Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

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Class teacher - Mrs Housden

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smith

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Weekly update: Friday 1st March

 The class reflected on the week using GLAD:

  • Grateful – for ‘good sportsmanship’ in PE; for friend’s support.
  • Learned – what ‘Flotsam’ is’; about gravity using straws and ping-pong balls!
  • Accomplished – an afternoon of tag rugby….in the rain! We ‘kept getting up’ when we fell over and kept trying even though the skills were new; our fractions questions.
  • Delighted – in playing mini tag-rugby-type games.

In maths we have completed our second unit on fractions! The children have focused on statements that help them to solve questions; for example, ‘to multiply a fraction by an integer, I multiply the numerator by the integer and the denominator stays the same.’

In English, I have loved listening to their ideas about our beautiful new book, ‘Flotsam’. The children have worked in groups to ‘observe, wonder and infer’ about different illustrations. We then finished the week by using time adverbials to re-tell some of the story so far.

In other learning: In RE the children have explored art work depicting the last events before the death of Jesus; In PSHE we have thought about who we can trust and re-visited the PANTS acronym; In science we have explored what gravity is; In PE we have developed our attack and defence skills, as well as how to make moving passes in rugby.

What a fabulous week….despite the rain!


Home Learning


This term, our learning has a Geography focus. In science, the children will also be thinking about forces. Here are some ideas of things that you could also do at home:

* Research and produce a non-chronological report about Rivers or a river of choice.

* Test some different objects linking with water resistance; perhaps how quickly they can travel across a section of water (see me to discuss ideas).

* Create a collage of a river, including it's features.

* Research and create a data-base with data about famous rivers.


Our sound this week is /l/ 

 The children have selected words from this list. (The words in bold are taken from the Year 5 statutory list.)