Dear Parents,

Happy Easter!

It was an incredibly busy end to the term culminating in our Easter celebrations. It was quite something to stand in front of 210 children with Mad March Hair, 90 of whom were also dressed as space creatures, and to sing together as we celebrated Easter. It was a jubilant occasion and I know that the children in Years R to 2 had a fantastic day to end their space learning.

On Wednesday, along with Year 5 and 6 holding a feast, the whole school also moved through activities to reflect on the stations of the cross. The children all had the opportunity to hammer nails into the wooden cross, to taste some bread and to parade with palm leaves. The Worship Leaders took the Key Stage 2 classes through a series of activities ending at the church. The children were also able to look at the prayer stations set up in the church before thinking about what the cross meant to them. I was impressed with the children’s ability to understand the symbols and how they relate to the Easter story, from our youngest children in Reception talking about the rising of the hot cross buns representing the rise of Jesus.

It was good that so many of you could attend the Learning Reviews this week. I know that this is a valuable opportunity for you and the teachers to meet and discuss the best way of supporting your children through the rest of the school year. As such, it was disappointing that Mr Orpin and Mrs Pollard were unwell and unable to meet with you. These appointments will be held early on our return with a date to be confirmed as soon as possible. Apologies also to those parents in Year 6 without receiving a progress update. Again, these will be available shortly after our return.

Our first week back will be a ‘Quiet Week’ in school. Back to lovely routines and calm learning environments… Although, Year 5 do have their last session at Carroty Wood on the Friday!

So, over the next couple of weeks, I hope that you all have the opportunity to enjoy some time outside, a well-earned rest and catch up on a good book! I know that Year 6 have some optional home learning as we run up to SATs, but the most important thing for all our children (and staff) is to restore those energy reserves for what is always a busy Summer Term. Lots to look forward to; I’ll send out up to date list of dates on our return to school.

Kind regards,

Julie Burton



A message for parents of our girls:

Tunbridge Wells Ladies FC are proud to be chosen by the FA to host a SSE Wildcats centre providing FREE football sessions for girls of 5-11 years of age. These professional sessions will be run by First Class Football and held at the Ridgewaye Fields in Southborough on Thursdays 5pm to 6pm from 5th April.  To book your session and more details please contact