Year Five

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 Class 5 Staff

Class teacher - Miss King

Teaching Partners - Mrs Archer, Miss Dean, Mrs Thorne


Learning Lens w/c 7th June 

In English this week, the children have written a setting description of Kensuke's cave using evidence from the text, Kensuke's Kingdom.  The children have also prepared a biography about Kensuke, detailing his early life and how he came to be living on the island.   We have spent some time going through a recent reading comprehension paper, thinking about the different strategies we can use to help us answer the questions.  

In maths, we have a begun to look at angles, comparing acute, right-angles and obtuse.  

In the afternoons, the children were given the task of redesigning the Bidborough learning behaviour logos.  They had to think about characters that best represent collaboration, courage, curiosity and celebration.  Although the children did this in class, they are welcome to have a go at this at home and bring in any creations on Monday.  

For PE this term, we will be practising our sports day events such as sprints and javelin, and we will also have some fun sessions for rounders, cricket and bench ball. 

It's been really hot in the playground, even at breaktime.  Please could the children be smothered in sunlotion next week (and bring hats if they have them) as I think the temperatures are set to rise!

Have a lovely sunny weekend!  


 Spellings: sparsely, densely, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation, queue