Year Four

Welcome to Class 4!

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Class 4 Staff

Teacher Miss Hook, Mrs Weatheritt

Teaching Partners - Miss Wright, Mrs Sedgemore, Miss Cheeseman

Weekly Review

Week ending: Friday 14th July

What a wonderful week we have had in class 4! The children very much enjoyed producing bracelets and hieroglyphic door hangers inspired by our project on Ancient Egypt. These were then sold at our enterprise sale to make a profit of £108.80p for Macmillan Cancer Support. Many thanks to those who supported.

We enjoyed seeing many of you at the open classroom and the children were delighted to share all the work that they have been busy producing this year.

We also had a special visit from Paul who came to tell us all about his job as an ambulance technician. The children (and teachers) were impressed by his generous efforts to try and help others in their hour of need. We also enjoyed looking at his gas mask, stab vest and high visibility jacket. Thanks  again to Paul for sharing his time.

The children also made a good effort in their Ukulele performance and it was pleasing to see them all making good progress and working together.

We also enjoyed an exciting  performance from the Rock Steady groups. Congratulations to all involved.

We hope and your children enjoy the last few days of term. It has been a pleasure teaching Class 4 and I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Mrs Weatheritt