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Welcome to Class 3!

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  Welcome to Year 3

Learning Lens - w/b 13th March 

It’s been another great week in year 3!

In maths, we carried on with our learning on fractions. We started off the week by looking at scales, noticing how many parts a number line or weighing scale was split into. The children were able to see that the amount of parts was helpful for identifying the denominator of a fraction and were then able to answer a series of questions to work out the numerator. We then moved on to looking at where different fractions sit on a number line and the class ended the week with consolidating their understanding on this. Well done Class 3 - fractions are not easy and you have all been working very hard!

In English, we developed our understanding of main and subordinate clauses, thinking specifically about the main character from our class text. We also recapped our learning on co-ordinating conjunctions. We ended the week looking at poetry again and this time the children focused their learning on writing a shared poem with their talk partner, inspired by John Agard's poem `Windrush Child`. The children produced some beautiful work!

In RE we had our own `Last Supper`. I placed some bread, red juice, a bible and some pictures in the middle of the carpet. We then read the story and the children discussed the significance of each of the items and thought about how important they were to both Jesus and his disciples'. We did some drama and one member of the class played the role of Judas. One half of the class had to argue reasons for Judas to betray Jesus and the other half argued reasons against him betraying Jesus. We then discussed Jesus washing the feet of the disciples' and wrote about what this teaches Christians and how they could follow the example of Jesus by being a servant. 

In PSHE, we looked at safe and unsafe secrets, discussing who to ask for help if a secret made us feel unsafe or uncomfortable. We explored different scenarios and how these would make us feel. 

In Science, we used ray boxes to investigate whether light always travels in straight lines.  Here is another experiment that you could try at home: 

This week in Phonics we have been looking at the sound /n/ as in nose. The spellings we have focused on are: 












Class 3, you have been wonderful this week!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Birkett 


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