Year Four

 Welcome to Class 4

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Class 4 Staff

 Teacher - Mr Meacham

Teaching Partners -Mrs Kitto & Mrs Dean

Weekly review week ending 24.1.90

Week commencing 20.1.20

This week in maths we’ve been looking at 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.  The lessons have gone very smoothly with many children getting further with the worksheets than ever before.  Towards the end of the week the children did two, SATs-style papers and handled them calmly and maturely with encouraging results.

In English we’ve had our usual comprehension, concentrating on the questions as much as the text, and we’ve finished reading The Mousehole Cat.  We’re now preparing to write the story in our own words from the point of view of Old Tom.  We've been 'hot-seating' Old Tom, dressing up as him and his cat, Mowzer.

In RE we’ve been looking at ways in which the Gospel is spread, many of which are secular but promoting values similar to Jesus’.

In science we’ve looked at how distance affects sound, using dropping dice as our sound source and data-loggers to measure the sound from varying distances. The children’s experiments were well conducted though some of the results puzzling.

Forest School was a great success, as ever – dry for the third week running and this time I did remember the camera: much tree climbing, fire lighting, den building, hammock rocking and zip wire constructing.

In topic we've studied the range of colours and their mixtures and shades in Turner's paintings and photos of real sunsets, and constructed colour-shade wheels.  Thank you very much for the shoe boxes which will be coming in very useful shortly before half-term.




Home Learning

Times tables homework – Term 3 Week 3 – 20.1.20
This week - Beat the Clock. As last week, but with your 5 and 8-times tables. With luck your 8-times tables will be even faster than last week. Good luck!

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WeeklyWeekly spellings

Weekly spellings W3T3 20.1
• sentence
• separate
• special
• straight
• strange
• strength
• international
• intergalactic
• intertwine
• interrupt


 Reading Menu

Here is the reading menu for this term.  They are for the children to work on at home and in school. If they complete a line or four corners,  they get a bookmark/sticker and once they complete a full house they get to choose a book from Mrs Hard's special box. We ask parents to sign to show that they have completed the challenge. 

We hope to encourage a wide reading diet and to support the children in reading daily and developing a good stamina for reading  in order to complete the whole menu by Easter. 

Spring Term Reading Menu