Year Six

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Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mrs Housley and Mr Meacham

Teaching Partners - Mrs Sedgemore and Mrs Sharpe


 Week ending Friday 12th July

The big thing this week has to be all about the amazing production!  I am so proud of all of the children and all the effort they put into the play.  I can't get over the talent and comic timing of the children and I know all spectators were blown away by the quality of what they saw.

Children also had their SRE learning today which they handled in a very mature way.

Another highlight this week has been the opportunity to use Virtual reality headsets to explore scenes like the Roman Empire.

Have a lovely weekend.

Home Learning and Reading Menu

Home learning Menu

The children have been asked to bring all their props in for the play by Monday.  Please remember to ask us if there is anything you can't find as we can find or make alternatives.

Students do need to know their lines and the song words now so that we can have some really good rehearsals next week before secondary school visits and sports day!

The music files are below for anyone who wants to practise at home.





Year 6 Production Music

A Cinderella Story

Dress To Excess Instr

Trying To Smile Instr

Waiting For My Life To Change Instr

Ugly Instr

If The Shoe Fits Instr

All The People Instr

Sherlock Saves The Day Instr

A Cinderella Story - Reprise Instr

A Cinderella Story Interlude 1

Dress To Excess Interlude

Cinderellas Theme Interlude

Call Sherlock Interlude

Ugly Interlude

If The Shoe Fits Interlude

All The People Interlude

A Cinderella Story Interlude 2

The original script...