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Welcome to Class 6! We update this page every week and it contains lots of important information. Please do check it out every week.

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Teachers - Mrs Hard

Teaching Partners - Mrs Entwistle and Miss Dean

Learning Lens 25.11.22

What a performance! Today the class presented their learning to the school and parents in the first Class Assembly for a few years and they did not disappoint. They spoke clearly, with confidence and impeccable timing. They have worked so hard over the past two weeks to prepare for this and were thrilled to have such a great turn-out from the parents too. A big thank you to all the parents who got costumes together at short notice and helped with learning lines.

In other news we have been working on BIDMAS in maths. Do ask your child what this acronym stands for and what it reminds us to do when calculating.

In history we have looked at how the Egyptian civilisation changed and developed over time due to invasion, famine and war. We also learned about how culture, language and religion can be affected by these events over time. 

We are nearing the end of our class novel The Secrets of a Sun King and we are looking forward to taking part in a Zoom meeting with the author Emma Carroll next week. 

Hot off the press today, we have allocated parts for the KS2 Christmas celebration. Year 6 will be telling the part of the innkeepers in the Nativity story. The children all have some words to learn for our class song No room at the Inn. Please check in school bags for costume requirements (Last time this year I promise!)

Mathletics has been set again this week, but please spend some time on TT Rockstars too if you can. Keep working on the reading and homework menu.  Also, now you know what has gone on in school this week help your child complete their learning lens in their planner. This will consolidate their learning as they remember the information learned this week to explain it to you, so everyone wins!


Blackout poetry


Year 6 Team,

Miss Dean, Mrs Entwistle and Mrs Hard.  

Meet the Teacher 21.9.22


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