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Teaching Staff

Teachers-Mrs Voisey, Mrs Suddes (Friday)

Teaching Partners - Ms Wells, Mrs Van NieKirk 


Meet the Teacher- Wednesday 21st September

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Learning Lens 25th November 2022

This week we have begun to enjoy John Burningham's book ‘Harvey Slemfenburger’s Christmas Present’. The story has a repeating phrase which by Thursday we could act out in pairs with great drama. We have made Christmas labels and investigated the ‘ch’ digraph which can also say ‘c’ as in choir or ‘sh’ as in Charlotte. Our new phonic focus is ‘er’ and this text has given us many words with that sound in. We have also been thinking about when to use capital letters.

In maths we have begun to explore take away and no, not the fast-food variety! We can now make fact families with up to 8 number sentences, which has been very exciting. It has needed some stopping and thinking to make sure our number sentences do make sense though, for example- 5-3=2 makes sense but 2-5=3 doesn’t! But with 2= 5-3 we’re back on track! We have also used first, then now to create number stories.

In History we have learned about how Florence Nightingale improved hospitals for the soldiers in the Crimean war and began nursing training hospitals. Can your child tell you some of the things she did and why she is called Florence?

It was exciting to watch the football altogether in class this week and we have some football themed tabletop activities to compliment this. Next week we are looking forward to all the costumes coming in, we are polishing up our performances as we speak! We have dress rehearsal on Wednesday so all in by then please.

We have an urgent plea from Class R and ourselves for any spare pants, knickers, socks, tights and trousers please. We have been sending home items as and when needed but now need some stock in school for those children who may need them in an emergency. Anything would really help please.

Also, when dropping off at school to the hall, please look out for the yellow footprints which take your child safely alongside the car park to the hall door and don’t use the school car park gates as cars use that, thank you!

Don’t forget we have Open Classrooms on Monday afternoon where we will be showing you our classroom and our work so far this year. On Thursday we are exploring Christingles with the whole school as Christmas is on the horizon. Then the Xmas fair on Saturday!

Blue group to show and share on Friday!

Best wishes,

Mrs Voisey and team

Phonics focus

This week's phonics /er/ er, ir, ur, or, ear

For example

kerb turn girl worm learn

Class memories...

 Our class song and poem from Kindness week...

We’re reaching out, reaching out to you.

Yes, we’re reaching out, reaching out to you.

And we’re reaching out, reaching out to you

Reach out by hugging

Reach out by being kind

Reach out by being helpful

Reach out by showing love



In November we were looking at poetry and created a class poem...

Autumn leaves by Year One

Autumn leaves are as dry as crisps,

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Autumn leaves are as delicate as china,

Careful, careful, careful!

Autumn leaves are yellow like the sun,

Hot, hot, hot!

Autumn leaves float in the air, like feathers,

Flap, flap, flap!

Autumn leaves are orange as paint,

Splish, splash, Splish!

In October we had our class trip to Penshurst Place. The children were very excited about the day, and we were so impressed with their behaviour throughout. We travelled by coach- another highlight and arrived to find the sun shining and autumnal colours all around. Our guides for the day showed us around the house in 2 groups. The children were amazed at the size of the rooms, pictures, tapestries and the armouries. A few did decide that the four-poster bed would be great to have! After our tour (which took nearly an hour) we split into groups to explore the gardens and the toy museum. Other visitors commented on how wonderful the children were which was delightful. Whilst sketching their favourite toys in the museum it was hard to believe we had 10 learners in there, it was so quiet. After lunch we headed through the gardens to the adventure playground, spotting porcupines and bears on the way. You’ll have to ask your child the significance!


 The highlight of last week was having a very special visitor in to share memories and history of Hamleys Toy shop in London. The children listened very carefully to Billy’s gran as she explained how Hamleys was founded by William Hamley (her great, great, great grandfather) in 1760 as he dreamed of turning his Noah's Ark toy shop in Holborn into the best toy shop in the world. By 1881, he moved to its current location on Regent Street - the store we all know and love today. Ownership has passed through the hands of different family generations, and it was lovely to see the pictures and toys Gran brought in to share. Many thanks to Gran for taking the time to come in and share with us all.




Curriculum Information



 Termly Planner Autumn 1

Termly planner Autumn 2

Termly Planner Spring 1

Termly Planner Spring 2

Termly Planner Summer 1

Termly Planner Summer 2


 RRR Quiz questions. For you to talk through together- no need to scribe anything!

 1- What was one way Florence Nightingale improved nursing?

2- Through our science learning which material would you use for a spoon and why?

3- How many ways to spell /ae/ can you recall?

4- Can you make up a takeaway number story using first, then, now?

5-How many number sentences can you show for 5+3=8?