Year Three

Welcome to Class 3!

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mr Orpin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Entwistle

Arts Week

What a busy week, I hope the children come home and can tell and show you all the fabulous activities we have shared this week. African mask painting, Mr Peek the poet, Bollywood dancing and Gamelan music. As a class our theme country was Russia, we studied the Artwork of Kandinski, the musical storytelling of Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky and heard about life in Russia from Mr Traven.

He are a few photos for you to enjoy.



Class 3 Arts Week 2018 b

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Year 3 Aerts Week 2018

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At the end of last term the children completed a piece of work writing stories about rainforest animals in the style of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So' stories. These were then illustrated using a mix of media including water colours, pastels and pencil. The originals are on display in class. In addition I have scanned all the stories and will try to attach them to this page. Apologies in advance if it does not work, it is a rather large file!

Just So stories 

Home learning week ending 15/6/18

 World Cup- Find your sweepstake country on a Map and see if you can find out an interesting fact to share with the class.


Maths: Mathletics task.



Home Learning Opportunities