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W/B  26th February 2024

What a lovely week we have had in Year 4! 

In English, we have been learning about fronted adverbials and how we can use fronted adverbials to vary our sentences; we also learnt about subordinating conjunctions and how we can use them to combine two clauses - and even use them as adverbials, linking to our learning from Monday. We ended the week by reading a little more of our story 'The Tin Forest' and took part in an Art lesson to show a scene from the story. 

In Maths, we learnt how to use improper fractions and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. This weeks Maths was tricky but Year 4 all worked super hard and have done us all proud! 

We have learnt about the /l/ sound in phonics this week; In Geography, we used Google Maps to locate Brazil, Canada, Russia and Peru and then practised our researching skills to find out facts about those countries; we used Purple Mash to practice 2Logo; in Ukelele, we are still learning 'Best Day of my Life' and are really enjoying it - next week we learn a new song; In RE, we learnt about the Easter story and focused on the passover and why Judas betrayed Jesus; In Science, we continued learning about Electricity and made simple circuits to test different materials to see whether they were conductors or insulators - we learnt loads in that lesson. We ended our week learning about change and what happens to our bodies in PSHE. 

G - Jonah is grateful for the upcoming weekend; Jonty is grateful that he gets to spend time with his friends; George is grateful for finding out that the Bidborough team got through in their football tournament. 

L -  Phoenix has learnt how to locate countries on Google Maps; Jake learnt about improper fractions and feels much more confident now; Charlotte learnt about the various types of wildlife in Canada. 

A - Catherine has accomplished making a successful short circuit in Science; Amelie has accomplished painting a Jungle scene from our English book; Maxwell has accomplished learning about conductors in Science

D - Austin is delighted that he got to be 'hands on' in Science and make circuits; Rafa is delighted that he has a play date this evening; Olive is delighted that it is her birthday! . 

Have an awesome weekend, 
Mr Johnson and Mrs Giles 


 Next week, we will be learning about the /m/ sound in Phonics. 

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Reading at home for 15 minutes per day will always be encouraged and is a great way for children to discuss their ever-growing knowledge of different text types and writing styles!

Other home learning ideas: 

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