Welcome to Class R!

Teacher - Mrs Voisey

Teaching Partner - Ms Sands and Ms Wright

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Weekly Review 17th November 2017  All Different All Equal 

 This week we have been busy thinking about how we are all different but equal along with the rest of the school. We have created a huge jigsaw puzzle, each piece representing each member of our class, painted handprints with our favourite colours and drawn ourselves to think about how we are all different but equal. On Friday we will join the rest of the school assembly to share a song we have learned together. 

In maths, we have been creating pictograms of our favourite fruits. The children loved independently collecting the data, armed with clipboards and pens, and questioning their peers. We then counted and compared groups, which was the most popular etc.

We have begun to learn our phase 3 sounds this week and have assessed to check our recall of those phase 2 sounds. Everyone has progressed well, showing some brilliant segmenting and blending skills too!

Our 'literacy loft' project is well underway thanks to the incredible skills of Mr Tickner and his team of volunteers, along with Mr Wallington. None of this would be possible without the funding from the PTA so thank you to you all for supporting the fundraising for the school. We are very excited about this!!

Remember odd socks and own clothes day Friday ! Have a lovely weekend.


  from Mrs Voisey, Ms Sands and Ms Wright.