Holiday Absence

As you know pupils of school age must, by law, attend school regularly.

If your child is to be away from school, you need to ask us to approve the absence, which we will do when there is good reason. You cannot yourself authorise a child''s absence.

Please do not ask, for leave for a family holiday in -term time if you can avoid this. If you do have to ask for permission to take your child out of school for a holiday:

- try not to ask for absence when your child is preparing for or taking examinations and important tests (your class teacher can give you advice on this) and

- give at least two weeks notice that your child is going to be away.

Schools do not have to agree to absence for a holiday, although we have the power to do so. We cannot legally authorise more than ten school days absence in a school year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We will consider every request for leave for a holiday individually. The most important consideration is the effect an absence would have on your child''s education. If we do agree to a holiday in term time, it is very important that your child comes back to school promptly. Where a pupil fails to return within ten school days of the agreed return date, and there is no good reason for this such as illness, we may remove your child''s name from the school roll. This means your child would no longer have a place at this school.

A pupil''s absence during term time can seriously disrupt their continuity of learning. Not only do they miss the teaching provided on the days they are away, they are also less prepared for the lessons building on that after their return. There is a consequent risk of underachievement, which we, and you must seek to avoid.