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Welcome to Class 3!

Don't forget that the Summer Reading Challenge begins next weekend, Saturday the 9th July. Get yourself a pack at your local library. Let's see if Bidborough can win the school trophy again for the most challenges completed.

Teaching Staff

Teacher: Mrs Leach

Teaching Partner: Mrs Smith & Mrs Archer

Meet the Teacher

 To find out a bit more about life in Year 3, please refer to the 'Meet the teacher' powerpoint below:

Meet the Teacher 

Learning Lens - Friday 1st July 

This week in Year 3 we have been…

In Maths, we completed our end of unit quiz for 'Time' everyone worked really hard and challenged themselves answering some tricky questions on the quiz. We then started our new unit 'Properties of shape'. We started by looking at quarter turns, half turns, three-quarter turns and full turns. This led us on to learning about right angles and that it is the equivalent of a quarter turn. I know that some of the questions of Mathletics were a little tricky today, and I have gone through them in class with everyone. I have uploaded the new scheme of work for 'Properties of Shape' under the Maths button at the bottom of this page. 

In English this week, we worked in pairs to read, feedback and help our partner edit their descriptive writing about Mrs Tredegar. This was a great opportunity for the class to work on their English skill such as adjectives, conjunctions, punctuation and spelling. We then moved on as a class to read more of The Green Ship and learn about the epic storm that the children experienced. After reading this the children worked in their table groups to use prepositions in a free verse poem. On Thursday and Friday, the class were researching either for or against the statement: 'Should humans interfere with nature?'. This is building up to them writing their own speech at the end of the term. 

In Phonics this week we have been looking at the ‘er'  phoneme, as in: surprise, energy, remember, whether and weather. Next week we will focus on the ‘or' phoneme in words like; ordinary, history, ignore and astronaut. 

In other areas of learning:

  • In RE we continued our learning of Sikhism and read the story of 'The Emperor and the Langar'. The story involved an emperor coming to visit some of the Sikh community and staying for the meal (Langar). However, he offered crops and money and the community explained to him that everyone is equal and they would not accept his help in this way. Sikhs believe that people should help others through their actions. 
  • In French this week we looked at whether we have any pets, and a variety of different possible answers.
  • In Forest School, we did whittling (carving our own magic wands), camp making and friendship bracelets among other forest fun.
  • In PSHE the children we discussed what makes us special, what are we good at at why we are all fantastic!
  • On Wednesday, everyone had their last Forest School session of the year. The children were very excited to finish off their skills, projects, routines or tricks! 

Have a good weekend, 

Love Mrs Leach xxx

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