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W/B  17th June 2024

Year 4 have had an awesome week!

In English, we started off the week by learning how to use inverted commas to write a conversation between Lucy and Mr Tumnus. The children worked very hard to remember to balance the narration with speech; we also wrote a diary entry using abstract nouns to explain how Edmund was feeling after he had met the white witch for the first time; we also spoke about whether the children should help free Mr Tumnus and spoke about positives and negatives for each point. Year 4 did very well with their writing this week. 

In Maths this week, we have started learning about shape. We learnt about different angles and how we can compare and order acute, right angled and obtuse angles; we learnt how to find angles on a straight line and ended the week learning about triangles and the specific properties they have. Year 4 also enjoyed learning how letters can sometimes be used in Maths to represent unknown values, with some very excited with how similar it feels to algebra! 

We have learnt about the /or/ sound in phonics this week; in ICT, we looked at the different parts of a computer and learnt how they are made and put together; In OSHE we learnt about keeping ourselves safe and helping each other to become better individuals; In Geography, we learnt about scaling and used that to accurately draw a scaled drawing of Bidborough village; In PE, we played rounders and Handball - Year 4 have loved playing handball and have even setup a handball lunchtime club; In RE we thought about how other religions mark becoming an adult by looking at Bar and Bat Mitvvah, a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony for young Jewish children. We ended the week with a trip to Temper Temper. We learnt all about how chocolate is made and how we can help support Cocoa farmers around the world. We also got to make and decorate some chocolate! 

G - Jonah is grateful that he is having a sleepover with Jonty today; James is grateful that we went to Temper Temper on a school trip; Lauren is grateful that she had the chance to play in the Cricket tournament this week. 
L - Bonny has learnt not all chocolate that we eat today is actually chocolate; Lucy has learnt that cocoa pods can be different colours depending on their ripeness; Izzy has learnt that she doesn't like eating unsweetened cocoa. 
A - Charlotte has achieved feeling more confident in school this week; Catherine has achieved coming third in the cricket tournament, out of 10 teams; Jake has achieved walking a tiring distance to Temper Temper from school. 
D - Amelie is delighted that we got to go to Temper Temper and make chocolate; George is delighted that he also got to play in the Cricket tournament this week; Phoenix is delighted that he got to see how Algebra works. 
Have a lovely weekend, 
Mr Johnson, Mrs Giles & Mr Pain


 Next week, we will be learning about the // sound in Phonics. 

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Reading at home for 15 minutes per day will always be encouraged and is a great way for children to discuss their ever-growing knowledge of different text types and writing styles!

Other home learning ideas: 

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