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Learning Lens - 25th November 2022

In English this week we have read some more of our inspiring text – Arthur and the Golden Rope. This week we started to delve in to the world of Norse mythology. We learnt about the difference between storytelling and reading a story. Storytelling is much more involved, where the story teller can often emphasise and act out certain parts of the story. In our story, Atrix the story teller plays a key role in the story and has wowed Arthur with many adventurous tales. We then looked at the myth of Thor and the Giants. After listening to me storytelling, the children then created their own story map and had a go at being story tellers with their partner.

In phonics this week we have been looking at the phoneme of /ue/ in words such as; supermarket, superstar, blue and fruit. Next week we will be looking at the /ar/ phoneme in words like; glance, chance and heart.

For Maths this week we have been looking at the 3, 6, 7 and 9 times table and division facts. We have focused on both multiplication and division equally. The children were able to identify the relationship between the 3, 6 and 9 times table. Using everything they have learnt, the children have been able to tackle some tricky reasoning and problem solving questions. We have also started to use songs to help us practice our times table knowledge.

You should have received a Parent Mail by now detailing an exciting link Year 4 have this year! If you haven’t please take a look as there are some questions to respond to. Across the year we will be working with a linking class – Year 4 of Sutton Valence Primary in Maidstone. To start off our work with them, we created our own identity bunting telling our partner buddy a little bit more about ourselves (no personal information, other than our name or pet name was included!).

In other areas of learning:

In Science this week we learnt all about sound waves. We learnt that sound travels in a longitudinal wave (which looks a bit like a slinky), rather than a transverse wave (which looks like the waves in the sea).

For History this week we looked at the battles between Alfred the Great and the Vikings again, before learning more about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne is a tidal island off the coast of North-East England. When the Vikings raided in AD 793, they caused havoc across the island and aimed for the monasteries.

In RE this week we looked at how Jesus was the light for Christians when he arrived. With everything we learnt from John 1, we then started to create our own Christmas card. We had a challenge though of only basing it on the moment Jesus came to Earth.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Leach xx 

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