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Weekly Learning 17th March 2023

 This week in English our Snail visited a live volcano! We watched some video footage to help our use of adjectives when writing complete sentences. We had fiery lava, melting rocks, shooting flames and ‘black as soot’ mountains. We are also still developing our editorial skills when we re read our sentences to see if they make sense. There is much to think about and we are really proud of our developing writers.

We have been using number lines in Maths this week to work out the missing numbers that Tiny has rubbed out. We have also been working out what 1 more and 1 less might be. For this we discovered that number lines are easier to use than 50 squares. Have you explored the useful ‘splat the number’ games found here…

In PSHE we had a lively debate about what things a baby needs to grow and thrive from cuddles, to cots and nappies. We definitely knew they did not need mobile phones or chocolate. However, books was interesting as we had to agree on the type of book before it could be in the ‘yes’ column.

For PE we have revisited underarm and overarm throwing techniques during our outside sessions. In Dance we have moved onto animals on Safari them which is proving very popular. With many after school clubs happening it is getting tricky for some to have complete sets of PE in school so a reminder that PE is on Tuesday and Friday.

This week we discussed the ‘last Supper’ part of the Easter story. We acted out the story with pretend foot washing included. There were lots of good questions and discussions.

Today was St Patrick's Day so those in St Patrick's House team wore green. We also explored some Irish music with Mrs Suddes which was very popular.

Wishing all our mums a very Happy Mothering Sunday and hoping that you all managed to see the pictures in The Kent Messenger. If someone has a copy please send it in so we can all see!

Blue group to show and share on Friday next week.

Best wishes,

Mrs Voisey and team

Our Trip to London 



Phonics focus

This week's phonics 'ie' as in /i/ igh/ ie/y/i-e.

As in kind, bike, try, light and pie

RRR weekly quiz for you to discuss

 1-Name one of our focus artists from last term and what was significant about their work?

2-How many numbers can you find that are greater than 36 but less than 50?

3- How many different senses does the human body have?

3- What adjectives can you use to describe a volcano?

4- Which continents can you name?

5-What are the defining features of a fish?



Class memories...

 Our class song and poem from Kindness week...

We’re reaching out, reaching out to you.

Yes, we’re reaching out, reaching out to you.

And we’re reaching out, reaching out to you

Reach out by hugging

Reach out by being kind

Reach out by being helpful

Reach out by showing love



In November we were looking at poetry and created a class poem...

Autumn leaves by Year One

Autumn leaves are as dry as crisps,

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Autumn leaves are as delicate as china,

Careful, careful, careful!

Autumn leaves are yellow like the sun,

Hot, hot, hot!

Autumn leaves float in the air, like feathers,

Flap, flap, flap!

Autumn leaves are orange as paint,

Splish, splash, Splish!

In October we had our class trip to Penshurst Place. The children were very excited about the day, and we were so impressed with their behaviour throughout. We travelled by coach- another highlight and arrived to find the sun shining and autumnal colours all around. Our guides for the day showed us around the house in 2 groups. The children were amazed at the size of the rooms, pictures, tapestries and the armouries. A few did decide that the four-poster bed would be great to have! After our tour (which took nearly an hour) we split into groups to explore the gardens and the toy museum. Other visitors commented on how wonderful the children were which was delightful. Whilst sketching their favourite toys in the museum it was hard to believe we had 10 learners in there, it was so quiet. After lunch we headed through the gardens to the adventure playground, spotting porcupines and bears on the way. You’ll have to ask your child the significance!


 The highlight of last week was having a very special visitor in to share memories and history of Hamleys Toy shop in London. The children listened very carefully to Billy’s gran as she explained how Hamleys was founded by William Hamley (her great, great, great grandfather) in 1760 as he dreamed of turning his Noah's Ark toy shop in Holborn into the best toy shop in the world. By 1881, he moved to its current location on Regent Street - the store we all know and love today. Ownership has passed through the hands of different family generations, and it was lovely to see the pictures and toys Gran brought in to share. Many thanks to Gran for taking the time to come in and share with us all.




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