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Welcome to Class 2!

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Welcome to Class 2

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Learning Lens 17th March 2023

 Even though it has been a short week, we have still managed to fit in lots of learning!

In class, some of the things we have been learning about are:

  • In Maths we have continued learning about multiplication and division; we have been learning about odd and even numbers, then looking at our 10 times table, we used the knowledge we have learnt about the 10 times table to help support us in learning how to divide by 10. Remember TTRockstars; the log ins are in the front of the children’s planners. Still no expectation.
  • In English, we have continued to look at our class text The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins. We have then been doing our own non-fiction writing on penguins.  First of all, we gathered the information and then wrote it out neatly in our books using subheadings and bullet points.
  • In PSHE, we learnt about situations we might be in that are fun and not fun, we talked about ways that we can let someone know if we aren’t enjoying ourselves and that their actions could be upsetting. We spoke about fun things we like doing and how they make us feel.
  • In RE, we learnt about the salvation; Christians believe that God sent Jesus to earth to wash our sins away. When Jesus died, he rescued those from their sins and he had to die to save us. We thought and discussed about how Jesus would have been feeling, knowing he was going to die.
  • In French, we continued to recap our knowledge of numbers and colour, by colouring given numbers, to create a picture.
  • In PE, we have a great invasion game lesson where we learnt to understand that stopping goals is a defending skill and explored ways to do this.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Latter

Home Learning 

Year 2 Reading Menu - Term 3 and 4 
Home Learning Menu - Term 4



  • If your child has read a book already or finds any book ‘easy’ then this is GREAT! Repetitive reading will support children’s comprehension and impact their spelling. Children will be changing their own books and if they pick a book they have read before then they should find it easier to read and be confident when reading.

  • Teach a monster to read 

This week's phonics we have been learning Common Exception words. We will be doing this all term. Please see the word lists below: 

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