. We have been showing our workings out in the written method, through subtraction bar models and part-whole models. We have then applied this knowledge to word problems and identified where the problem is trying to trick us!
In RE the children looked at Guru Nanak and learnt all about his role in the founding of Sikhism. From next week, Music will continue with recorders, and we will also begin learning our Christmas songs!!

It has been a busy week full of History. We finished our pre-historic learning by looking at the Iron Age and we then compared the food, tools and homes from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. With all of this knowledge we then completed a hot task ‘How was life different in the Stone Age?’ the children were able to identify how much they have learnt! Now, we have begun our learning on the Romans, with the question – ‘Is invading and conquering always a bad thing?’

 Have a lovely weekend, 

Love Mrs Leach xxx


This week's phonics/spelling: