Year Six

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Class 6 Staff

Teachers- Mrs Housley and Mr Meacham

Teaching Partners - Mrs Sedgemore and Mrs Sharpe


 Weekly Review – week ending Friday 5th April

 Happy Easter Class 6!

Thank you for your hard work this week.  We have been starting to think more about the SATs which occur next term so have been starting to do some practise assessments so that we aren't too surprised by the real things!  Class 6 have impressed me with how they have got on with these tasks, doing a Maths paper, SPAG paper and spelling assessment.  We have gone through these together so that the children get instant feedback and the chance to ask any questions they may have.

In Maths we have consolidated our understanding of ratio and have ensured we have a good strategy for answering these questions: STEM sentence, Bar model, Solve!

We have also made some Easter cards this week which have all got an original flair to them!

Wishing you a happy Easter holiday everyone and see you next term.

  Y6 enjoying their murder mystery last Friday!

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Mr Meacham will provide spellings on a Monday. 

 Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings given out.

This week's spellings are:  

biennial, aqualung, supersonic, transport, circumnavigate, extraterrestrial, propel, antibiotic, semi-professional, aeronautical, autobiography, binoculars, archaeology, telecommunication, hydroelectric, microscope