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Learning Lens - W/C 15th April 2024


 What a brilliant first week back we have had in Year 3! 

We were very lucky this week to welcome two new children to our class. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind!



In maths this week we have used continued our learning on mass, exploring capacity and volume using litres and millilitres. The children have been successful in recognizing that capacity is how much a container can hold, whereas volume is how much the container does hold. 



We began looking at our new text for this term, `The Iron Man`. The week started with the children writing their own predictions of who The Iron Man could be by writing their own predictions by looking at just the front cover for support. They then drew their own illustrations of who or what could be underneath the suit. The imagination shown here was fantastic! We then moved on to reading the first chapter, focusing on the character of The Iron Man and the empathy that we may feel for him as the reader. The children completed their own role on the wall's for him, exploring his internal thoughts and feelings, as well as his known characteristics, such as what he looks like. We ended the week with some descriptive writing surrounding an illustration from the text showing The Iron Man's body in pieces.



This term we are continuing with our topic on light. This week we explored whether or not the moon is a light source which began an interesting discussion. Everyone drew their own diagrams showing the sun, moon and earth and how the light is reflected. 



We are very lucky this term to have a cricket coach in on a Monday afternoon! This week the children developed their throwing and catching skills. They also began developing their batting skills, focusing on how to correctly hold the bat as well as how to catch a ball in cricket.



Volcanoes and earthquakes are our focus this term. The children began their learning by completing their COLD tasks and they then went on to label a volcano, showing how it is formed as well as labelling four of the world's most famous on a world map; Mount Krakatoa, Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and Mount Fuji.



Pentecost is our topic for this term and we began by reading the story and discussing this as a class. The children were given half of an image of what occurs at Pentecost and they were challenged to fill in the missing half. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 


Miss Birkett


Our sound of this week has been /t/ as in hot and the spellings we have focused on are: 













Home Learning:

 Maths activities will be set weekly, re-capping what we have covered in class:


TTRS is a great way to practice times tables:


Reading at home will always be encouraged and is a great way for children to discuss their ever-growing knowledge of different text types and writing styles!


Home Learning Ideas:


This term in geography, we are focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes. Could you make your own volcano or earthquake scene? Be as creative as you like!

In Science we are exploring light. Could you experiment with a shoe box and a torch to see if you can make any shadows?

In English we are focusing on persuasive writing. Could you create your own advert inspired by your learning in class?

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