Year One

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Class 1 Staff

Teachers-Mrs Lindley (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Dance(Wed to Fri)

Teaching Partner - Mrs Rutherford

Weekly Review - Friday 2nd February

This week we welcomed Fireman Chris who came to talk to us about fire safety. We talked about what to do in different situations, reminded the children of the emergency number 999 - and that this is the number for the Coast Guard too! The children also watched Frances the Firefly and talked about what to do if we see or find matches/ lighters. And the importance of checking smoke alarms!

Today we loved watching the Year 2 assembly. It was great to see how confident they all are at talking and performing infront of a large crowd. We especially enjoyed the song and the acting.

We have shared some space poems in English this week. The children heard some poems about rockets and space. They were then given paper with a rocket shape on and asked to write down their ideas for their own poem. They worked with their learning partner for this. we had some great ideas. To finish the poem writing process the children were asked to work with their learning partner and choose their favourite idea and write it on a strip of card. As a class we arranged the strips of cards to create a class poem.

For Maths we've tackled subtraction. Ask your child if they can remember what subtraction means?! They used 10s frames and counters to help work out some tricky calculations. We even moved on to missing number problems.

Science was about 'Me!'. The children really enjoyed recording information about themselves such as eye and hair colour, height - using our height chart to measure them and they even measured their feet using a foot chart like in shoe shops! We found some similarities and differences between us.

For RE we moved onto talking about Peace. What it means to them, where and when they feel peace and the 3 types of peace Christians believe in - Peace in my heart, world and God. These are some tricky concepts and we had some fantastic thinking this week - Peace in God because he gave us peace, when we pray, when we go to Church.   

** Please remember snacks should be healthy - fruit, veg, bread sticks, rice cakes etc. If you are unsure please ask.  We have had some high sugar treats coming in this week!





***Please remember***:

Water bottles,

PE kits

Reading books every day

*please continue to practise reading and spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words- especially oa, or, oi, au, ure, air and igh.


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