Welcome to Class R!

Teacher - Mrs Voisey

Teaching Partner - Ms Sands 

On our page you will find class and curriculum information as well as weekly learning reviews. Remember check every week for updates!

Weekly Review 7th July 2017

We have been thinking about what our monsters like to eat and what bad habits they may have. This has helped us decide to create our own ‘that’s not my monster ‘stories. We hope to send this home with the monsters soon. Talking about what monsters eat has led to us creating a monster munch café. Selling; crispy leaves, slime, twiglets and soil soup!

Next week on Wednesday, we are planning a ‘day in the field trip’ to the field edging the school. We would like to borrow some little beach tents and picnic rugs please. In addition, we need some extra helpers to join us either morning or afternoon or both sessions. Please let me know.

This week we have had two move up mornings for our children. They have met their year 1 buddies- did you see the letter in the book bag they received today from them? On Friday they will be asking those questions in the home learning books with another session.

We have been offered free road safety sessions on July 17th for our children and their families. Please sign up to say you are coming as it will very powerful to share this learning with your child.

Sports day was amazing! The children listened so well and tried their hardest in all activities. Thank you for coming along to cheer and support our budding athletes. Wishing all those camping a fabulous weekend at Judd Wood farm!

Next Friday will be open classrooms and enterprise sale in the morning! We are going to be very busy making something to sell, raising funds for our chosen charity- still to be decided as this week has been somewhat hectic! Have a lovely weekend


Our Tadpole pond!

We were delighted to be able to create a lovely habitat for our frogspawn. It is full of wiggly tadpoles now. They made a sign to keep them safe, but had to add extra protection as the boys pointed out that squirrels can't read! Great problem solving.

Shrove Tuesday- Pancake Racing!


An Everyday Superhero came to visit!

Help, Mrs Voisey's car is broken down! A quick call for help and suddenly everything was mended. Then we all explored the RAC van, inside the cab, inside the onboard workshop and the outside winch and tow bar. Someone said 'it looks like a transformer' as it unfolded from the back. Thank you Mr RAC man for helping us with our learning!


Chinese New Year

We have really enjoyed thinking about Chinese New Year! We wrote  numbers to 5 using Chinese script, learned two tales from China, made Chinese paper lanterns, tried noodles, Chinese tea and even performed a Dragon dance. Am sure the rest of the school enjoyed our noisy performance!


Our children were helped to create their Christingles by the children who are Worship Leaders following a little presentation on the symbolism involved. The older children as usual were very caring towards our youngest members of the school family. We all went to the church together where Rev Hills helped us think about the true meaning of Christmas. The sight of the all the glow sticks being held around the whole church was very moving. Our children sat so well and we were very proud of them.

 Floppy's 5th Birthday!

We planned a surprise birthday party for our class toy this week. We invited soft toys from home for the party. made cards, wrapped presents and decorated the room. After playing lots of games we all shared the chocolate cake we had made together. 


Remembrance Day

On Friday we had a two minutes silence  at 11 am along with the rest of the school.  We were so quiet we heard the gun salute from Tonbridge and the church clock chime the hour. We were very proud of our children who showed great respect.


Grandparents Tea Party

We created invitations, made cookies and bunting, entertained our visitors with a song and played some games. It was a very busy but enjoyable afternoon!

 Harvest Soup

 We joined in with the whole school Harvest Festival by cooking with vegetables brought in from home. We peeled and cut and boiled and blended a very tasty soup.

Visit from Tesco Community Champion; eathappyproject

 We met Jane Rabbetts who helped us learn about the Diwali celebration. We made and tasted Raita, using yoghurt, mint and cucumber. It was lovely to try new food!

 Our Listening Walk.

We had great fun making our listening ears before we headed off around the school. We heard children laughing, people chatting and birds singing. The church clock chimed as well! It was also great to meet our older brothers or sisters as we visited all the classrooms.