School Uniform

Girls - Winter options (October half term to Easter)

Green skirts, green pinafore dress or smart grey trousers, white shirt, tie, sweatshirt or cardigan. Green or grey tights or white socks.

Girls - Summer options (Easter to October half term)

Dark green checked dress, sun-hat


Boys - Winter options (October half term to Easter)

Long grey trousers, white shirt, school tie, school sweatshirt, grey socks

Boys - Summer options (Easter to October half term)

As above, but with short sleeve shirt and grey shorts and sun-hat


Children should wear black/navy school shoes to school. These should have a heel with a sensible height - no more than 3cm. Sandals may be worn in the summer months; these should not be open-toed.

For PE, plimsolls (in KS1) and trainers are required. If your child takes part in football club, football boots are also required.

Jewellery and Accessories

Please note we do not allow any jewellery in school except a watch and small, studded earrings. If your child’s ears have been newly pierced and earrings cannot be removed then we insist that they are covered with tape during PE lessons. Hair should be tied back in hairbands of school colours (green, yellow, white or black).

Ties and sun hats may be purchased through the school.

For sweatshirts, cardigans, PE t-shirts, PE and Homework bags please use www.schooltrendsonline.com or www.tesco.com/ues

All other items may be found in stores such as supermarkets and M&S.