Year Six

Welcome to Class 6

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Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mr Johnson

Teaching Partners - Mrs Thorne and Mrs Wraige

Weekly Review

Class 6 - Learning lens - Friday 11th June 2021

Here is the class 6 learning lens for this week: 

- In English we have started to learn our lines and rehearse for the year 6 production, which is great for practicing our speaking and listening skills. Year 6 have been using drama to act scenes and also editing skills to edit the script we are using to make it more 'us'. They have all worked super hard this week and I cannot wait until the final performances. 

- In Maths, we are continuing to focus on moving through the three stages of learning: concrete, pictoral and abstract. This week we have been looking into percentages, decimals and fractions in more detail. We have also been converting, comparing and ordering fractions, decimals and percentages and finding percentages of an amount. 

- In other areas of learning: we have started forest school, which all of class 6 really enjoyed; looked at the question 'what kind of king is Jesus?' in RE; started to refine our skills further with coding; and looked at the four of our Bidborough school behaviours - courage, curiosity, collaboration and celebration.  
Have an awesome weekend, it's very well deserved. 

Mr Johnson


PE will be on a Wednesday morning this term so please ensure the children come to school in their forest school kit with their school uniforms in their bags. 

I have set Mathletics so please lookout for that:

Have a go on TT Rockstars this weekend. 
Also, why not have a go a sirlinkalot this weekend. You should all have a login in your journals.  

 Spellings this week:

The will be no spellings to learn this week.