Year Six

Welcome to Class 6!

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Please make sure all kit (including a black or dark tracksuit) is in school each week.


Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mrs Pollard

Teaching Partners - Mrs Ronaldson


 Weekly Review – week ending 5.1.18

Time for our new Topic... The life and times of William Shakespeare.

We began our week with a splendid start looking at who William Shakespeare was and his contribution to English Literature.  The children have experienced different works by Shakespeare and Year 6 will begin to primarily focus on Macbeth, from the beginning of next week.

In English we have been examining what makes an effective biography. We began by looking at the structure of a  wide range of biographies and then progressed to using the computers to help us research the life of William Shakespeare. We have finished the week by writing up our own biography on William Shakespeare which will be displayed on the 'Published' section of our 'Wall of Fame'.

In PE Mrs Burton had the pleasure of accompanying Year 6 curling with Mrs Ronaldson and the students all worked really hard to improve their delivery of the stones on the ice.

In Maths the children have continued their work on decimals and looked at how we can multiply and divide them by whole numbers. I have been impressed with the students grasp of the process and next week we will be aiming to extend their knowledge into greater depth.

It has been a pleasure to watch Year 6 start to really settle into their work this week and see the talent that we have in our class.

I hope you all have a restful and joyful weekend.

Mrs Pollard


Home-learning week commencing 4.1.18

Writing or grammar (alternating), set Monday, due following Monday:

Already completed.

Spelling, due in Tuesday 23rd January 2018:

'-cial' words to be copied out, covered and re-written to test spelling and recall. Children select 3 of the words from the list and write a sentence of their own making to include each word.

Maths, set Wednesday due following Wednesday:

Mathletics previously set and completed already.

Topic or science activity, set Thursday for consideration only and discussion in lesson on following Tuesday:


RE, set Friday for consideration only and discussion in lesson on following Monday :

Consider how your faith differs to that of our visitor, Mr Signh