Year One

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Class 1 Staff

Teachers-Mrs Lindley (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Dance(Wed to Fri)

Teaching Partner - Mrs Rutherford

Weekly Review - Friday 16th November

What a lovely week we have had! This week was " All different, all equal" (anti bullying). The children have had lots of fun, reading stories - Giraffes can't dance, The Rainbow Fish, Elmer, Elmer and the Stranger and linking this to the topic of being different. We have been busy creating under the sea pictures in small groups, mini me characters, name tags, talking about our likes and dislikes, our talents and much more.

We have also thought about how we are Super Hero Friends and how we support and help each other. We have talked about kind words and actions and how small things can make a big difference - being polite, sharing a smile etc.

In Maths we have worked hard on number bonds for numbers within 10. We used the whole part model, drew things out used fingers and counters to help. The children had great fun with all of this and have shown lots of great thinking and explaining,

Science was a lot of fun as we heated some materials to see what happened! We used butter, sugar, chocolate and wax crayon. See if your child can remember what happened to some of them! The children made a prediction/guess about each item and then wrote or drew about what happened after the 'heating'!

RE has linked to all our work this week and the theme of being different but equal. We also continued to talk about the Christmas Story. We thought about what in the story tells us that Jesus was a special baby.  The children had some lovely ideas - special presents, Kings visited him, God told Mary he was special, Angels were there, the star was very bright...  

***Please remember***:

Water bottles,

PE kits

Reading books every day

*please continue to practise reading and spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words- especially oa, or, oi, au, ure, air and igh.


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