Pensarn 2017

Thursday 22nd June

How have we got to the end of our final day already? The day began with clouds and rain and is ending with pool, table tennis and a mass pyjama dance party! Fortunately the rain moved on early enough for us to enjoy a full range of activities. After dinner it was time to pack and we found a new and highly entertaining way of finding the owners of the 'lost and unclaimed' clothing!

They might not be the tidiest class, but they are great fun! See you tomorrow.


Wednesday 21st June

A bit of relief from the sunshine today but still hot. Raft races to save Princess Ronaldson from 'Pirate Pete' brought out the spirit of competition in a couple of the groups. Gorge walking enabled some to tick 'stand under a waterfall' off the bucket list whilst others challenged themselves with a day of climbing and abseiling. Some more pics below.


Tuesday 20th June

Cries of, "Pleeeeeeeease can we jump in the river?" Have only marginally beaten pleas to, "Put on some more sun cream and have a drink." I will leave it to you to work out who said what. A blistering day of activities followed by curry for diner. We're off to the beach now so I'll leave you with some photos of the day so far. (See the galleries at the bottom of the page.)


Monday 19th June

Well, what a scorcher! Fortunately the air con was working well on the coach and the journey was passed in relative comfort. We arrived safely and were soon settled into rooms. When we say settled, there might be a range of meanings from 'organised' to 'earthquake zone'. But it's all a learning curve!

Spag bol for dinner got a resounding thumbs up from all and before we knew it we were of to the beach. The sea was pleasantly refreshing for paddles and splashing before exploring the local crabs and jellyfish. Mrs Ronaldson soon had her marshmallow / smore production line going round the fire.

If today is indicative of the coming week I think it's going to be a cracker!





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