500 Word Story Competition 2020

My Book

There was a boy called Austin. Austin went to the park. He went on the swing but he fell off. Then he lost his mum. Then he walked until he floated into space. Then he floated back down and found his mum. The End

By Austin Year R


Bear and Rabbit

On a hot summer’s day, Bear went to pick some berries in the wood. He put the berries on a rock.  Then the next time he turned around the berries weren’t there. Rabbit had taken Bear’s food! Then rabbit went and took the food back to his hut to eat it. Bear was confused about who took it but he wouldn’t give up. So he went to find his food. Rabbit knew he had taken Bear’s food so he took Bear’s food back to him and Bear forgave Rabbit. Then Rabbit and Bear had a big party and they became big friends.

By Thea Year 1


The Phoenix

Once upon a time there was a boy called Frankie. Frankie lives with his mum but his dad and sister were in hospital. He was very adventurous but lots of people disliked him because they thought he was boring and not good at football. His family were very poor and they couldn’t afford to buy anything. He couldn’t even leave the house even to play in the garden with his toys.

One day, Frankie sneaked into the garden with his toys and saw a hole in the hedge and went through it. Right in front of him was a phoenix living in a deadly forest. Frankie turned round but the hole was gone! He was trapped so he jumped onto the phoenix’s back and they flew and landed in a cave. It was the phoenix’s cave the light was from the phoenix’s glow. The phoenix could talk, Frankie was surprised. The phoenix said I know how to get you out of here, I will tell you. You have to enter the Deadly Temple and defeat the boss of the woods and get the key. We will leave tomorrow.

That night there was thunder and lightning and pouring rain. In the morning they flew to the Deadly Temple. They entered and then the door locked! One million skeletons shot out. The phoenix shot fire at one side. Five hundred collapsed. Then the phoenix shot fire at the other side and the rest of the skeletons fell into a pile of bones. They entered the secret room. Then a cage dropped on them and the boss came out of the shadows. It was time…

The boss smashed the cage and the battle started. They started bashing each other and punching the boss. Of course the boss was winning but they didn’t give up. Then the boss disappeared.

Frankie saw a tunnel in the floor they looked at each other and said let’s go. They both jumped in, slid through and landed in a room. In the middle of the room was the key but the boss and his guards were protecting it. The guards weren’t skeletons, they were goblins!

When the battle started the phoenix shot fireballs. One of the goblins threw the phoenix into the wall. Frankie kicked all of them in the face and they fell, all except the boss. They both were down. They both flew at him and punched him and kicked him. Then Frankie dropped a big weight on him. They took the key and transported back to the hedge, the key glowed and Frankie went home.

The next day at school Frankie told all the children about his adventure. Nobody thought he was boring anymore.

By James Year 2



Alien Adventure

Years ago there lived a girl called Amanda now on her summer holidays. Her parents took her to Costa Rica. It took two days of packing but soon they were ready to go. So they got into the car and drive to the airport. It was a very long journey on the aeroplane and it was already evening when they arrived. But they managed to find the hotel, get unpacked and go to their beds and fell asleep. They slept the whole night long ans when they woke it was very early. They decided to visit a rainforest so they wnet. There was a tour guide when they got there to show them arounf the forest but when they wer half way around Amanda got bored and ran off. When she looked around she couldn’t see her parents anywhere. She was completely lost!

 Suddenly she tripped over something. “What’s this?” said Amanda. It was a shiny golden key. Amanda gasped then she paused. She saw a door she hasn’t noticed before. Without thinking Amanda put the key into the lock and opened the door. Then she walked into a world she’d never seen before. The ground was dark pink and the trees grew as fast as ever. There were dragons and aliens everywhere.

A purple alien wearing a crown appeared before her. Then a pink fancy one appeared. “I am the king of Aliens” said the purple one. Amanda guessed the pink one was his servant. Amanda started chatting with the king of the aliens explaining everything about Earth and the king started chatting too. Soon they were wandering off together into the alien forest but when they stopped talking they discovered they were lost. “Help!” shouted Amanda, “we’re lost!”

“It’s no use,” said the alien king, “no-one can hear us!”

Just then they heard a shout, “I’m coming, don’t worry!” it said. Amanda started looking in her pockets wondering if there might be something useful in them. She found a map and followed itright back to the door. Amanda said “Goodbye” and she went back to Costa Rica, her parents suddenly ran towards her. “We were looking everywhere for you!” said her dad.

“We were so worried, where were you?” said her mum.

“You wouldn’t believe where I’ve been.” said Amanda and she began to tell her tale.

By Molly Year 3

The Gaming Problem

Brooke wasn’t listening to her mum calling her; all she wanted to do was game, game, game. She swiped a bit of her short, brown hair behind her ear. Brooke thought life was a big disaster. She just wanted to relax and every time she tried to relax she got sooo bored! She didn’t think the same about gaming though.

“Darling, come eat some lunch,” her mum would say. Brooke would use an excuse to stay gaming like: “I can’t walk, my leg hurts!” or “But there is something good on TV!” Two disparate excuses both for the same reason. But Brooke didn’t know what was going to happen with her gaming that day…

She continued gaming when something popped up on her screen. Brooke was a dabster at gaming but hadn’t seen this before. It said, “Do you do too much gaming?” with yes and no boxes underneath it. She saw her mum pressing the YES box! Suddenly Brooke disappeared and her mum wondered where she went?

Brooke wondered where she had gone aswell. She was lying on the floor and just woke up the sound of whispering, weird whispering.

“No it’s a pig!”

“Nah, looks more like a bunny.” Two strange creatures were looking at Brooke weirdly. She finally stood up and straight away realised that she was in THE GAME!

“What are you?” yelled a creature staring strangely at her. “You are a pig aren’t you?”

“No!” said Brooke laughing, “I’m a human.”

“Ohh” The thing said, going red. “Well you were sucked into my game because you play it too much. So here is a helping list, bye!” The creature smiled and walked away.

“Wait!” Brooke shouted “Do I have to do all of them?” The thing couldn’t hear her. “Help someone who has fallen over.” Brooke read, she felt flummoxed.

She did do it though. But then she had a shiver down her bone. Brooke carried on. But then she thought. “What have I been doing? Life isn’t just about gaming, sometimes we have to help people!”

Just then a voice appeared. “Well done, you have learned something very important, even though you haven’t finished the list.”

Brooke found herself back in her room. She heard her mum making dinner downstairs. She ate her dinner at the table and used her manners. Even though you sometimes don’t want to, you should always help.

By Ava Year 4


Back to the Past

Russel, russel, russel. Box after box were being stacked into the removal van. I had been put in charge of clearing out the dark, musty attic. I looked around me at the expanse of room we were about to leave; I had made many memories in this old house. It was then I spotted it. A small light, no-more than a dim torch beam but enough for me to see in the gloom. I tentatively climbed over the antiques to see a little black, patterned box. Blowing away the gathering dusk, I slowly unlatched the box. What I saw surprised me…

There lying in front of me was a small, golden pocket watch, no bigger than my hand and beautifully finished. It had lustrous edges and a little key for adjustment purposes. And that, I did. I turned the key back a couple of hours but, to my horror, when I stopped twisting, it carried on! Everything went blurry, then all went black…

“Wake up. Wake up,” I heard. Then I felt someone shake me. “What are you doing still asleep at breakfast, new girl? Matron will be after you.”

“W-w-where am I?” I muttered still half asleep.

“You’re in the orphanage, silly child. What’s your name?”

“Amy.” I replied. Soon it was time for breakfast.

After breakfast, I scrutinised the watch a little closer. I spotted a little catch on the back of it. I opened it with my nails carefully unlatching it. There, engraved onto the rear was tiny gold handwritten writing. It read:

Discover my clone to return to your home.

So there I had it, my solution. I just needed to find it. After completing my list of chores, I took my mind back to the inscription. I had to locate the other watch. I started searching frantically. I had to get home before mum and dad moved. I explored the orphanage top to bottom, sneaking through doorways i=without being seen. I didn’t find the matching watch though, not even Matron’s was the right one. I kept on looking though, I knew it would be there somewhere. IN the end, I gave up and went back to my room, changed, then flopped down on my bed. That was the moment everything changed.

I heard a little clink. Then, as quietly as I could I looked under my mattress. There, tucked in a pocket under my bed, was a shining object. I pulled it out, examining it carefully. The other watch had been under my mattress all along! I held it in my hand and twisted the gold key. To my dismay, it was stuck fast! I waited a minute and tried again. Still nothing happened. A thought came to me. If I swapped the keys it might work. So I pushed my hand into my pocked, grabbed the key, swapped them and tried again. In the blink of an eye I was home, packing up the little black box. What an adventure that had been.  

By Skye Year 5

Protecting a Problem

Have you ever wondered about your blood? How does it help? What’s inside it? Well did you know sometimes it can play a crucial part of your well-being and small things aren’t just microscopic things, they are important.

To begin the story now, a young shiny red blood cell with curly brown hair and light blue eyes was called Ryan. Ryan works in a small town called Bloodville, Section 2.64. He works like any red, he picks up nutrients from the lungs and takes them round the body and back. Living with the cells are white blood cells (the guardians of the red cells who fight infections getting to the workers) which aren’t as hard working but still important to the body.

One day Ryan was casually carrying his daily package of supplies for the lungs when his group received urgent news. A deadly virus had spread into Lisa’s lungs; they were getting a vaccination but they had to send their army of white cells to help fight the Virus monster. Every citizen of Bloodville had been warned of this and should stay indoors until further notice. With this news, the frightened workers completed their work and rushed to safety.

Thirty minutes had passed and the town was dead silent. NO one dared to go outside. A sudden shuddering of thousands of footsteps echoed around the room. Butterflies flew around Ryan’s stomach as he looked outside. Something was wrong. Outside thousands of Bacteria blobs were surrounding the exits. There was nowhere to run. They were trapped!

Ryan grabbed his bacteria blaster and sprinted outside. At least 200 fellow allies stood by Ryan’s side. There was some hope. Silent as a mouse they waited and waited, until …

“Charge!” the leader cried and the deadly infections ran viciously at the blobs. Nervous as ever, the cells started firing aimlessly. Their shots killed at least 100 bacteria but there were too many of them. Ryan knew he was doomed. He shut his eyes and waited for death. He waited, nothing happened. He slowly opened his eyes.

The bacteria blobs were still there but they were all looking up, confused at what was happening. It was like a hypnotist pulling off his greatest trick. A booming voice echoed around the town. “AAH!” a short deafening scream trembled the earth. “Even worse, now we are certainly dead,” Ryan thought, ready to evaporate. Cheers of celebration like vultures cackling over its prey, spilled out of the blobs, but there was a mistake. Five thousand warriors suddenly filled the emerald grass ready to fight to the death. Panic ran across the blobs, they knew they weren’t going to win. “Runaway!” exclaimed the leader as the illness gradually turned to dust. At last the virus was dead. No one quite knows how it happened but no virus crossed Section 2.64 ever again.   

 By Jonathan Year 6

500 Word Story Competition 2019

Year 1 Spitfire Adventure by Leon 

One day Leon went to a castle and Yubby was bored. Then Whooshy came with a magic wand and she made Whooshy smaller and smaller. Yubby climbed up and up and up until he went into a Spitfire. He had lots of fun in it. Then he went into the Typhoon and he did some tricks and then he landed and Leon came back.


Year 2 The day Matilda got Lost by Matilda 

Matilda was a little girl. Matilda had hair as long as a giraffe’s neck. She had dark brown eyes and a light blue dress. One warm sunny day Matilda was going on holiday to her grandparents’ small cottage in the woods.

When she got there she went for a walk in the clear and peaceful wood with a warm and blue stream. But she went too far and got lost! Just then she heard a voice say “Hello.” Surprised she saw a little alien in a space-ship waving to her.

“Hello” Matilda said back very quietly more like in a whisper. “What is your name?”

“My name is Anna.” Said the alien. “What is your name?”

“Matilda” Said Matilda. Matilda told Anna about her getting lost.

“I will help you.” Said Anna. Then before Matilda could even blink they set off. First they came to the strangest planet ever. Just then a giant table appeared and they started a giant feast. Then they ran to a fair with the strangest rides ever, like rollercoasters with flying wheels! Then they set off again and landed in the Milky Way. Then a colossal splash of milk came and they drank a whole lot of it. Next they came to a chocolate shop and bought a Milky Way each. Then it was time to go home. Matilda said goodbye and went home to her lovely family.


Year 3 Dog Magic by Mae 

It all happened because of my sister. I never thought it could happen JUST because of a cookie.

We were getting ready for bed, when my sister gave me a parcel. “I made something for you Andy!” said Molly. It was a bone shaped, pink icing cookie with rainbow sprinkles. It looked so delicious, I ate it all up in one bite, just as five hundred of us came trundling past. And no they were not all my brothers and sisters. I live in an orphanage. I hate it there. The other children were monsters. I rushed into the dormitory and lay down on my bed. I felt restless but soon I fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning, yawned and stretched. Something felt wrong but I wasn’t sure what. I looked down at my hands but what I saw gave me a shock! Not hands but paws! I must be seeing things. I looked in the mirror and almost fell out of bed. I was a dog as golden as the sun, a fantastic furry fluffball.

I was so shocked I don’t know how it could happen. I wondered what would happen when everyone found out I was a dog. They landed with a bang and a clatter on the floor. This woke some of the others. One girl looked at me gasping. “Matron, Matron, there’s a dog in Andy Jones’ bed. She must have run away and left a dog behind her!”

When breakfast was ready, I couldn’t use a spoon or a fork so I ate straight off the plate. People were staring at me. “”The dog is still here.” whispered someone. “Why is it eating breakfast?”

“Because I’m hungry for goodness sake. And actually I’m not a dog I’m Andy!” I shouted. That must have startled her because she started screaming really loudly. I jumped on the table, glad I was small and ran towards the screaming girl. My paws making tapping noises. I ran towards some other girls and everyone ran out of the hall crying and shrieking. “What is going on?”

School was a problem. I couldn’t do anything because I was a dog and the teacher kept asking why there was a dog in the classroom and I got fed up and bit her on the bottom! She didn’t half scream.

After class I went off to my sister and said angrily “ I think you should turn me back now or there will be trouble!” she looked so scared. She stammered “Y…Y…Y…You n…n…need another c…c…c… cookie!” Before bed I looked everywhere for another of those cookies and eventually I found one. I ate it and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, I wasn’t a dog! I knew what to do. I packed some stuff, ran away and spent my days rescuing thousands of dogs. And now I run a home for rescued dogs.


Year 4 The Evacuee by James 

The bombs floated down into the mayhem of London, sirens wailed, fire blazed and in the midst of it all there lived a boy. The boy was running as fast as he could through his windswept back garden. He dived into the sodden looking air raid shelter, he and his mother were both sitting on a rotten bench facing each other. “Well,” said his mother “I have been meaning to tell you something for quite a while,” She took a deep breath and tears gleamed in her eyes like jewels, “you are going to be evacuated.” The boy looked at his mother a bit taken aback.

The boy sat on the cool leather seat as the train slowed into the small station which was nestled in a small clump of trees. The guard opened the door and a small man with bright blue braces showed him to a sorry looking cart. The horse trotted down a narrow track which led out to one of the most beautiful houses the boy had ever seen. There was howling and barking, the farmer jumped down and stroked the Labrador’s ears. “She’s having puppies.” said the farmer in a surprisingly kind voice. “Oh” said the boy.

“You should get some rest.” said the farmer once the dog had padded away. So the farmer showed the boy to his room. He flumped down and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning it was bright and sunny. Let’s go and pick some fresh apples, these are a bit rotten he said indicating the fruit bowl. They trudged out across the lawn to a big apple tree. They picked two juicy apples. Then out of the blue, there was a wild howl. The farmer threw down his apple and rolled up his sleeves, “She's having the puppies!” he shouted  

The boy sat on a big armchair holding a squirming puppy. This was the first puppy he had seen when he had edged round the corner. This particular puppy was different, this one had a brown patch on him. The boy liked this one a lot more than the others.

Every day he would wake up to the hot tongue of the puppy on his face. Then one day he woke to find an icy feeling in his stomach. He knew what it was. He had to go home. It was odd because he had been longing to go home, but then he thought about it, the puppy. He would miss it so much. He would miss the warm lick on his face when he woke up, the little body squirming on his lap in the evenings.

This was his last supper at the farmer’s house. Soon he would be sitting on the leather seat to go home. The hours sadly went very quickly and before he knew it the train was puffing round the bend and leaving the farmhouse and his puppy behind.

He arrived back at Kings Cross around 6 o-clock. His mother was there as he had been expecting. He tried to look as happy as possible but deep down he felt awful! They arrived back home, he had come home because it was his birthday the next day but he wasn’t excited at all. He went off to sleep as normal.

He woke hoping to feel hot slobber on his face on his ninth birthday but it wasn’t there. He slunk downstairs only to find no presents. So he sat down on the nearest chair and thought. He thought of the puppy over everything in the world. Then there was a knock at the door he ran to open it, there was nobody there, he looked around the street was deserted. Then he looked down and was overjoyed to see the little puppy padding around on the step. It was his only present and the best one ever or so it seemed to him. He spent the days walking, feeding and playing with the little dog. It was the best friend he ever had.


Year 5 The Wolf’s Call by Islay 

Sienna lay in bed, watching her candle flicker. It was four thirty and no-one was awake, just her. Sienna tried to sleep but couldn’t. Carefully she tip toed out of bed and drew back the curtains. Standing still there was the picture of her dead parents. That was all her horrid Aunt and Uncle had told and they would tell her anymore.

Suddenly, a mysterious noise whistled in through an open window. She immediately lifted her eyes as the noise echoed again. It was definitely a wolf. They don’t exist thought Sienna. Cautiously, Sienna opened the window and scanned the mountains in the distance to see if she could spot this “wolf” her dream animal.

“Breakfast” hollered her Aunt. Racing down, came Sienna for she was hungry. She opened the door ready to share some news. “I heard a wolf last night.” said Sienna.

“Wolves, Sienna, are extinct, you’ll never find one.” her uncle sneered, stuffing food into his mouth. She walked to the table but a thought stopped her. Should she escape and try and find the wolf? Sienna sat down to a small morsel of burnt bacon.

“Eat up!” shrieked her Aunt. Sienna had to find that wolf!

Sooner or later Sienna was rummaging around in her trunk finding warm clothes for the journey. In half an hour she was ready. Sienna sprinted out of the house and down the street knocking over boxes and markets stalls. Soon, ahead of her were the mountains. Before she started climbing, she thought of how her Aunt and Uncle would get a surprise.  Sienna giggled and started climbing. Higher and higher the mountains reached and the colder it got. It was so cold it was snowing! Sienna trudged on in the deep snow feeling she was lost but she was DETERMINED.

Suddenly she heard the wolf howl. Tumbling a few times, she ran behind some trees and followed the echoing sound. The wolf howled again. The howls were now extremely loud and in sight was a lake. The lake was so beautiful unlike any, with all colours ripples appeared now and again. Colours were swishing around and then the water parted in two and she saw what she had been looking for…

A wolf, inside the lake. Behind Sienna a rumbling tumbling noise came from up high. Piles of snow came crumbling in her direction. It was too late to run. Sienna was thrown into the lake. She woke beside the wolf on the ground. She had found one. They did exist!


Year 6 The magic gloves by Maggie 

There was once a little girl with long, dirty-blonde hair whose name was Bella. Bella loved football, and was an extraordinary goal keeper, never once letting in a shot.

Two days before her big match, things started to slope south-wards, as all the boys started to jeer at her, and make fun of her. Bella did not know this, but it was only because they were jealous. At the end of a long day, she slumped down against the goal post in a pool of tears and despair.

As she dragged her feet home, she thought of all the things the boys had said to her, and how they had knocked her, making her play worse and worse; ‘’Shorty! Pinecone head!’’ and the worst yet: ‘’you couldn’t recognise a ball if it hit you in the face!’’ Hearing these words in her head again, Bella choked back tears, and thought about how she wanted to quit.

At home, Bella didn’t want her football themed tea, and nor did she want to watch Match of the Day on catch-up. Instead, she ran upstairs and sat crying on her bed. Her mum noticed something was wrong, and immediately called up Uncle Jim. He was there in a flash, exclaiming: ‘’Bells! How are you? I have a surprise! Here, these are magic gloves from when I was young; you’ll never miss a single shot again! Watch!’’ eyes shining with hope, Bella hurriedly put on the sparkling, rainbow gloves. As Uncle Jim lined up the shot, she thought about how much she wanted this to work. The shot was taken, and Bella punched it out with enough force to startle a whale. That night, her confidence was boosted like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It was the day before the match, and Bella had taken the gloves of to wash her hands, leaving them out on the bench. As sneakily and slyly as a fox, one of the jealous boys, Sam, stole them, and left without a word.

That night, Bella panicked. ‘’ Where are they?’’ she shouted, ‘’I’ve looked everywhere!’’. Burying her face in her hands, she started to lose hope. ‘’No Bella!’’ said Uncle Jim firmly. ‘’ when you put on those gloves, the magic clicked, and will be inside you even without them!’’. Bella went to sleep that night, dreaming of lost gloves, lost hope, and wondering how on earth she was going to get through this without them.

 It was the morning of the match. Bella, hearing her uncle’s words in her head, was starting to feel more optimistic. As her family drove her down to the match, Bella thought about how she had to believe in herself. Their car pulled into the stadium, and Bella soon found herself saving goal after goal. Two hours later, she was on her team’s shoulders, bearing the gleaming trophy, beaming at everyone she saw. The question is, were the gloves magic or not?