Welcome to Class R

Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance

Teaching Partners - Mrs Farnell (Mon, Wed, Thurs,), Mrs Heaslewood (Tue & Fri)


Learning Lens - 25th November

We joined the rest of the school today to watch the Year 6 class assembly this morning. It was great fun to hear and see some of their learning. The children especially enjoyed: the song, the costumes, when Keagan died! and he had to lie there in the song it was funny! 

In Phonics we have learnt unit 4 sound, e, d, f, v. We had fun word building, sound swapping, reading words and a dictation! 

For Maths this week the children have explored composition of numbers 3, 4 and 5. The have been great at subitising numbers within 3, 4 and 5. Made towers in different ways, painted 5 and used blocks to show the numbers in different shapes. 

We have enjoyed lots of stories (as always). Some children chose to create their own books of the Nativity and others made story maps. 

In RE this week we went back to our Big Question: Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas? We have had more singing practice for our Nativity. This week we talked about the Nativity story, retold the story, made storymaps and books and used a small world Nativity scene. We also thought about how some Christians celebrate Christmas and linked to our own celebrations. 

For PE this week we were dragons and unicorns! We also had flying fairy beanbags to move around our bodies and pass in different ways.  

*As the weather is chilly please make sure scarves, hats, gloves, new coats etc are all labelled! If things get forgotten or misplaced they find their way home much quicker if they are labelled!*

**Please send in your reply slips for the Christmas Craft session. We understand not everyone will be able to attend so please let us know if it is not possible so we can arrange buddying up your child. 

If you find yourself sorting your Christmas decs please could you donate any unwanted tree decorations, cards, lights, room decorations, wrapping paper!
We hope to have a Santa's sleigh, Christmas post office and wrapping station soon. 

*Next week we will begin our Advent calendar in class. Every day a child will be randomly chosen to open the calendar. They will recieve a chocolate coin which will be sent home to be eaten. Please speak to us if you have any concerns/questions relating to this. Those will allergies should get a little note in the child's bag with ingredients listed for a Free From chocolate coin.  

Have a lovely weekend...stay warm! 


Reception class gate opens 8.30-8.45

Collection at 3:05.

Please send
- A named water bottle - morning snack will be given.
- Named rain coat even if weather looks fine. 
- Bookbags, rucksacks aren't needed this year. 
- 1 small afternoon snack (piece of fruit or veg) in a named bag or pot. 

Reading Books-  Both books (class library and child reader) will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. This is to allow books to be read lots of times to help embed Phonic knowledge and develop fluency. Lots of repetition helps with spelling of sounds alongside reading. Thank you for your support in reading with your child. 

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