Year Six

Welcome to Class 6

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for updates.

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Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mr Davies

Teaching Partners - Mrs Wraige and Mrs Sharpe


 Weekly update

This week in English, we completed our diary entries about the trip to the National Gallery and have now moved onto finding out about our new book ‘The Unforgotten Coat’, by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Our story begins in a normal British school, when out of nowhere two Mongolian boys arrive and start to plant questions in the mind of one girl in particular… Grammatically, we’ve thought about questions, commands and statements, as well as antonyms.


We have finished our unit on Decimals in Maths and have begun to learn about Percentages. Calculating percentages of amounts can be a little tricky, so any work you can do at home to reinforce this would be of great benefit to many of the children in the class.


In Art, we were exploring how we can create different shades using black and white, in a variety of media. Paint, charcoal, pastel and pencil were all used to create something to show an ability to blend the colours together.


‘What is Sawm and why is important to Muslims?’ was the question that we contemplated and explored in RE this week. The children produced some posters which showed their understanding of sacrifice and obedience, as well as comparing Ramadan with a similar festival from another religion: some chose Yom Kippur and others chose Lent.


In Science, the children learnt all about the human heart and begun to understand the circulatory system, by creating life-size diagrams of the heart and blood vessels. They added information they’d learnt to complete the task.



  • - Reading every day and in noted your Learning Journal
  • - PE kit on Monday and Wednesday
  • - Learning journal completed over the weekend
  • - Mathletics completed
  • - Spellings practised for Thursday

Home Learning Opportunities

 Please check back here for specific recommended opportunities and a weekly fluency task for the children to try over the weekend. 

 Term 3 Home learning menu


 -cial or -tial


official, partial, artificial, influential, commercial, confidential, language, leisure, lightning, marvellous 

Reading Menu

Here is the reading menu for this term.  They are for the children to work on at home and in school. If they complete a line or four corners,  they get a bookmark/sticker and once they complete a full house they get to choose a book from Mrs Hard's special box. We ask parents to sign to show that they have completed the challenge. 

We hope to encourage a wide reading diet and to support the children in reading daily and developing a good stamina for reading  in order to complete the whole menu by Christmas. 

Spring Term Reading Menu