Welcome to Class R

Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance

Teaching Partners - Mrs Farnell (Mon, Wed, Thurs,), Mrs Heaslewood (Tue & Fri)


Learning Lens - 30th September 

 What a busy week it has been! The children started the week with having photos taken. Followed by a visit from Life Space, Kate taught the children about their bodies and what we need to be healthy. They loved meeting Harold the Giraffe and helped him pack things for a sleep over at his grandparents.

It was lovely to join the rest of the school and Susan Rogers from Kent libraries on Thursday. She presented our Head girl and boy with a  trophy as Bidborough School have completed the most Summer Reading Challenges out of all of the Tunbridge Wells Schools! Mrs Rogers told us how important it is to read and choose books that interest and inspire us. This is a message we wholeheartedly agree with in school. Well done Bidborough families for encouraging your children to visit the library and enjoy books! It was our first assembly and everyone was blown away with how well the children sat and listened. Another highlight for the children was having Mrs Hard read 'The Book Without Pictures!'. To top off the week we had a playdate with our year 5 buddies. We hope to arrange another play date soon.  

In Phonics we have continued to build words, sound out and blend when reading words and even completed a dictation! The children are really enjoying their Phoncis and blew me away today with their effort in our writing, everyone concentrated and tried their hardest. 

We continued learning about our Big Question in RE: Why is the word God so important to Christians? We looked on our working wall display to remember what we had explored last week - Christians believe God is a special name and our own names are special. This week we met Tom and Tessa (picture of siblings) - They are brother and sister and are Christians; we will be learning a bit more about them and what they believe over the year.  We learnt that they visit a Church and watched a little video to see inside a Church. We also learnt that the Christian's holy book is called the Bible. 

Reading books - Please write in the planner, a signature or tick is all that is needed unless you want to add a comment about if your child enjoyed the story, joined in with repeated parts etc. We will have a box out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to place the book in to be changed - please place the book inside the planner as it makes it a lot easier when changing 30 books! If you wish to keep the book for longer then keep in your bag. 

The weather is becoming colder now and so we have more runny noses, coughs and sniffles. Please continue remind your children of good hygine - catching coughs and sneezes, using tissues and washing hands...we say to make a bubble monster when covering our hands in a good amount of soap bubbles! 

As always please do talk or email us if you have any problems, questions or concerns.

A few things to do:

check all items are named
check Tapestry for observations added to your child's journal 
please continue to practise buttons and putting coats on.

Please send in the student planners and a coat in everyday. 

We wish everyone a happy weekend!



Full time:
Reception class gate opens 8.30-8.45

Collection at 3:05.

Please send
- A named water bottle - morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 
- 1 small afternoon snack (piece of fruit or veg) in a named bag or pot. 

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