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Learning Lens 14.01.22

This week in maths, we've completed geometry and are about to start decimals.  We will be recapping some of the skills from Year 5, and moving on to multiplying and dividing decimals by integers, and recognising decimals as fractions. 

In English, we have started our new text, The Varmints, a picture book with only a few words.  The children also looked at a poem called The Ocean's Blanket by Carol Duffy and learned and performed it in groups.  We had a fantastic range of performances with actions. 

In science, the children studied the Eatwell Guide, and learned why eating from these different food groups can provide us with a balanced diet.  They also learned why different food groups such as proteins and starchy carbohydrates are important for good health.

In PE, the children performed dance routines in small groups, and in hockey, they practised their dribbling skills.  In PSHE, we discussed online safety, and in particular, 'thinking before you click'.  We discussed how sharing something on the internet has the potential to spread rapidly, and is very hard to remove, so it's good to think carefully about what we share online.  It would be a great idea to continue this conversation with your child, especially if they have access to social media or gaming websites. 

Our topic in RE this term is Islam.  We reminded ourselves of the five pillars of Islam and looked more closely at the forth pillar, Sawm, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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