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W/B 8th July 2024

Year 4 have had a fab week! 

In English, we have been thinking about descriptions of characters and the language we use to describe. We have recapped expanded noun phrases, prepositions, similes and metaphors to create character descriptions of our chosen character - they sound great!

In Maths this week, we have been learning about position and direction. We have identified coordinates and learnt how to accurately plot coordinates on a grid. We also spent time doing our end of summer term assessments for arithmetic and reasoning & problem solving. Year 4 worked very hard this week. 

We have learnt about the /l/ sound in phonics this week; In computing, we took part in a quiz to learn more about music, tone, and rhythm; In History, we learnt more about 3 key figures - Alfred the Great, Julius Caesar and Boudicca, and then compared the three to answer the question: Who was more powerful?; We continued learning a song by the Arctic Monkeys in Ukelele; In PE, we did some sport day practice and we learnt how to wisely use money. We also had our final children's university afternoon which the children thoroughly enjoyed,  earning certificates along the way! 

Have a lovely weekend, one more week to go! 
Mr Johnson, Mrs Giles & Mr Pain


 Next week, we will be learning about the // sound in Phonics. 

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Reading at home for 15 minutes per day will always be encouraged and is a great way for children to discuss their ever-growing knowledge of different text types and writing styles!

Other home learning ideas: 

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