Year Three

Welcome to Class 3!

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for updates!

Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mr Orpin and Mrs Hard

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ronaldson

Weekly Review - 16th June

A hot and busy week. As we welcome the sunshine and hear we need to remember water bottles, sunhats and cream if necessary to ensure we can enjoy it responsibly.


In English the class is looking at writing instructions  and the process of mummification - guts n all!  In Maths we have been measuring perimeters and revisiting types of angles and lines. Science continues on the plant front with an investigation into factors that affect germination and seed dispersal.

Home Learning Opportunities







Spelling: The 5 spelling lists for this term have been handed out and should have come home this week. These words are part of the key spellings to be learned by the end of year 4 and do not follow a particular rule. Please help your children to learn these words and discuss the meaning with them.
English: Grammar sheet - Instructions and the present tense.
Maths: myMaths - Perimeter and Angels