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Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance

Teaching Partners - Miss Wells (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs), Mrs Farnell (Mon, Thurs, Fri), Mrs Heaslewood (Tue, Wed, Fri)

Learning Lens - 20th May

What a wet end to the week!
The children have had a busy, fun filled week again. We have enjoyed the story On The Way Home. The children retold the story, acting it out with different small world characters and created their own story maps. 

Maths: This week the children have continued to develop their understanding of comparing numbers, using different representations of numbers to order and compare, talking about which is more, less, 1 more than, 1 less than. The children enjoyed playing a roll the dice game using a number track. 

Phonics: We introduced 'wh'. The children have enjoyed lots of word building, writing, reading and sound spotting this week. 
Building words: using letter cards - use the sounds to make words.
Sound swap: starting with a word, change one letter to create a new word - sat- mat- cat- can- tan- tin. 
Dictation: Teachers saying words, short sentences and write on whiteboards sounding out as they write. 
Phonics Play 

Tricky word song 

This is a lovely resource to help with writing the different graphemes (written letter). 
Sky Writer (we do non cursive)
*Please remember when writing at home to write using lowercase letters - capitals for names and at the beginning of a sentence.*

RE: We continued our Big Question - What can we learn from Old Testament Stories? Today we shared the rest of the story of Joseph and his colourful coat. The children were able to talk about what happened, thinking about how the different characters might have felt. This week we talked about how Joseph trusted in God. Some Christians and Jewish people believe that God has a plan for us and we should trust in Him. We had some talk time sharing about who we can trust in - to help us, care for us, play with us, look after us etc. 

Congratulations to our certificate winners! 

Here's hoping for a drier weekend! 



 Reception class gate opens 8.30-8.45

Collection at 3:05.

Please send
- A named water bottle,  morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 

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