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Class teacher - Mr Johnson 

Teaching Partners - Miss Warwood, Mrs Wraige and Mrs Smith  

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Learning Lens 17th March 2023

Year 5 have had a wonderful week!

  • In English, we continued with our book, The Flotsam, by using the pictures within the book to generate ideas and write a description of the setting we had thought up. We also began looking at coordinating conjunctions to link two main clauses together. We then used the conjunctions we had learnt to write short setting descriptions.  
  • In Maths, we continued learning about decimals and have been looking at numbers and decimals up to 3 decimal places by familiarising ourselves with thousandths, as both fraction and decimals.  
  • In ICT, we continued learning about databases and the children began to create a database of the class, using different fields and collecting information. 
  • 8 Children from year 5 also had the opportunity to attend a young enterprise competition at Beechwood School. I am so proud to hear all of the amazing feedback for our class and how wonderful and collaborative you all were. 

Have an awesome weekend.

Mr Johnson, Miss Warwood, Mrs Smith and Mrs Wraige.

Home Learning


Next week's phonics/spelling is focusing on the 'air ' sound

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