Welcome to Class R

Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance 
Class R Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Farnell, Mrs Heaslewood
Mrs Sharpe, Mrs Spring and Mrs Van Niekerk.

Weekly update: 24th May 

GLAD for the week: 

Grateful for – gardens, park, our world, our planet.
Learned – Bible stories, about butterflies
Accomplished – a boat out of junk, writing sounds in Phonics, .
Delighted – making boats, seeing the butterflies,

English: This week we have enjoyed lots of reading and writing practice. The children have written lots of words and sentences. Some chose to make up their own sentences using our new Phonics sounds.

Maths: The children have had some tricky challenges with some missing numbers. They had to work out what number was missing from different number problems.

PSHE: We have revisited our thinking about kind words and kind bodies – remembering if there are problems or upsets to use our words to talk to each other and tell an adult. 
We also thought about the different people in our lives that keep us safe. Children shared their ideas – doctors, mummy, daddy, teachers, police officers. We also thought about the less obvious people – kitchen staff cooking healthy meals, Mr Hawksfield keeping our school environment safe, bin men/women who keep where we live clean.

RE: We continued our big question, Which stories are special and why? (We will be learning about stories from a range of faiths.) This week we have had a chat about what we have learnt so far and what the children have enjoyed. The ‘boat trip’ came up as a popular session! I think the children will remember the story of Jesus Calms the storm for quite a while! The story peg people have been explored a lot this week too, the children remembering and talking about the different stories. The children enjoyed our visitor on Tuesday who taught us more about the Islamic faith. The children are excited to hear more stories from other faiths next term as we continue our Big Question.

Tapestry: soon we will upload some photos to help with transition into the Year 1 classroom. I have reminded the children they are still Class R and all the adults will be the same, we are just borrowing the classroom so Year 6 can practise their play. There will be photos of the gates, classroom entry way, some areas within the classroom and the toilets! *Parents of boys – please discuss urinals as there will be one toilet and one urinal for the boys. We will aim to keep our daily routine as close to it currently is so lots of things will remain the same.

See further down for some more reminders and dates. 

Wishing everyone a restful break! See you all for Term 1 based in the year 1 Classroom!


sounds: a, i, m, s, t, p, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, e, f, v, k, l, r, u, j, w, z, x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz, sh, ch, th
words: was, all, said, come, some 
ccvcc, cvccc, cccvc patterns. 

We have learnt 2 new digraphs sh and ch. Remembering that a digraph is 2 letters that make 1 sound! 
We have also concentrated on handwriting. Correct formation has a massive impact on children's writing, it is easier later on when joining, makes writing more fluid and improves presentation.  (not cursive)
press and follow works well on tablets.
The following link has some information for parents: 
The correct pronunciation: 
It is important not to add sounds such as m=muh s= suh t=tuh 
Take the word: ‘mat’. If you sound it out as ’muh’ + aa +tuh’ and then blend them together you get ‘muhaaatuh’ a long way off from ‘mmmaat’ and then ‘mat’.
We do not use actions or Jolly Phonics songs. 

Dates of interest 

24th May: End of Term 5
3rd June: beginning of Term 6! 
21st June: Year 3 assembly 
25th June: Class Photos
1st July: Class R Trip to Bore Place 
17th July: Sports Day 
19th July: Last day!! 

4th Sept: Term 1 


Please remember to check bags every day! 


Please send
- A named water bottle - morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 
- 1 small afternoon snack (piece of fruit or veg is ideal) in a named bag or pot.

Everything should be named: uniform, bottles, pots, hats!
Lost items will usually find their way back to us if named.  

Home Learning Suggestions

This term we have listed a few ideas you might like to try: 

Investigate growing by observing plants or trees 
Draw some of the plants you see
Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt inside and/or outside 
Play ISpy
Practise using pegs - hang out some washing, add pegs to strips of card, put pegs on cuddly toys. 
Make collections of 10 things - 10 rocks, 10 pieces of fruit, 10 spoons etc. Explore what part wholes you can make: 10=3 and 7, 2 and 8. 
Send someone a positive note or letter
make shadow puppets
do coin or bark rubbings with paper and crayons

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