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Teacher - Mrs Voisey

Teaching Partners - Ms Sands, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sharp and Mrs Bateup

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Weekly newsletter 5th April 2019

 It was great to meet you all this week during the Learning Reviews. We hope you found them useful, thank you for finding the time to come along and chat to us.

This week we have been looking at the Easter story to enable us to answer our RE big question ‘Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?’ The children enjoyed the role playing last week; we even have a little Easter Garden outside, have a look. Using pictures to sequence we have all created our own Easter booklet. Today the whole school has considered Good Friday and will be sharing Easter celebrations on the first Tuesday back. We have been munching hot cross buns and looking at the symbolism it has. Can your child remember some of them?

In maths we have played gathering egg games, adding numbers together and making Easter Egg hunts for our friends.

We have sent home PE kits, just so you can check everything still fits. End of April will be the home learning exhibition so there’s plenty of time if your child would like to do something.

Today I delivered all the pine cone animals, colouring pages and a few eggs that were decorated for the Spring Show at the village hall on Saturday. Everything will be returned next term.

Thank you to the Burden family for a copy of the Kent Messenger, I have put the page outside for you to look at with all our lovely mums on it.

Have a lovely peaceful holiday.

From Mrs Voisey and the team.

 Shrove Tuesday 


World Book Day


The parable of the mustard seed and the un leaven bread.


We love our new carpet!



Snowy day



Can we get the balls or water from the top down the hill without losing any?

First design your ball run...


Then test it with friends... 


Then try it again with water, and tweek design...


Then try it with muddy coloured water!!


Stop the germs!

We also have been thinking about what makes us healthy. Last Friday we enjoyed a visit from a pharmacist who helped us think about the importance of hand washing to prevent germs spreading.


Drill Sargeant Circuits

We experienced fitness circuits led by Drill Sergeant Kidd. On top of this we have begun our ‘daily run’ as all Superhero’s need to be fit. We are working up to 500m a day, at this point.






 Christingle creating.





 Diwali day 



STEM day; Bridge Building.



 Grandparents Tea Party



Visiting St Lawrence Church at Harvest time








 Our Listening walk

What will we hear? Who will we meet?


Hello Year 2 !

Our brothers and sisters..

We found out some more about our school.


We loved our walkabout!





Our Memories from last year...


British Heart Foundation 'skip for 60'





Our Royal Wedding tea party.




Our amazing class trip to Drusilla's. 



 We had snow !!




Meeting Mr Singh. 




The Astrodome visit.