School Parliament


Who we are



Class R MP: Elma

Class 1 MP: Lauren

Class 2 MP: Louis (Vice Chair) and Raffi

Class 3 MPs: George and Skye (Secretary)

Class 4 MPs: Theo and Sian

Class 5 MPs: Jonjo and Lola

Class 6 MPs: Raffi (Chair) and Amy


Our latest meeting


Today we held a meeting to discuss what our school project is going to be this year. After consulting with the different classes that we represent, the most common theme seemed to be 'lunchtimes.' This is therefore what we have decided to focus on. Over the next week, we will be asking the rest of the school exactly which aspects of lunchtimes they think could be improved and how (e.g. eating in the hall, play equipment, wet playtimes etc.). We are then going to think of ways in which we can makes lunchtimes even better for everyone and put this into an action plan. If we need money to buy new things we will also discuss how we might do this.



Today we led an assembly in which we introduced ourselves to the whole school. We told everyone how we would like to improve the school over the year, and which charities we had chosen to support and why. We then took questions and listened to some suggestions about how the school could be made even better than it is.



Today we discussed which charities we are going to be supporting this year as a school These are the ones we decided upon:

Local: Demelza House

National: British Heart Foundation

International: World Wildlife Fund.

We also discussed how we might like to improve the school this year. Having listened to suggestions from each class, we think that we would like to improve travelling to and from school.


Today we talked about the work on the book corners so far, they are looking great! On Wednesday School Parliament are holding class assemblies to discuss what is meant by the term 'hung parliament.' We decided that we would have one more meeting before the end of term to discuss our achievements this year.


We met this morning to discuss the progress of the book corners. Ms Hulbert and Mrs Rowland-Brown were able to join us for our meeting and give us an update. It was great to hear that work has already happened in Class One and Two and that hopefully by the end of term, the book corners will be complete across the school (apart from Class R, as their project is a little bigger!) We are looking forward to hearing how pleased all of the classes are with their new book corners. They are certainly going to be wonderful areas to develop our love and passion for reading.



Today in our Parliament meeting we were discussing the class book corners. Miss Hook has met with Ms Hulbert, Mrs Price and Mrs Rowland-Brown who are helping us to design and re-create the book corners. We are so grateful for their contributions towards our project.

In other news, we said goodbye to Annabelle who is off to a new school. She has been a wonderful member of School Parliament and will be very much missed. We wish her all the best.



Today we held an Assembly for the whole school about our trip to the Houses of Parliament last week. Everybody was keen to listen to what we had found out and had lots of questions, especially about the Queen's secret toilet!



We had a wonderful day out in London at the Houses of Parliament. We were taken on a tour and got to see inside the Queen's Robing room, the House of Lords and we even got the chance to see the speaker in a parade on his way to the House of Commons. We felt very lucky to have been given such an invaluable opportunity. One child said 'I can't believe we've got to stand in the entrance the Queen uses...' and Miss Wright said, 'It was the best school trip ever!' I think that just about sums up everybody's thoughts! The children were very well-behaved and a credit to school. Well done and thank you!




We raised £198.00 for Muscular Dystrophy-well done everybody!

We are very grateful to the PTA who are going to give us some money to improve class book corners. Our aim is to make them more exciting and inviting places to choose and read books.

We are going to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 15th March. We are so excited and feel very privileged to be getting this opportunity. Watch this space for more news...


Go Orange for Muscular Dystrophy!

Well done on the massive effort made by all in support of this fantastic charity and a special thank you from your School Parliament members.



Today we met to talk about what our big project is going to be this year. We decided we are going to work hard to improve the book corners in our classrooms.

We also discussed how to raise money to support our chosen Muscular Dystrophy charity. On Friday 27th January, we are going ORANGE for the day so wear something orange and bring in a donation!


We had a meeting this morning to discuss the big project that we are going to take on this year. Watch this space for more information!

We are also having a School Parliament Assembly today to share our ideas with the whole school and to talk about why we enjoy being an MP.


Today we met and talked about ideas that the MPs had for improving things to do with school lunches. They also thought about what our 'big' project for the year could be this school year.

Ollie and Evie spoke about Remembrance Sunday and said what an honour it was to go to the Town Hall and meet the Mayor.


On Sunday, our Year 6 MPs were invited to attend the Remembrance Day events in Tunbridge Wells followed by an invite from the Mayor to the Town Hall afterwards for refreshments. They were moved and humbled by the proceedings and looked very 'at home' in the Council Chamber!




Today we met with some staff members from CaterLink who came to talk to us about school dinners. We talked about the foods we liked, disliked and new foods that we liked to try. Next week, the kitchen staff will be offering children the chance to sample new this space for changes to the menu!