Year Three

Welcome to Class 3!

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mr Orpin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Entwistle

Summer Term!

Summer term and wow, what a scorcher of a start. Nice as it has been I cannot help feeling slightly cheated that we did not have this weather in the holidays. Firstly I would like to welcome Mrs Entwistle to our Class 3 team. We have had a busy week, we launched our new Topic of Rainforest Realm and have stated to look at what and where Tropical Rainforests are. We have also started to explore some of ways of visualising and describing the forest in English.

In Maths we continue our work on Fractions and enjoyed some lesson time outside. In Science we started a Physics unit on Energy and Sound. The children have a 'popper' to explain some of our learning at home.

 We look forward to swimming next week and hopefully I will see some of you for the rescheduled parents meetings next week.


Home learning week ending 20th April

Maths: tasks on Mathletics and ‘Fractions of a collection’, started in class (for Friday 27th April

SPaG: word list and grammar sheet: past tense – irregular verbs

Science: use your ‘popper’ to explain potential and kinetic energy to someone at home

Topic: Do you have an atlas or encyclopaedia at home you can use to start researching tropical rainforests?

Home Learning Opportunities