Year Two

Welcome to Class 2

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Class 2 Staff

Teacher - Mrs Salvidge

Teaching Partner - Miss Kitto

Friday 2nd March

Hello all,

I hope that you have all had a pleasant week and have been able to enjoy the snow. I am missing you all very much and hope that we will be back to normal service on Monday. 

Well done for completing the Mathletics activities set, I have just added some more activities to the site looking at addition and subtraction along with problem solving.


For English, I would like you to either,

1. Describe what you have been doing whilst we have not been at school, using interesting adjectives, different sentence types (questions and exclamations) You may wish to either write me a letter or a diary entry. 


2. Write a story about an adventure that happens in the snow. Try to include different time connectives, interesting adjectives, inverted commas and similes.

Remember I will be looking for our next handwriting King or Queen, so don't forget your lead ins and lead outs and beautiful handwriting. 


Please continue to practise your spellings as we will be having our spelling test on Monday morning. 

Spellings: Practise both reading and writing these words:

cry                   fly

dry                  try

reply               cries

flies                 dries

                                                                                         tries                 replies


Can you write a book review based on one of the books you have read this week, include what you liked about the book, what you didn't like and why someone else should read it. 

I hope you all keep warm and safe. See you soon. 

Jess Salvidge.



Remember to read with your child daily. If you finish your school book during this snowy time, please feel free to read one of your own books as it is important that the children are reading everyday.