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Teacher - Mrs Voisey

Teaching Partners - Ms Sands, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sharp and Mrs Bateup

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Weekly newsletter 19th October 2018

 Time has flown by, and here we are at the end of the first term! The children have been very busy learning about school life and making new friends, we are very impressed with them all. We have enjoyed the comments or pictures some of you have shared through Tapestry. If you still cannot log on, please let me know. The children definitely need a well-deserved break!

I have enjoyed meeting you all again during our school learning reviews. Thank you for coming along this week and we hope you found it useful.

Even though they are tired, the children were amazing yesterday for the grandparents and visitors. They loved baking the cookies, creating bunting, learning a song to sing, and chatting to their grandparents about their shoeboxes. Thank you for the cupcake donations, which went down very well.

In phonics we have looked at g,o,c and k. Updates are in the green phonic books. Please just read through those sounds to help instant recall of the phonemes.

The whole school enjoyed a STEM day today in their house teams in each key stage group. We will join in the mixing up next time but still followed the same theme. We used the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ to begin to look at bridges. We created many out of any resources we had. They had to be big enough for a ‘troll’ to hide under or a ‘goat’ to go over! At the end of the day we shared our photos with the rest of the school and saw the other winning designs made from manipulated newspaper.

Next week we hope you all have a restful and happy half term.


Have a peaceful weekend from Mrs Voisey, Ms Sands and Mrs Smith.



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