Welcome to Class R

Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance 
Class R Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Farnell, Mrs Heaslewood
Mrs Sharpe, Mrs Howard and Mrs Van Niekerk.

Weekly update: 8th December 

I must start by saying how wonderfully the children performed this week! They blew everyone away and made us burst with pride. The children worked hard learning their songs, actions, going on and off the stage and sitting for a long period of time! Thank you for your support with this! 

Thank you also to those of you that could attend our open classroom today. It was lovely for the children to share their learning with you. 

Our class GLAD: 

Grateful for: our show, singing, songs! 

Learnt: showing numbers, building a big tower.

Accomplished: making tall towers, our show! 

Delight in:  our show, singing, wrapping presents.  

English: This week the children have enjoyed some Christmas writing! Some wrote letters to Santa, lists for Santa's workshop and present ideas.  

Maths: We have continued our learning around composition of numbers 1 - 5. The children recognised different amounts shown in varying patterns - 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom, 1 at the top and 3 at the bottom. We have been thinking how these parts make up a whole number. 

RE: We have nearly completed our Big Question: Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas? Today we talked about some Christmas traditions. We learnt about some things Christians might do at Christmas time, singing songs, going to church, performing a Nativity etc. The children enjoyed sharing some of the things they do at Christmas time and how they celebrate the season. 

PSHE: This week we shared the story of Harold Shares His Scarf. The children shared ideas of how they can show kindness to others in and outside the classroom. We remembered kind words and kind hands being super important, giving our friends space, using our words if any upsets or when wanting something and asking if we want a hug - not just grabbing other people! 


We are excited about our treat day next Wednesday 13th, 

  • Children to wear own clothes - NO LACES, clothes and shoes that will allow for outside play. Still send in coats, hats, gloves. 
  • Lunch as normal. 
  • Special afternoon snack - In named pot/s: Snack, 1 small savoury item (small sandwich or mini sausage roll etc) and 1 small sweet item (small cake bar or biscuit or fruit - not a full sized chocolate bar or sweets please!)

Christmas Craft session Wednesday 13th 2-3pm 

Please send in the slip or let us know if you/another adult is unable to attend so we can buddy up your child with a friend and their adult. 


 **We have noticed the children's hand washing has improved so thank you for your support. Please continue to remind the children about this and good hygiene. 

Congratulations to our certificate winners. 
(We have a weekly focus for certificates that link to our worship themes and school behaviours and values. Your child might be awarded a certificate for making a special effort in this area or for recognition for always showing a behaviour.)

Please remember to send an email or phone the office if your child has appointments during school hours. 

See further down for some more reminders and dates. 


sounds: a, i, m, s, t, p, n, o, h, c, b, d, f, e, v  words: the, on, is, and
The children have enjoyed building words, reading words, writing words on whiteboards and reading sentences! We have focused on blending words, putting sounds together to make words.

The following link has some information for parents: 
The correct pronunciation: 
It is important not to add sounds such as m=muh s= suh t=tuh 
Take the word: ‘mat’. If you sound it out as ’muh’ + aa +tuh’ and then blend them together you get ‘muhaaatuh’ a long way off from ‘mmmaat’ and then ‘mat’.
We do not use actions or Jolly Phonics songs. 

Dates of interest 

Wed 13th am Treat morning, for filling our marble jar! (Watching Stick Man during snack) 
Wed 13th 2-3pm You're invited to Class R Crazy Christmas Craft - stay and stick session please return the slip. 

14th Dec KS2 Performance 
15th Dec Christmas Lunch for children. Last day of term!


Please remember to check bags every day! 

Fill in contact page in planners - this makes finding contact details much easier and quicker for us should we need them! 

Please send
- A named water bottle - morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 
- 1 small afternoon snack (piece of fruit or veg is ideal) in a named bag or pot.

Everything should be named: uniform, bottles, pots, hats!
Lost items will usually find their way back to us if named.  

Home Learning Suggestions

This term we have listed a few ideas you might like to try: 

Dressing and undressing, putting shoes on. 

Create a reading space/reading den. Share your favourite stories 
Play a board game.
Create something from junk. 
Practise doing your shirt buttons. 
Colouring and cutting skills. 

Reading Menu

Reading Menu Term 1 and 2 

There's still time to get this completed and claim your prize! 
You have until we finish this term!  

Curriculum Information

Class R 2023 start with class tour powerpoint


Handwriting pattern booklet

letter formation sheet


Spring Term 1 Termly Planner

Spring Term 2 Termly Planner