Year Three

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Miss Latter

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Thorne

Weekly Review:


It has been a busy but fun week:

 - In Maths this week we started to look at money and the value or coins and notes, we will continue this next term.

- In our Geography topic, we completed information maps comparing world climate and biomes. 

- We practiced our map reading whilst navigating during our 'Bidborough Wellie Walk' with the Class 4. I was very proud of how Class 3 listened and used their navigation skills even though it was very muddy!

- The children have been working hard to complete their 500 word stories. The children have tried so hard and I have been amazed at every single story.

- In RE this week we enjoyed many games when discussing our RE topic 'Jesus is our Shepherd.

- In science we tested different materials to see what materials conducted electricity and which didn’t. We made our predictions first and then after the testing, we discussed our findings that metal materials are the best conductors.

Sadly, we also said goodbye to Mrs Bonny who has finished his placement with us now, we wish him the best of good luck for his future. He did say he would like to come back and volunteer, so I am sure we will see him again soon.

Have a lovely and restful half term,

Miss Latter

This Weeks Spellings are:


There will be no spellings over half term but don't forget Mathletics or your Home Learning tasks. 


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