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Welcome to Class 3!

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Teachers: Mrs Willock & Mr Farman

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  Welcome to Year 3

Learning Lens - w/b 21st November 

This week started off with much excitement as we watched England kick off their world cup campaign!  The children enjoyed having the opportunity to watch the game and celebrate with their friends.  We have also begun working on our Christmas performance and are looking forward to practising over the coming weeks.  You should receive a letter today letting you know the part that your child has been chosen to play.  The children have also brought home some song lyrics to learn this week.  Our week ended with a wonderful Class Assembly by Class 6.  The Year 6 children certainly set the bar high and we learnt so much about ancient civilisations from them!  Class 3 will have the chance to perform a class assembly later on in the year. 

Also this week, we:

  • Began our new unit on Multiplication and Division, thinking about multiplication as equal groups and how we can represent multiplication as an array.
  • Continued to read ‘Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ in English, focusing on speech and thought bubbles in order to write our own comic strips.
  • Learnt about the Celts and hill forts in History.
  • Carried out an investigation on friction in Science: we tested three blocks (carpet, sandpaper and smooth wood) on three different surfaces, using Newton Metres to see how much force was needed to move the blocks on the different surfaces.
  • Practised finding space in order to pass/receive the ball in football.
  • Discussed why Sikhs believe in serving others in RE.
  • Continued our discussions from Kindness Week about valuing and celebrating differences in our PSHE lesson.

We hope you are able to join us on Monday afternoon for our Open Classroom event.  Doors open at 2.30!  

Have a brilliant weekend,

The Year 3 team

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