Year One

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Class 1 Staff

Teachers-Mrs Lindley (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Dance(Wed to Fri)

Teaching Partner - Mrs Rutherford

Weekly Review -Friday 20th April

We've had a lovely start back this week.

We began our topic about Australia. The children are learning a lot already!

For English we share Wombat Stew. Following discussions about the story we wrote out the recipe. The children looked at real recipes for ideas about layout - ingredients and instructions. They worked so hard especially with the heat this week!

For Maths the children began the week working on multiplication. They did this by grouping objects and talking about equal and unequal groups. We finished the week with capacity. The children enjoyed being outside using water to fill different containers counting the amount of cups it took and comparing.

In Science we began our new topic of Plants. The children shared a lot of knowledge and we talked about some of the things we would like to do during this topic. The children finished the lesson by labelling a plant diagram.

RE this week has started our new topic on Judaism - Who is Jewish and what do they believe? The children talked about items at home that are special to them and why. We then looked at pictures of items that might be in a Jewish home. We talked about what they might be and thought of some questions to ask about them.

We were very lucky to have a visit from some lambs yesterday which the children loved so thank you to the Pierson family! 


***Please remember***:

Water bottles,

PE kits

Reading books every day

*please continue to practise reading and spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words- especially oa, or, oi, au, ure, air and igh.


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