Year Three

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Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Miss Latter

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Thorne

Weekly Review:

I’ve stood in for Mrs Latter this week, and I’m pleased to say Year 3 have had a fine week.  In maths we’ve grappled with time: months, years, hours and minutes.  In English we’ve started reading Oliver and the Seawigs: a story of exploration, moving islands and sea creatures.  In particular we’ve produced great adjectives describing characters and are preparing to make ‘seawig’ masks.  In PE we had cricket indoors and stool ball in (light) rain, both of which were fun and raucous.  On Tuesday we had a drama workshop based on Peter Pan: lots of frightening pirate impressions.  In RE, we’ve started looking at how Sikhs worship.  In SPaG we’ve been looking at conjunctions expressing time, place and cause.  In topic we looked at Roman pottery, and made some of our own which were very good, especially considering how rushed the children were.  In PSHE we’ve talked about equality.  And finally, on Friday, we said a sad and very fond farewell to our Eve.

Thank you Year 3 for a lovely week,

David Meacham


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