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Teacher -Mrs Watkins

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Spring, Mrs Giles and Mrs Entwistle

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Math Calculations in Year 2

100 Books to read in KS1

Weekly update: Friday 19th April 2024

 What have Year 2 done this week?  

Our school trip to Kent Life

This week, we went on an exciting trip to Kent Life. We were lucky enough to take part in the Nocturnal Workshop where we were able to see a baby skunk, a trantula and a snake. We thoroughly enjoyed the day even though we got very wet in the morning! The sun came out for us in the afternoon and loved the tractor ride and seeing the old houses. 

Maths- In maths, we have started our new topic of measurement! We have looked at cm and m and using rulers and meter sticks to measure and compare objects around the classroom. 


Please have a go at practicing you 2, 5 and 10 timestables as this is going to help you in your learning! 

 Useful links:

Number bonds to 100 - Maths - Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize
What is the 2 times table? - BBC Bitesize
What are the 5 times tables? - BBC Bitesize
What is the 10 times table? - BBC Bitesize


English-  We have written a diary entry based on our wonderful trip to Kent Life. We have needed to ensure we have used time connectives, past tense and first person. 

>Blank story map from the author visit below for anyone who would like one for home!

Remember to keep practising your handwriting. The letters we use are on the page below. 

blank story plan.pdf


This term we will be learning about what a Muslim is and how they worship.



This term we will be looking at Southborough and comparing the human and physical features to Bidborough.


 We have decided that we are not bringing in football cards, keyrings and toys from home to play with during break time. If you are going to a friend's house after school and would like to take these with you, please keep them in your bag in an envelope or hand them into an adult to look after at school.  

Mindfulness colouring!

Each week, a child will be chosen to bring home a Year 2 colouring book. This colouring book is very special and the person chosen can choose one page to colour in! Please use colouring pencils only (the colouring book will come with a pack of colouring pencils to use,  but you can use your own). If you have the colouring book, please return back by the following Thursday for the next person.

Pokemon Book

Each week, a child or two will be selected for doing something special that week and will be able to bring home a Pokemon Annual to read. Please bring it back in the day you are asked so we can share the time equally!


Please remember to read each night and log in your planners! Reading books and menus are ready to be taken home so please make sure you have yours. 

Your Purple Mash and Mathletics logins are in your planners. 

Review, Revisit, Remember 

Can you show an example of addition?

Mrs Watkins  

Home Learning 

Topic home learning.


  • https://login.mathletics.com/ - You will find work has been set to consolidate the learning that has been happening in class.
  • Do not forget to get rocking and use https://play.ttrockstars.com/ It is a fantastic way to learn all the Times Tables. At the moment we are not doing this in class, but it is absolutely fine if you want to do some at home!


  • If your child has read a book already or finds any book ‘easy’ then this is GREAT! Repetitive reading will support children’s comprehension and impact their spelling. Children will be changing their own books and if they pick a book they have read before then they should find it easier to read and be confident when reading.

  • Teach a monster to read https://www.teachyourmonster.org/ 
  • https://www.sirlinkalot.org/ 

This week's phonics

We focused on one sound over a two week period. This week we are going to be reading words with the ‘f’ (jump) phoneme . We will be recapping our knowledge of the ‘oy' and 'oe' sound and the different ways of writing the ‘f' sound. The children should be confident reading words with 'f'.

This weeks