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Class 2 Staff

Teacher - Mrs Salvidge

Teaching Partner - Miss Kitto

Friday 15th February 2019



Where has this term gone? I can not believe we have reached the end already!

This week in English the children have been planning their own stories based on the 500 word competition. At the beginning of the week we planned our characters and settings and mapped out the journey and plot of the story. On Thursday the children wrote their first draft of their stories. I was very impressed with what I read, they had included some exciting story openers, along with adjectives, conjunctions and even similes. Today the children re-read their stories and edited them.

On Thursday we were very lucky to have a visitor who came to speak to us all about bees. We were shown a hive and dressed up in bee keeping gear. We all learnt new facts about bees. Did you know that worker bees are all female? That when the Queen bee is nearing death, she lays a special egg in a Queen cell and then leaves the hive taking half the worker bees with her. (These are just a couple of the facts that I have learnt this week). Thank you very much Mrs McCutcheon!

This week in maths we have continued to learn about fractions. We have learnt 1/4  and 1/3 of both shapes and numbers. I have not set any Mathletics. 

In PE, we finished our dance routine. The children performed their dances to one another. 

I hope you all have a relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you next term. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Jess Salvidge.

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Welcome to year 2
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Year 2 Common Exception Words


This week we have been learning to double the consonant of a word with a short vowel sound before adding the suffixes; ed, er, est, ing and y to the end of a word.

clapping, skipped, sadder. 

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It is important that the children are reading daily; this could be them reading a few pages of their book to you, or you sharing a story with them. Please make sure that you record in the planner with the title of the book and what page they have read up to. 

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