Year Three

Welcome to Class 3!

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mr Orpin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sharpe

Weekly Review


Week ending Friday 8th February

A short but packed week. Thank you to the children for sharing the various bugs with me, but back in this week to pick up where we left off. In Maths we looked at scaling, how many times bigger or smaller. In English we had to do some end of term Reading Comprehensions to see how much better we have become.

We had our Safer Internet Day Assembly and we enjoyed our lesson looking at the digital footprint we are all creating. Remember the internet can be a fabulous thing that can bring great benefits, but as with everything we need to learn how to use it safely and appropriately. Hopefully all the parents have received a copy of the Digital Parenting magazine to help keep you up to date with safety.

In Science we continue to look at Human Health this week looking at our lungs and how we can measure how big they are. I think the children were more impressed with how we used water displacement to measure lung capacity than the actual lesson!

Have a lovely half term and remember, when we come back we are half way through our year!

Daniel Orpin

Home Learning:

No formal home learning but please keep reading.

I have asked the children to save any 2 litre drinks bottles you may use as we need some for our science investigation after half term. One each would be ideal.

N.B. I am not telling the children to go and buy fizzy drinks, you can get bottles of water in most supermarkets for about 12p.



Home Learning Opportunities