Year Four

Welcome to Class 4

On our page you will find class and curriculum information. Remember check every week for updates!

Class 4 Staff

Teacher - Miss Latter

Trainee Teacher - Mrs Parker
Teaching Partners - Mrs Smith and Mrs Archer

Learning Lens

On Monday, the children should of came home with a Home Learning Menu. We finally got our planners delivered on Tuesday so I have given the children their PurpleMash, Mathletics and TTRockstar log ins which they stuck into them.

Year 4 - Home Learning Menu

In class, we have been learning about:

  • In English, we have been very busy! We have completed a comprehension this week, focusing on the Vocabulary, V from our reading VIPERS (image below). Then I showed the children the front cover of our class text Beowulf, the children analysed the front covers illustrations and created predictions using adjectives, similes and metaphors. We then met some characters from the story and used Superlative forms of adjectives to describe them before reading Chapter 1 and 2. In Chapter 1 and 2, the children picked some words that we haven’t heard before or knew what they meant so we worked on our dictionary skills to find the meaning of these words.
  • In Maths, we have been working hard on using different representations of ways to make numbers to 10,000. Number lines can be tricky but the children have been working brilliantly on learning what scale the numbers line is, the whole and then dividing that amount by the intervals to work out the amount the number is either going up or down by.
  • In History, we had an amazing drama workshop to kick off our History topic about the Anglo-Saxons. The children role-played different responsibilities that people had, the children enjoyed being Kings and Queens as well as being peasants. It was great fun, the children especially enjoyed the game King Alfred says; very similar to the game Simon says
  • In PSHCE, we thought and discussed what a group of friends might like about each other, what things they might do together and then thought about our own friends and include some of those reasons in our discussion.
  • In Science, we continued our discussion on what is matter. There are three different states of matter that are solid, liquid and gas. We role-played being the molecules of these different states of matter, dancing around the classroom being gasses and holding hand dancing to be a liquid and then one huge class hug to be the solid. We looked at the mass and volume of three different matters and how they can change; we will investigate them more next week.
  • In PE, we missed our football PE slot outside due to the weather, but the children had a fantastic game of silent bench ball, I was really impressed with the children's team work.

I have set the children some Mathletics that is due next Friday

Do not forget to get rocking and use It is a fantastic way to learn all the Times Tables.


Don't forget it is Meet the Teacher on Tuesday 21st September straight after school, I am looking forward to seeing those who can make it. I will upload the PowerPoint next Friday for those who can't make it but if you do need to contact me then pop a note in your child's planner or contact the school office. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Latter