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Welcome to Class 4!

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  Class Teacher - Miss Latter

Teaching Partners - Mrs Smith and Mrs Archer

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 Welcome to Class 4

Learning Lens - 14th January 2022


In class, some of the things we have been learning about are:

  • In English, we have started our new book Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister. The story starts with a funfair; we listened to a funfair sound track and thought about our own experiences. We thought about our senses smell, taste, feel, see and hear when we have been to a funfair before. We then met four children sat in a tent ready for a show to start. We role played the situation with our peers and then created thought bubbles and predicted the conversation and use inverted commas to show direct speech within our writing.
  • In Maths, we have continued working on multiplication and working on using multiplication efficiently and using strategies to support us and make the Maths easier to support our written methods and then multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit numbers.
  • On Monday, we got the chance to look at some artefacts and replicas from the Victorian times. Some of the children put on the clothes and we all got to touch an feel a dolly pot ( their version of washing machines), cast iron iron, wash board, chalk board, pegs, clothes and some toys that Victorian children would of played with.

In other areas, we have:

  • In PSHE, we have been looking at danger, risks and hazards,
  • In Science learning abo0ut the importance of brushing our teeth (That is why some children came home with purple tongues).
  • Revisiting the rules of bench ball in PE.
  • Continued leaning some chords to Shotgun by George Ezra on the ukulele.
  • Continued working on our sentence structure on how to say different types of weather in French and recapping our coding skills in ICT.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Latter 



Home Learning


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This week in Phonics we have been working on the /air/ sound. If you wish to continue this at home then some of the words we have found are:

  • Therefore, various, fair, fare, prayer, ordinary, their, bury, berry, where, wear, February, library, there, they’re.

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