Year One

Welcome to Class 1!

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Class 1 Staff

Teachers-Mrs Lindley (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Dance(Wed to Fri)

Teaching Partner - Mrs Rutherford

Weekly Review - Friday 22nd September

Another week has come to an end!
The children are coping very well with the demands of year 1.

This week we finished up our work on animal stories. Mrs Lindley had lots of rhyming fun with the book 'Oi Frog'. The children looked at rhyming words, thought of their own animals and painted their own frogs.
The children finished up the week sharing Dear Zoo with me. We had fun talking about animals and their traits, creating our own Dear Zoo books and writing our own ideas for the story.
Maths has been busy but lots of fun. Using a counting stick to solve missing number problems, practising counting forwards, backwards starting at different numbers and finishing with some tricky problem solving involving adding one more!
In science we hunted for objects within the classroom and identified what they are made from. The children's tables are made using 3 materials! This surprised a few of us.
For RE we had a mixed bag lesson. We continued our learning around our big question - what do Christians believe God is like? Today we looked at the Parable of the Lost Son in more detail. We then moved on to link this to our school values of love and forgiveness. This led into an unplanned class discussion about friendships and feelings! As with all subjects we go where the children take us!

Have a lovely relaxed weekend, ready for our class trip on Monday!
*Please remember - a yellow sun hat, school uniform is to be worn and bring a packed lunch - from experience all the children need is a 'normal' packed lunch and small healthy snack for the morning. As always no fizz, chocolate or products that contain nuts.


***Please remember***:

Water bottles,

PE kits

Reading books every day

*please continue to practise reading and spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words- especially oa, or, oi, au, ure, air and igh.


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