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Teacher: Miss Birkett


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Learning Lens - W/C  15th July 2024


What a brilliant final week we have had in Year 3!

We have spent the week tying up our learning, closing the chapter on this year.

Sports Day was a fantastic day for all! Everyone had fun travelling around the carousel of activities that were set up and taking part in the running races too. I know that all of the children very much enjoyed having their picnic lunch with their grown up's too!

We made our class piece of art this week too which the children have each brought a copy home of today for them to have as a keepsake from our time as a class. 

A Letter to Year 3: 

Dear Class 3, 

What a year it has been!

We have travelled together and so many places we've seen.

We went to London on not one, but two trains where we visited the Natural History Museum to use our brains. 

Geography experts we have all become this year. We can shout out our volcano and earthquake knowledge with such a loud cheer!

Boudicca's army, we have all been a part of. Building Stone Henge, we made this out of cardboard. 

In Science, we've tested Newton's third law, constructing a high ramp to carry a message through our class door. 

PE and Art are where some of us shine, creating and making, our team work is divine.

Writing and maths are where others shine bright, producing stories and solving problems with all of their might. 

Teaching you all has been such a pleasure. The amount you have each taught me, I could never measure. 

It has been amazing to watch you all grow, but now I am sad to see you all go.

I know that you are all ready to learn more and more, as you journey on into year 4.


I hope you all have the most incredible Summer!

I have enjoyed teaching each of you so much!

Miss Birkett



Home Learning:

 Maths activities will be set weekly, re-capping what we have covered in class:


TTRS is a great way to practice times tables:


Reading at home will always be encouraged and is a great way for children to discuss their ever-growing knowledge of different text types and writing styles!


Home Learning Ideas:


This term in geography, we are focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes. Could you make your own volcano or earthquake scene? Be as creative as you like!

In Science we are exploring light. Could you experiment with a shoe box and a torch to see if you can make any shadows?

In English we are focusing on persuasive writing. Could you create your own advert inspired by your learning in class?

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