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Weekly update: Friday 19th April

Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely break and it was lovely to see all the children's smiley faces back in school for the summer term. 


All adventures start somewhere, and this week we have been thinking about doors! What would a door for a king look like? What about a fairy? What about a superhero? We designed our own very special door, thinking about adjectives to describe its shape, size, pattern etc and what this door could lead to. A clip from the film, Monsters Inc gave us some great inspiration for this. We then developed our drama skills through mime, using the work journey as our inspiration. How can we use gesture and expression to show emotions and tell a story? All these activities have laid the foundations for our new text, Journey by Aaron Becker, which we will start next week. 


This week we have started our unit on multiplication and division, starting off with counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. At this point we do not introduce the multiplication symbol or talk about times tables, rather, we work on developing our understanding of the patterns of the numbers and fluency in counting forwards and backwards. We have started to introduce the language of sets, groups or lots of when step counting as a building block in their understanding of multiplication.


Our Geography learning over the last few weeks has seen us go from the world and its continents before zooming in closer to the UK and now our own village, Bidborough. We are becoming excelled cartographers and can use a range of maps to find key places from the village. On Wednesday we embarked on a walk around the village, with the aim of locating the key landmarks and human and physical features of the area. We were very lucky with the weather and even those very local to the school still enjoyed seeing the church, allotments, Bidborough Ridge and Kentish Hare. On Thursday, Amanda and Quentin from the Parish Council then came in to talk to us about how they look after some of these key features and landmarks. They brought with them fantastic maps and photos of Bidborough past, explained what their jobs entails and how difficult it can be to decide what to build/improve on in a community. We were amazed to find out that Bidborough was just farm land until  the 20th century and that despite growing in size, Bidborough's population is still very small compared to its neighbours: Southborough and Tonbridge. What might Bidborough look like in the future? What else could improve BIdborough and encourage people to come here?


Spring has definitely sprung now and we have loved looking for signs of the season. We have discussed why the length of day light changes throughout the year and used shadow play to highlight how the sun appears to move across the sky. This term, we will be learning about different kinds of weather and which are associated to each season. This week alone we have had hail, sun, wind, rain and hot and cold temperatures! I know that we are all making efforts to reduce our use of plastic, but if you do have any plastic milk bottles or drinks bottles at home, can I ask that we have a couple in school next week please. We will be exploring wind direction and rain levels this term and will use them to build wind socks. Thank you in advance.


We will begin our unit on Judaism this term. We will start to think about special groups, the feeling of  belonging and asking, what is a religion? Particularly in these time of religious conflict across the world, it is more important than ever that children are taught about tolerance and acceptance of others' beliefs and learn that people will think differently to them. 


Year 1 will have their class assembly on Friday 3rd May at 9am!

Phonics focus

We have been exploring a new sound /air/ this week and will continue to do so next week too. The trigraph has two common spellings: and and some less common, such as as in their, as in and as in bear.

We enjoy reading and drawing pictures when learning sounds, writing silly sentences to read and have the children draw a picture to match is a nice, quick and easy reading activity to do at home. A favourite this week has been, The hairdresser shaved the bear and he cried in the chair!

The following link has some information for parents: 
The correct pronunciation: 
It is important not to add sounds such as m=muh s= suh t=tuh 

Revisit, Remember, Review! and Home Learning

What is a continent? Which continent do we live in? Which is the coldest continent?

In the big picture of the bible, what is meant by Incarnation and Salvation?

Which was is left? Right? Can you direct someone to something in the room by using counts of steps and direction?

Geography is our driving curriculum subject this term, with a unit entitled: Where do I live? Below are some activities which will enhance your child's learning.