Year One

Welcome to Class 1

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Check every week for updates!

Class 1 Staff

Teachers-Mrs Voisey, Mrs Hard (Monday)

Teaching Partners - Mrs Rutherford

To find out a bit more about life in Year 1, please refer to the 'Meet the teacher' presentation below:

Meet the teacher 2019

Weekly Review 


I t was lovely to meet you all during the learning reviews this week. Thank you for coming along and we hope that you found them useful.

This week we have been exploring question words. We have been using them with picture prompts, making up our own and finally creating a whole class quiz using them. Some questions were quite hard to answer but we enjoyed the process!

In maths we have consolidated on on our 1 more and 1 less ideas by playing games and investigating number lines and number squares.

In RE we have made jelly baby prayers which we shared with each other around the themes of asking, saying sorry, being thankful and praise.

Finally, we have sent home PE kits so everyone can check shoes etc still fit as some children are saying they are too tight. 

If you have any comics at home that we could use in our book corner that would be lovely, thank you.

Have a lovely peaceful half term, from Mrs Voisey and the team.





Our candidates for school parliament!

 ***Please remember***:

Water bottles in every day.

PE kits (PE on Wednesday)

Student planner and reading books in everyday. We expect the children to read at home every day. This does not have to be a whole book, a page or a few is great. We understand the children will be tired so if you feel they are too tired to read to you, then share a book instead and you read to them.
Please note in the Student planner under the dated section the title and pages read. Books are changed when needed. 

The children will have access to the outside area (which we are planning to develop!) so please could wellies be sent in to keep at school. Before the end of the term would be great!

Useful Websites

Spellings and Phonics 

Spellings, use the links below for sounds if you wish.

In Phonics this week we have looked at:

e-e and u-e  and tricky words what, where, when and why.

sounding and blending longer and more complex words. 

 Phase 2 Mat

Phase 3 Mat

Phase 5 Mat

Home Learning Menu

Home Learning Menu

Please have a look at the choice of activities for this term.

 Reading Menu

Here is the reading menu for this term.  They are for the children to work on at home and in school. If they complete a line or four corners,  they get a bookmark/sticker and once they complete a full house they get to choose a book from Mrs Hard's special box. We ask parents to sign to show that they have completed the challenge. 

We hope to encourage a wide reading diet and to support the children in reading daily and developing a good stamina for reading  in order to complete the whole menu by Christmas.

Autumn Reading Menu

Important Documents