Weekly Review – week ending 22.9.17

This week we did maths and we have been doing place value and rounding. In English we have been writing a non-chronological report. In topic we went to Temper-Temper and we made Mayan chocolate masks: we learned about the history of chocolate and cocoa.

Josef and Charlotte  



  1. Home-learning week commencing 25.9.17

Writing or grammar (alternating), set Monday, due following Monday:

Write a descriptive piece please: My Favourite Chocolate. So we’re looking for adjectives: appearance (include the wrapper or box), taste, how it feels in your mouth, how it makes you feel (before, during and after).  You can describe the act of choosing the chocolate in the shop, right through to eating it: build up the tension. Describe, for example, whether you’re grateful for it, whether you feel guilty for eating something not very healthy (though the ladies at Temper-Temper told us otherwise), whether it makes your brother or sister jealous, whether your cat tries to swipe it before you can pop it in your mouth.  Just half a side of A5 please: less is more.

Spelling, set Tuesday due following Tuesday: List of Year 3-4 spellings.

Maths, set Wednesday due following Wednesday:

Online, MyMaths.

Topic or science activity, set Thursday for consideration only and discussion in lesson on following Tuesday:

We’ve been looking at chemical reactions. What chemical reactions can you think of that occur around you (and in you) in everyday life?  Consider food and cooking; consider cleaning and washing.

RE, set Friday for consideration only and discussion in lesson on following Monday:

We’ve been looking at the story of creation in the Bible. We humans are far from perfect because we have free will.  In other words we make up our own minds and make our own choices: good and bad.  God could have made us perfectly good and obedient, but he chose not to.  Why do you think he did this?