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Teacher: Mrs Leach

Teaching Partner: Mrs Smith & Mrs Archer


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 To find out a bit more about life in Year 3, please refer to the 'Meet the teacher' powerpoint below:

Meet the Teacher 


Learning Lens 

On Monday, we started our learning with a mystery history box! The box was full of replicas of historical artefacts. We started the day by working together as a class to predict what the items were and what period of time they came from (we still don’t know!). After much discussion, we discovered that we had; a handmade doll, face mask, sewing needle, porcelain jelly mould and a terracotta pot. The children then chose their favourite item to do their own creative writing. In the class we had, posters, leaflets, newspaper reports and stories all about these mystery artefacts!  

In English this week, we have started reading Planet Omar in our reading lessons and the class are very much enjoying the illustrations also. For our English writing lessons, we have started a new book, but I can’t give the title away yet (the children don’t know either). All we know so far is that there is light and dark, and a lot of the colour yellow. We think the main character may be a prince, king, or lost boy. Around the book, the children have done some work on empathising with the character and predictions. In phonics this week, we were looking at the ‘air’ and ‘ear’ phonemes. You will find the list further down the page.  

In computing we began our learning on spreadsheets and collected data as a class about our favourite fruit, we then put this on a chart using the iPads.  

To continue from our Healthy Start in Science last week, we looked at the importance of eating varied food groups and enough of them. We looked closely at nutrition and nutrients. We also learnt about Diabetes and the two different types.  

To kick off our art term, we used a range of different pencils to create different tone and texture in our art work. This term is going to be a lot of fun! 

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