Year Four

 Welcome to Class 4

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Class 4 Staff

 Teacher - Mr Meacham

Teaching Partners -Mrs Archer and Mrs Sharp

Week commencing 16.3.20


 This week’s been quite a week.

In maths we’ve just finished area and dipped our toes into decimals.

In English we’ve been anticipating the appearance of the magician in Leon and the Place Between, drawing pictures of what we expect and creating posters to advertise Abdul Kazam.

For our science learning, we’ve looked at factors that affect the brightness of a bulb in a circuit.

In DT we’ve created models of the National Gallery (decorated in watercolour), and fitted our own burglar alarms to protect The Fighting Temeraire.

In PE we’ve had doubles tennis matches, led by me in the absence of Mr Moth – but the children got on very well all the same.

Finally, we’ve created Mother’s Day cards using our fine watercolour skills.

So, despite the impending closure, the week’s been most productive.  The children have kept commendably calm and focussed.

All the best to you and your families.

Times tables homework 

Times tables homework – Term 4 Week 4 16.3.20

This week - Beat the Clock.  As last week, but with your 12 and 11-times tables.  With luck your 11-times table will be even faster than last time. Good luck!

Home Learning

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Weekly spellings 

Weekly spellings W4T4 16.3

·         complete

·         consider

·         continue

·         decide

·         describe

·         different

·         electrician

·         transfusion

·         mission

·         infusion


 Reading Menu

Here is the reading menu for this term.  They are for the children to work on at home and in school. If they complete a line or four corners,  they get a bookmark/sticker and once they complete a full house they get to choose a book from Mrs Hard's special box. We ask parents to sign to show that they have completed the challenge. 

We hope to encourage a wide reading diet and to support the children in reading daily and developing a good stamina for reading  in order to complete the whole menu by Easter. 

Spring Term Reading Menu