Pensarn 2018


Thursday 21st June

And so ends another day, and week, of activities. The sun joined us today which helped enormously. Packing up and tidying of rooms seems to have been done in record time; well except for the myriad of items left in the drying room and generally around the centre. These did however provide us with some truly fantastic after-bbq entertainment. Once identified, the owner of the item in question entertained the others with a joke or dance.

Also, the end of an era as we mark Mrs Ronaldson’s last night at Pensarn and Bidborough. On behalf of all the children who have benefitted from her care and administration (and Sudocream) we said a huge thank you, partly in the form of a special cake and partly by letting her relive her favourite disco moves!

One more ‘lights-out- to go and then we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Wednesday 20th June

We have reached that great stage when the children are becoming used to the routines of the day and mealtimes etc. We have collectively agreed that wet clothing stands more chance of drying if it is:

  1. a) in the drying room
  2. b) on a hanger
  3. c) hung up

rather than in a screwed-up ball on the floor, which is progress! As I type the sun is trying its’ best to break through the cloud which will be good for the beach tonight.

Another day of activities and adventures, a second round of splash wars between kayakers and paddle boarders. Won by both sides, obviously.

It is great to see the children trying new things, be it activities of food, a few might come home asking for chicken curry and syrup sponge.


Tuesday 19th June

The sky might be grey, but the children’s moods are certainly bright. When you hear things like, “I can’t believe you’re letting us have this much fun,” ring across the water, followed by several child sized splashes, you know things can’t be going too badly.

Some comedy moments getting wetsuits on for the first time, and then off again at the end of the activity. They are supposed to be a tight fit! After the first ay of activities the groups are beginning to bond and the ‘friendly banter’ is starting to flow with the stories if the day’s events.


Monday 18th June - They are on their way! 

 And they are here! Not quite the weather I remember booking but the children hit the beach regardless. A few were brave enough to paddle whilst others were content to rock pool and play.

Dinner received a thumbs up all around, even from those who were a bit nervous about the food. Pizza followed by ice cream and hot chocolate sauce!

We managed to tune in to a bit of the football commentary so kept up to date with that, it doesn't sound like we missed the best game ever.

Now, bring on the week!



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