Year Three

Welcome to Class 3!

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for updates!

Class 3 Staff

Teacher: Mr Orpin

Teaching Assistants: Miss Wright (Mon) Mrs Bateup (Thur)

Weekly Review

Week ending Friday 22nd September

We are into the swing of things now and excited to start our new Topic - It's All Greek to Me. We are reading Greek Myths in English and found out when and where Ancient Greece was.

We are all settling into our new Maths scheme, its is very busy and makes us all work a bit harder as we have to explain why as well as just finding an answer!

Science was esciting this week with the children getting 'hands-on' for the first time to investigate chemical changes. The school parliament elecetions were held well done to our successful candidates: Skye and George.

Daniel Orpin

Home Learning:

SPaG: number words to 100.

Grammar sheet: Apostrophers for possession - For Tuesday

MyMaths: Greater than less than - for Friday

Home Learning Opportunities