Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Don't forget that the Summer Reading Challenge begins next weekend, Saturday the 9th July. Get yourself a pack at your local library. Let's see if Bidborough can win the school trophy again for the most challenges completed.

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Class teacher - Mr Johnson 

Teaching Partners - Miss Dean and Mrs Wraige 

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Learning Lens 1st July 2022

 This week in year 5 has been great. 

  • In English, we have continued reading our class text: 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. The children have loved reading the story so far and we have recapped what we have read. This week, we planned and have written a Haiku poem, using syllables well and have also planned and written a Tanka poem; which was also linked to syllables. 
  • In Maths, we finished learning about position and direction. We have now moved on to converting units. We have learnt how convert ml to l, mm to km and g to kg. Year 5 have worked really hard in Maths this week.
  • In PE, we played Cricket on the rec. We had loads of fun playing quick cricket and all of year 5 have started a tournament in our PE lessons. 
  • In Science, we continued to learn about Earth and Space. This week we finished our information posters about 4 topics; the sun, planets, the universe and celestial bodies. 
  • In Geography, we have looked at the River Thames and started to make a 3-D information sheet about the changes over time of settlements, population and buildings. 
  • In RE, we started to learn about Islam and it's five pillars. Year 5 worked hard this week to think about why the five pillars of Islam are important to Muslims and have started to focus on just one of the pillars in more detail - shahadah.
  • In computing, we have continued to practice our word processing skills by copying and pasting from the internet and using the snipping tool. 
  • We also had Children's University this week, which all of year 5 loved! 

Have an awesome weekend, 

Mr Johnson, Miss Dean and Mrs Wraige

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This week's phonics/spelling is focusing on the 'ay' sound

exaggerate, persuade, decade, activate, exhale, anticipate, beige, stationary, 

stationery, ancient, labour, basic


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