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Welcome to Class 1!

 Don't forget that the Summer Reading Challenge begins next weekend, Saturday the 9th July. Get yourself a pack at your local library. Lets see if Bidborough can win the school trophy again for the most challenges completed.


Teaching Staff

Teachers-Mrs Voisey, Mrs Willock(Friday)

Teaching Partners - Mrs Rutherford , Mrs Sharp ( Friday)


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Learning Lens 1st July 2022


We have begun to explore a different book in the ‘One day on our Blue Planet’ series and are looking under the sea! We have created some descriptive sentences and alliteration; shiny sharks, jiggling jellyfish, dancing dolphins etc which are going to be mixed into an awesome poem. We are hoping to collect these together to make our own class poetry book.

In maths we have looked at one and one less within 100, and worked out missing parts to a whole number. We loved playing ‘I am thinking of a number ‘ game, maybe you can try it at home.

Our plant investigations this week involved looking at the roots, stem and different leaves. Next week we are going to plant some beans to watch them grow.

For PE we have been [practising our skills ready for sports day. We do need to keep our kits in school so please check we have everything as sometimes kit comes home if we need to get changed or after football club. PE tops and trainers in particular please.

Being our Best in PSHE has involved looking at and thinking about how we learn. We have created ‘learning lines’ which recorded our learning journey when we learned a new skill. Can your child share with you what they recalled? It’s such a life skill to think about ‘tricky’ learning, trying again and again until you persevere and achieve your goal.

Some of our Vegimals won prizes on Saturday! The children were very excited and cheered the winners with gusto.

Our Purple Mash learning has found us adding sounds to our animated stories, these can be viewed at home and pages added if you wish to see and help further the stories?

Please remember that the weather is being sunny so sun hats are needed in school please but… it can be showery so a light raincoat would be great as some children did not go out at times this week as had no coats.

Also if anyone has a copy of Kent Messenger so we can admire the portraits made we would love a copy in school- we missed the Mother's day one!

Enjoy the sunny weather!

Best wishes

Mrs Voisey and team.


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This week's phonics/spelling: ow, ow - same spelling, different sound as in flower and show.

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 RRR Quiz questions.

 1- What is a Mezuzah?

2- What is a group of dolphins called?

3- What number bonds to 20 can you recall?

4- What are the names of the 5 oceans?

5-What sort of leaves does the horse chestnut tree have?