Welcome to Class R

Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance

Teaching Partners - Miss Wells, Mrs Farnell

Learning Lens - 14th January 2022

*Please fill in the contact details in the front of planners!*

See planners for our GLAD update for you to chat about. Please fill in the Bidborough Behaviour sections. Talk about with your child about when they were courageous, showed curiosity etc. this week. 


Another chilly week! The children have had lots of fun, some of the highlights: building with blocks outside - villages and houses we can climb in, playing mums and dads in the house outside, playing 'work' where you have to go off to work and do loads of stuff! Reading books, making my name with cut up letters, looking at old things and making our own animal creations. 

We joined the rest of the school for our Celebration Assembly today, the children were fantastically behaved. Well done to our certificate winners! 

The children enjoyed an animal flip flap book which inspired creating their own animals using cut up colouring sheets stuck together! 
The children had fun finding letters in magazines, cutting them out and making their name. They then decorated them using a mosaic effect. 


This week we have begun learning phase 3! 
Phonics: -phase 2 s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k - ck, e, h, r, b, f, l, ss, ll, ff
Tricky words: no I the go and into
phase 3: j, v, y
We learnt the Jolly Phonics actions 
Phonics Play 

This is a lovely resource to help with writing the different graphemes (written letter). 

Tricky word song 

Sky Writer (we do non cursive)

In PE the children had great fun doing some BEAM (balance, education and movement) activities. We will be covering some more of these activities and movements over this term as a whole class. 

Maths: This week we have quickly shown quantities using one hand, recognise the numerals 1-5, develop subitising skills (know just by looking rather than counting), creating different arrangements of blocks and recreate arrangements of 3, 4 and 5 dots. 

RE this week we talked about being a good friend. We shared the story of Jesus calling his disciples - his special friends and thought about all of our special friends that help us. We also read the story of Zacchaeus, how he was not very nice to others and then when he met Jesus, Jesus wanted to be his friend. We learnt that Christians believe that Jesus is a friend to all and he is there to help us make good choices. 

Please remember afternoon snacks should be one piece of fruit or veg (dried fruit or a fruit based bar). 

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend...stay warm and safe! 


Monday 17th: Remember to send in your photos (or details) of an important adult that we can display in the classroom. It would be great if the children know a little about the person, their job, hobbies and favourite toy! 

Afternoon snack, should be one piece of fruit or veg or a couple of rice cakes or bread sticks etc.  It is not to replace lunches if not eaten, but a small snack to keep them going until home-time. 

Reception class gate opens 8.30-8.45
Collection at 3:05.

Please send
- A named water bottle,  morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 

No citrus, chocolate or nuts please! 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 

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