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Weekly update: Friday 15th September

Year 5 are all superstars!

This week they have completed not one, not two but three CAT assessments! These have a range of verbal and non-verbal questions and the children approached them with hope and courage. We will share more information with you in due course.

In maths, the class have revisited Roman Numerals and extended their understanding of these to 1000. Some children were also challenged to calculate with Roman Numerals, which they did with focus and determination. It was also great to see some children work with each other, and show koinonia, to solve problems.

In English we have enjoyed starting our class book, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. The children will continue to get many opportunities to read aloud and discuss the book. We began to collect evidence about two of the characters, using direct information from the text and using our inference skills. The class have also been trying to identify where the author has used foreshadowing to hint at what might come later in the story.

The class impressed me in our first PE lesson of the year. They listened and followed instructions brilliantly. Furthermore, they demonstrated some accurate Ultimate Frisbee passes, applying a ‘flick’ of the wrist.

Our first science lesson of the year had the class making connections with their year 4 learning about solids, liquids and gases and figuring out what the properties of different materials might be. I wonder if they can tell you some of the properties of water?

We had fun role-playing and exploring friendships and how to be assertive when Life Space visited. The children had lots of ideas and practised being clear, calm and friendly when wanting to say, ‘no’.

Last, but certainly not least, many of the class were thrilled to be able to help the new reception children during their first few lunchtimes in school. I know that there is a lot of excitement about getting their buddy and, from how caring and helpful they were this week, know how wonderful they will be in this special role.

Have a great weekend!

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