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Weekly update: Friday 19th July


I have always been a big fan of puzzles so this week we have cracking codes and using our skills in all four functions to solve the mystery of the run away beach ball! With over 30 different suspects, the children had to work as a team to solve a range of clues to find the identity of the suspect. They absolutely loved it and it was a great way to revise all of their maths learning from the year.


As part of our unit on Rights and Responsibilities, we have been discussing what is meant by first aid and what we can and should do to help people who are hurt. Using role play, we explored checking for different dangers at a scene, comforting people, asking for help, what making a 999 call might look like, and putting on a plaster safely. Of course, we always hope we will never need to use any of these skills,  but the children now feel more empowered and confident about what to do if someone near them was hurt. 

To the round off and link with our history unit on significant people, I introduced them to Dame Kelly Holmes. A local legend, we learned how we overcame lots of difficulties to become an amazing athlete. Just like all our all important figures this term, she had a clear goal of what she wanted to achieve. We thought about what our own goals might be and what qualities we might need to reach it. Would we need determination like Mary Seacole? Wisdom like David Attenborough? Patience like Florence Nightingale?


A whistle-stop introduction to apostrophes this week. We have been reading contracted words with apostrophes and thinking about what letters have been omitted. These included: can't, don't, let's I'm, it's and could've.

Thank you!

 I may have only been at Bidborough for just one year, covering for some of the lovely ladies while they had their babies but it will certainly be a year that stays with me.The staff at Bidborough are some of the most knowledgeable and kind I have experienced and the community of parents is a very special one. This class are so wonderfully fizzy and excited about learning, they give so much every day and I will miss their gorgeous smiles. They have all come a long way this year and I hope they keep holding tightly to that sense of awe and wonder and their brilliant performing skills. I want to hear all about their Year 2 nativity!

Thank you so much for your gifts, your generosity was wonderful and very much appreciated. The flowers were among some of my favourite and have brightened up the flat to no end and a couple of the biscuits were enjoyed with a well-deserved post sports day cup of tea. The personalised bag is just amazing and will definitely become my new lap top bag for work. It will be so special to keep their little drawings with me and I am really looking forward to going on a nice shopping spree! Most of all though, your kind words mean the world and always brighten up the more difficult days. Thank you for your support and I wish you all a very happy, healthy and special summer. 

Goodbye for now!

Mrs Syms xxx

Phonics focus


Year One Common Exception Word Mat Vocabulary Education Primary Age 5-6 ...

The following link has some information for parents: 
The correct pronunciation: 
It is important not to add sounds such as m=muh s= suh t=tuh 

 Revisit, Remember, Review! and Home Learning

Although the priority over the summer is rest and quality time with friends and family, six weeks can be a long break for children this age and can have an impact on their retention of learning. Wherever possible, try to keep up some kind of regular reading, perhaps trying one of your local library's summer challenges or try a 'sentence a day' style diary. Keeping up these basic skills will really help September feel a little less daunting for them.