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Teachers - Mrs Lindley, Mrs Dance

Teaching Partners - Mrs Sedgemore, Mrs Smith,

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for update

Weekly News

18th October

This week we enjoyed the traditional tales of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Three Little Pigs. The children made stick puppets, their own books, porridge,  houses using sticks, straw and wooden bricks. The children really enjoyed telling their own versions of the stories too.
We have also had a visit from some evil peas! (Supertato stories) The children were great at using tweezers to put them into a pot and saving the broccoli. We also had some of the Harvest veg becoming veggie superheroes to save the day!
For Phonics we have learnt, g, m, o, d, c and k. the actions and flashcards have come home in bags. We have also attached a bookmark for the coloured stage reading books to help with some ideas of how to support your child. These will be changed as your child moves through the different coloured bands so please leave them attached to the student planner. The children are loving the short songs from Teach Your Monster to REad :
We have done lots of learning around the number 4. We have counted, shown on fingers, written it, counted out objects etc. 
RE this week has been reminding ourselves about our learning this term. We have talked about why the word God is important to Christians with a focus on the Creation Story. We have also met Jack the dog (puppet). He likes to join us for some of our learning times. We have also had a chat about emotions/feelings and how it ok to feel any emotion but   sometimes it is not ok to behave in a certain way - having tantrums, screaming, shouting, hitting when angry. We will talk more after half term about things we can do to help make us feel calm, happier etc. 

Please also remind children about personal space and how we have kind hands that we keep to ourselves. We have had a few times this week with the children getting tired and lying on others, children trying to squash into a space that isn't big enough to sit in (we encourage the children to sit on an animal each, on our rug). 

We have continued to practice writing our names, using pegs with letters on, magnetic letters and some writing on whiteboards, in pen and chalk.

The children have coped very well this term as it has been a long one, the weather has changed and there have been some not very nice germs doing the rounds! 
We hope you have a lovely rest over half term and come back full of energy for the run up to Christmas!!

New morning routine - On a Mon, Wed &Fri please put reading book inside the student planner and into the coloured home group boxes.

Plastic wallets are to stay in their bags everyday for post.
Thank you! 

Having fun with words and sounds! 
Have some fun! Write them using chalks, pens, paints, magnetic letters etc. Write them on post its or paper and dot around the house or on the stairs, reading them as you and your child go past them. Create a treasure hunt to see which words you and your child find. Play pairs and see if you or your child can match the most! 
We will check your child's progress and change the words as we introduce new phonemes and words through our Phonics lessons. 


Home learning

  As always do come and have a chat if you need any support!  

 This is where to look to find a copy of the home learning menu and any weekly suggestions for learning at home. Remember to read with your child every day and record this in their school planner.

Home Learning Term 1

Reading Menu

Here is the reading menu for this term.  They are for the children to work on at home and in school. If they complete a line or four corners,  they get a bookmark/sticker and once they complete a full house they get to choose a book from Mrs Hard's special box. We ask parents to sign to show that they have completed the challenge. 

We hope to encourage a wide reading diet and to support the children in reading daily and developing a good stamina for reading  in order to complete the whole menu by Christmas. 

Autumn Term Reading Menu