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Teacher - Mrs Voisey

Teaching Partners - Ms Sands, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sharp and Mrs Bateup

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Weekly newsletter 20th July 2018

 Ms Sands, Mrs Smith and I feel this year has flown by and can’t believe we are nearly at the point to say good bye to our wonderful children as they move on up to Year 1. They have learned so much this year, and are an amazing cohort, we are as proud of them as you all are. We know the next teachers are going to be very blessed to have them.

The highlight of the week though was our day out in the field! Even though it was lovely and sunny we had lots of cool shady places to find. Each group made their own base camp to use and a very respectable camp came into being. We completed a scavenger hunt, hunted for mini beasts, and had a surprise picnic afternoon snack thanks to the contributions. Year 3 came to visit us too. I have uploaded some pictures onto Tapestry, so have a look. Thank you so much as well to all the helpers we had who came and ensured our day was such fun.

On Monday please come into school at 2.45 for collection so we can show off our bug hats to you and a song we have been learning!

Please check at home for any reading books or things from the story sacks that need to come back, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.  

 Mrs Voisey, Ms Sands and Mrs Smith.  




On Wednesday, our children were amazing- skipping for 60 minutes! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we hope to have raised quite a bit for British Heart Foundation. We would really like to thank all those parents who came to help us.



 Royal Wedding Garden party

 We loved our little garden tea party we had  in honour of the royal wedding. We wore our crowns and waved our flags whilst munching on decorated gingerbread men. A lovely memory was the impromptu singing of ‘blessed be your name’ as we thought of all our blessings; which was overheard by Mrs Bateup and Mrs Burton and definitely ‘filled their buckets!’

Drusilla's trip

We had amazing class trip to Drusilla's. The children were so interested in everything and asked brilliant questions. We really enjoyed our animal encounter session, with everyone showing courage by touching the hissing cockroach, bearded dragon, chinchilla and armadillo. We saw the penguins and otters being fed and loved going on the train. A huge thank you to all our wonderful adult volunteers who came with us!


Snow day!


We had a wonderful time today. We created a snowman, painted snow, used our garden path as a slide, joined the rest of the school on the field and played with all the snow. Our classroom then looked like a laundry room with all the wet gear drying. We had a 'picnic in the classroom' lunch before a quiet afternoon!



Mr Singh

On Wednesday we met Mr Singh, who came in to talk to us about Sikhism. He visited all the classes, but we were lucky enough to meet him twice for a storytime. The children listened so well and asked lovely questions.' Little Mr Singh' was a  highlight. 


Astrodome visit

Wednesday morning saw us all creep inside a huge astrodome, ready to explore space, the planets, the stars and watch clips from the moon landings. A wonderful way to begin our Space Topic!  Our Wendy house is well on its way to becoming a space station. We have begun to create questions we would like answers too. Check out for some lovely clips, which may answer some questions your child may have.

  Christingle Service

 Our children were helped to create their Christingles by the worship committee following a little presentation on the symbolism involved. The older children as usual were very caring towards our youngest members of the school family. We all went to the church together where Rev Hills helped us think about the true meaning of Christmas. The sight of the all the glow sticks being held around the whole church was very moving. Our children sat so well and we were very proud of them.





October; Listening Walk


September; Getting to know you and meeting worms and dinosaurs!