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It has been great this week to step into lots of new learning! We are enjoying a new class book for our English studies, called ‘Rabbit and Bear in Rabbits Bad habit,’ by Julian Gough. We have studied the map to consider which characters may be in the story. We have thought about our main characters, Bear and Rabbit, and used the illustrations to think about how the characters feel inside and how they look on the outside using adjectives. We have also used exclamation marks, question marks or full stops in speech bubbles. The story has also provided some fun facts about bears- can you child recall some for you?

In Maths we have been thinking about numbers that may be greater than, less than or equal within 20. Maybe you can create your own quiz questions using this format… what am I? I am greater than 15 and less than 20, what number can I be? Why? Can you prove it?

Our phonic sounds this week have been ie, ea, oy and ir. We have also practised reading Mr, Mrs, looked, called and asked. We have written words that could be ie or igh, ee or ea, oi or oy, and ir or er.

On Monday we began Infant choir and Gym. We have practised rocking and teddy bear rolls. Also on Monday we had a ‘History Mystery ‘box arrive from Maidstone Museum. We have not made many predictions yet but inside were interesting artefacts such a clay pots, needles made from bone and horn, woven basket and a hunting horn made of horn. We have carefully sketched them and  we will share our findings with you soon.

Our science study has introduced us to some new vocabulary such as amphibians, reptiles, fish, mammals and birds. Can your child recall some of the differences between them all? What group would humans be put into and why?

Inside the planner is a 'learning lens' page for each week. Can you use this to chat to your child and help them recall and reflect on the learning that has taken place this week? We have begun to use quiz questions to help recall past learning such as 

  • Who was the 'lady with the lamp'?
  • What is an adjective?
  • I am an even number between 0-10, what am I?
  • What is a mammal?
  • How many hours sleep do you need a night?

We wish you a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Voisey and the team.



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