Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

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Teaching Staff

 Class Teacher - Miss Latter

Teaching Partners: Mrs Archer

Meet the Teacher

 To find out a bit more about life in Year 4, please refer to the 'Meet the teacher' powerpoint below:

 Welcome to Class 4

Learning Lens - 1st July 2022 

 In class, some of the things we have been learning about are:

  • In English, we continued reading our class text The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. We visualised and drew our own version of Aslan and the White witch. We looked at retrieving information from what we have just read, wrote predications about what will happen next; used alliteration to make wanted posters for Mr Tumnus and then plotted the children’s emotions on an emotion graph.
  • In Maths, we continued to learn about the properties of shapes, learning the different names of shapes depending on their sides, drawing and learning about different shapes.

In other areas:

  • In ukulele, we continued learning the chords to Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran and worked on putting everything we have learnt together.
  • In French, we recapped our knowledge of how to talk about clothing.
  • In ICT, we continued learning about how to make animations. We know what ‘stop motion’ animation is and how it is created and have used some of the ideas from existing ‘stop motion’ films to recreate our own animation.
  • On Wednesday, we had Childrens' University again, I got to have a walk around quickly and saw all the children doing different activities, it was brilliant. I loved the magic ticks!
  • In Geography, we did the Map challenge again to see what we have remembered, I was really impressed.
  • On Friday we had our class trip to Temper Temper, we learnt all about the cocoa beans, fair trade and then got to make out own creations. It was great fun and I was so proud of all the children, we then had a lovely picnic on the green after before coming back to school. Pictures are below.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Latter

Temper Temper


Forest School 2022


Home Learning

 Year 4 Reading Menu - Summer

Year 4 Home Learning - Term 5


This week in Phonics, we have been working on the /er/ sound. If you wish to continue this at home then some of the words we have found are:

confirm, herbal, herbivore, permanent, persist, persistent, transfer, research, calendar, referred, father, farther.