Year Six

Welcome to Class 6

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for updates.


Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mrs Housley and Mr Meacham

Teaching Partners - Mrs Sedgemore and Mrs Sharpe


Pensarn updates - see News pages

Pensarn Arrival

Pensarn - Tuesday

 Post SATs fun!



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Mr Meacham will provide spellings on a Monday. 

 Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings given out.

This week's spellings are:  

main/mane, fair/fare, scene/seen, male/mail, bawl/ball, whether/weather, affect/effect, medal/meddle, isle/aisle, aloud/allowed

Year 6 Production Music

A Cinderella Story

Dress To Excess Instr

Trying To Smile Instr

Waiting For My Life To Change Instr

Ugly Instr

If The Shoe Fits Instr

All The People Instr

Sherlock Saves The Day Instr

A Cinderella Story - Reprise Instr

A Cinderella Story Interlude 1

Dress To Excess Interlude

Cinderellas Theme Interlude

Call Sherlock Interlude

Ugly Interlude

If The Shoe Fits Interlude

All The People Interlude

A Cinderella Story Interlude 2

The original script...