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Class teacher - Mr Johnson 

Teaching Partners - Miss Warwood, Mrs Wraige and Mrs Smith  

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Learning Lens 25th November 2022

What a lovely week in Year 5! And... there's only 1 month until CHRISTMAS!!

  • In English, we finished reading our book and moved on to a world cup themed week in English. We started the week with a world cup sweepstake and then we spent some time researching the countries we picked.  We wrote a fact file on our countries. Year 5 had a lovely week learning all about different countries. 
  • In Maths, we carried on learning about fractions; we practised ordering and comparing fractions greater than 1 and how we can find common numerators and denominators of non-unit and improper fractions. 
  • In History, we learnt about evacuees and discussed the positive and negative impact evacuees had on our local area. We then made postcards in role as a WW2 evacuee. 
  • In PE, we had our fourth swimming lesson and year 5 were fantastic!!
  • In RE, we started to learn our song for our Christmas performance - we can't wait for you to hear it! We also chose parts for our acting phase of the Christmas performance. Year 5 are sounding fantastic so far. 
  • In PSHE, we learnt about the land of the red people and how we can show respect to others from different faiths, cultures and religions. 

Have a fab weekend!

Mr Johnson, Miss Warwood, Mrs Smith and Mrs Wraige

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Next week's phonics/spelling is focusing on the 'oe' sound

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