Newsletter 26

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy week to end a busy half term. Our Year 5 and 6 children have been in action for cricket. Two teams of girls first of all went to play at Bells Yew Green. They battled hard and came away in 1st and 3rd place. The girls can now go on to represent West Kent at the county final in Canterbury in June. The mixed team then went on to play at the Kwik cricket festival. This was a hotly contested competition which culminated in a penalty kick-off style decider with each team bowling at the wickets after the scores were tied! Thankfully, our team came out on top to be placed 3rd overall. Well done to all that played.

A burgeoning football team took part in a competition on Saturday. Mostly Year 5 boys, they played in a tournament with mostly tall Year 6 boys, it would seem. Thanks to Mr Hill for organising and coaching the boys through this event. The team looks promising for next year and competed well.

We said a couple of farewells this week. Today, we gave our thanks to Mrs Weatheritt. She joined us as maternity cover in Year 4 and has since spent time teaching Year 2 and 3. The children have particularly benefited and enjoyed her artistic approach.

Yesterday, we gathered staff old and new to wish Mr Dunn a happy retirement. Past faces included Mrs Owen, Mr Tulloch, previous Headteachers, and Mrs Shakleton, Mrs Buck, Mrs Russell and Mrs Draper. It was a really joyful occasion with a song to send Andrew off in style. In addition, Year 4 wrote a fantastic poem which I include below. Mr Hawksfield has joined our team as Caretaker and has spent some time in school already, getting to know our quirky ways! We will be sad to see Mr Dunn go but I’m hoping he will still be involved in the life of the school in other ways. Please, Mr Dunn…

As you are already aware, Mr Orpin is moving on at the end of the school year and I am delighted to announce that we have appointed Miss Latter to join our teaching team. As Year 6 are already aware, Mrs Pollard is expecting her third child later in the Autumn term. Miss Hook has decided that she will not be returning to work following her maternity leave and is very much enjoying her time with Alfie. Mrs Fowler has been persuaded to stay on for another year as Deputy Head for 3 days a week.

So, the line-up for September will be:

Reception: Mrs Voisey with Miss Sands and Mrs Smith
Year 1: Mrs Lindley and Mrs Dance with Mrs Rutherford
Year 2: Mrs Salvidge with Mrs Kitto
Year 3: Miss Latter with Mrs Thorne
Year 4: Mrs Hard and Mrs Pollard with Mrs Entwistle
Year 5: Miss Greenwood with Mrs Wraige
Year 6: Mrs Housley and Mrs Pollard with Mrs Sedgemore and Mrs Sharpe

Learning Mentor: Mrs Bateup
Deputy Head: Mrs Fowler
Inclusion Manager: Mrs Oag

We will be using the remaining weeks of term to celebrate all the children have achieved this year and to prepare them for the transition to new classes (and new schools!). In the week beginning 11th June, we are holding an International Arts Week with lots of exciting opportunities planned. We hope to showcase some of the learning from this week in a celebration from 2.30pm on Thursday 14th June. More details to follow but if you feel you can get involved in the week in anyway, please do get in touch with me. In addition, it would be great if, on that Thursday, we could have a small bring and share of food from different cultures. If you feel you could provide a dish for this, again, please do let me know.

Have a great long weekend and half term. Remember, school starts again for the children on Tuesday 5th June.

Kind regards,

Julie Burton

P.S. Please note that we are no longer able to be a collection point for recycling toner cartridges or batteries. Unfortunately, we cannot ensure a regular service. You may wish to take these items to the waste recycling centre on the North Farm industrial estate, for example.


Please Mr Dunn

Please Mr Dunn,

There is an overflow

We all need the toilet

and we don’t know where to go!


I’ll go and get my plunger then

And try to stop the flow.

You all need to hold it in,

Please do NOT let go….OH NO!!!!


Please Mr Dunn,

The ball is on the roof.

It wasn’t us who kicked it there

We’re telling you the truth.


Oh come on boys, not again!

You are a silly bunch.

I’ll go and get my ladder

But it means I’m missing lunch.


Please Mr Dunn,

Can you fix our door?

We are just stuck waiting here,

And we are getting bored!


I’ll go and get my hammer

And get you out quick smart.

I don’t want you stuck in there

As playtime will soon start.


Please Mr Dunn

All our coats are on the floor,

You need to fix our hooks again

We can't take it anymore!


Okay Class 4

I will add it to my list

Can I get near to the wall?

And then it won't get missed.


Please Mr Dunn

Can you fix the printer?

So we can send out safety slips

To prepare for winter?


I’ll go and get my tools

To fix the dodgy printer

And hopefully you’ll be safe

For the next cold winter.



Please Mr Dunn

Can you fix my chair?

Its legs are truly broken

And I’m flying in the air.


I’ll go and get my hammer

I’ll do it now for you.

I’ll go and get my spanner

And I’ll fix the window too!


Please Mr Dunn,

We found a leaky tap

Can you come and fix it

Though you haven’t had your nap?


I’ll go and get my tools

And I’ll get it fixed so fast.

Even though I haven’t napped

I fear the time has passed….