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Welcome to Class 2!

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Teacher -Miss Latter

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Welcome to Class 2

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Learning Lens 25th November 2022

 In Class, some of the things we have been learning about are:

  • In Maths we have continued working hard on our addition and subtraction knowledge by continuing to work on our number bonds and the variety of representations we can use for number sentences to add across a 10, subtract across 10 and subtract from a 10.
  • In English, we wrote a poem about football after watching the England game on Monday; I thought we could use the ball in a football game as a good inspiration for writing a poem about it. We spent some time on our reading comprehensions where we worked on our retrieval and inference skills.
  • In History, we continued learning about The Gunpowder Plot. We ordered the events within the Gunpowder plot and found out what happened after, and why we celebrate fireworks night on the 5th of November every year.
  • In French, we again continued learning the numbers by playing a game of French Lotto, we are getting quite competitive!
  • In Science, we investigated how different materials are used for different reasons. We looked at how different surfaces would affect a moving toy. We made our predictions, did the experiment and then discussed our findings.
  • On Monday, we got the chance to watch the England football match. We used this as a learning opportunity and learnt about the countries in the UK, their capital cities and the surrounding seas of the UK.
  • We have spent some time this week learning our nativity and the songs. Not long now! I am so excited for everyone to see it! 
  • I introduced the children to the great 1-minute maths game from White Rose. It is a great resource and free, so have a go at home.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Latter

Home Learning 

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  • If your child has read a book already or finds any book ‘easy’ then this is GREAT! Repetitive reading will support children’s comprehension and impact their spelling. Children will be changing their own books and if they pick a book they have read before then they should find it easier to read and be confident when reading.

  • Teach a monster to read 

This week's phonics are words containing the grapheme /or/  one sound, different spelling. Here are some examples:

jaw, order, water, normal, port, law, talk, sport, wall, yawn, prawn, stall, chalk, cork. 

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